August 11, 2004

Costly Adieu...

Just came back after seeing Off NISH , in the Railway station, she's gettin back to HYd.. All my life I must have been to the railway station, @least half a million times, and I'm still awe struck everytime I see a train...
Oh God Dammit...Why am I being Nice here..AM pissed off....really ..REALLY pissed off. I always get the platform ticket when I go to the station and today since we were runnin a little late, I just parked my car and we rushed to the platform..The train was standin there and we just about managed to catch the train..Between all this I also had to get some stuff for her travel, so that she has a comfortable journey...So there just was NO TIME to get the platform ticket...I was seriously plannin to get the ticket once the train leaves....:(

The train started to move...she was visibly upset that she was leavin..(well ok now I'm goin to get a kick in the butt for that..) she left and I was walkin towards the exit to get the ticket..WHEN TO MY HORROR>>THERE WERE THREE PPL CHECKIN THE CROWD FOR PLATFORM TICKETS...I mean they never- ever- are there in the station to check...I would get the ticket, drop someone off and then leave..I would chuck the ticket outside before gettin back home..that was the routine everytime I go...and there these ppl were checkin tickets...
I was zapped...Felt soooo terrible...This guy walks upto me and asked me for the ticket..I told him I was runnin late and so I haven't bought the ticket..(*FEELIN SOOOOOO SICK...)
He was like...

Asshole:No no ...No ticket fine 360Rs..or court money payin, then 1000rs. So pay now for me
ME: Well sorry bout this..I don;t have money with me
Asshole: Well, I don;t 360 know wat u feeling
ME: well, I really don't have that much with me..I have just a 100 on me..
Asshole: Show me ur wallet...(and started holdin my hand)
ME: (very cheesed off with that...) I really don;t like u seeing my wallet...
Ass: *now gettin really annoyed...) Sir..No money now..then pay money in court..
ME: well I have only 100, nothin more...
Ass: well, OK ..I like u..I believe u..*(and then he gives me a concession...Bas****)
ME: 100? is that ok?
Ass: Ok only 250..I will give u a receipt..(*and he gives me one*)
ME: (by now was furious...Took the receipt and paid him 150...)
Ass: Well money..
ME: Sorry no money..Am broke..
Ass: BIll...* and he left..

(Some part of the conv is censored...coz he was being a Pain in the ass)

GRRRRRR>...I wanna kill that asshole...I mean, I could have atleast given this money for charity.. Now this is sheer waste of money..and F**K this is the first time I didn;t get a platform ticket.. Ahhh., the way that I spend my money...too bad...

Now I don;t know why am sad...That NISH left or I had to pay a complete Ch***h.
A real costly good bye....!!!!!!!!!!

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