December 04, 2004

Life on the fast track

36 hours of non stop shooting for my promos, attending a seminar in college, having chai with my best buddies in a road side tea stall and talkin bout peeping tom shower video, laughing my brains out with complete werido's in the coffee shop near my house, and seeing this FAT-UGLY-guy scratching his privates on the middle of the road...whoa..its been a looooong three days.
Finally my shoot is over. I had the most horrid time with the model during the shoot. She was dumb..Oh yea she was..oh god she was...DUMB...dumb....dumbbbbb....Oh yea. I can go on and on. How in the world can someone be soooo dumb? And why did my producer select her in the first place? From 5 in the mornin to 3 the next mornin, it was hard work tryin to tell her wat I wanted her to do when the camera was rolling. She just wouldn't get it!! I guess that pretty much took all my energy. Workin on the post production of the promos now and they will be on tv in a couple of days.*pats myself on the back for a job welldone*

The conversations over the last few days with friends from college and from work have been very limited. It's either bout Jayendra saraswathi swamigal or bout Trisha's shower video that's been doin the rounds all over the internet world. It's so easy to satisfy a lot of ppl in this world. Don't even get me started by asking me how?What is the world upto? Some murder happens someplace and the spiritual head in behind bars.(I really don't want to start a religious discussion here, and never really meant to harm anybody's feelings too.)ppl from all parts of the world want to know the actual details of wat the guru has been upto?Weird tales are being cooked up every other day in the media and most of it being OPEN AND BLATANT CRAP and then some horny hotel guy fixes a cam in the mirror of a bathroom and then BINGO, u have a three minute internet video and the whole world knows. These are things that travels faster than light or a forest fire. Tch tch tch.Gor kalyug is all that I have to say. What could be the reason for this type of behaviour? What is it that is driving ppl into doin all this cheap, dirty tricks- when they know there is someone gettin hurt in the process?
Things like this have become part of life for a lot of ppl these days. In this time of Internet and mobile phones, nothin is real anymore and things that are real have become stuff for everyone to see and get EXCITED...sometimes in the literal sense too. A lot of things are happenin around us. In our neighbourhood, in our society, in schools and colleges and at work places. But not many ppl come out and talk about it. Sometimes talkin bout it in itself is heartening and painful. It's innocent ppl who are caught in between all this and suffering. I read a shockin piece of news sometime back and I bet it's not just the case with that school, but it's been happenin in a lot of other places too and the magnitude has only increased and spread it's ugly tentacles on innocent children. Or are children really innocent? To have a question like that in my mind, makes me stop and think..makes me wonder? Makes me sometimes literally shiver to say the least to imagine wat it would be like ten years from now, when I have a daughter/son. Is the world really that safe? Is technology really a boon? New inventions and innovations, are they really here to make things easier for us? or MAKE LIFE HELL????

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