April 04, 2005

J'aime Pondicherry

I thought Beer & Biryani was the best combination, till I realised somethin else was mucho cooler than that. Ladies and Worms, I was in pondicherry this weekend and i had the BEST weekend Ever in a loong looong time. No deadlines to look out for, no pressure from work and just nothin in my mind other than all the pretty firangs there...Oh my!! *Hubba hubba*. (takes a deep breath)
Yanyways.. I took off for pondi with a few friends and reached the place at 8 in the evenin. Didn't go to our room or to the house we were supposed to go. Went straight to one of the many BARs the place had. I tell u this place is infested with wine shops and Bars. Everywhere u go, every where u see, you could see liquor overflowin.Beer round number one. Beer round number two and three later, one wise noble friend came in with tickets to a strip show. I was like, huh, wat u must be kiddin me kinda look and they were all already way tooo hyper and on their way to the show. Ended up goin to this small guest house (that's wat they had named it) the ticket amount was 300Rs per head. I was still really not in the whole "Am about to go for my FIRST ever strip show" they loved to cal it The Cabaret though..hehehe
Went in and saw the place already smellin of cheap booze and sweat, surrounded by cig smoke. A few minutes in the room and i was thinkin OH god, one and a half hours to go!!!

* The rest cannot be disclosed here, this blog is rated R. So details shall be spared*

Later that nite, we sat in the room and started talkin over lots and lots of Beer. this place is soo cool, Booze is available in such ease that ppl prefer beer to water. It was crazy, to see the amount of Liquor that was consumed that nite. decided to call it a day at bout 3 in the mornin. Sunday started off in a splendid fashion. had breakfast and took off on our way to the Beach. The scene looked simply breathtakin. Didn't waste any time in gettin into the water. From bout 8 in the mornin to bout 12 we were in the water. One thing bout the beach really pissed me off. there was a seperate area for the Firangs and the others. A rope segregated the beach in to areas for them and the others. What the hell is goin on? ANd there were guards standin near that rope to send the ppl away (the ones who dared to walk upto them and koshtin them) other than that, it was one amazing monrin. At bout 12 the clouds started gettin really dark and it started to pour. The sea became slightly rough and we decided to head back to our hotel and continue with our Beer session. came to the room, watched formula one and enjoyed the evenin in the company of Alonso and trulli.. Simbly brilliant wonly I say!!!!
Left POndi at bout ten and came home early in the mornin by bout 1. And the whole day it's been rainin here. I simply love this city when it rains. Been sittin in the 7th floor balcony of my house lookin at the Wet city, and all the trees with the chill in the air and the rain gettin to my face. OH my. The place smells gr8 and the weather is just phenomenal.
Just a couple of days and am goin to b'lore. Things are happenin and good things are happenin. I like the feelin that is over powerin me the past few days. Life is simply mucho cool and Am really happy.
BTW my works were screened in coll on friday and the response was gr8. They loved my ads. Thangyu thangyu!!!

*Damn I really wanted to write bout the Strip show*

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