May 11, 2005


The warm, airless room is empty, waiting.
The wooden benches are free of clutter,
The blue polyester seats are folded, awaiting an audience.

Its 9:30: the show will begin in 15 minutes
Or will it?

The low- key d├ęcor is designed to defuse tension.
An actor is hired not knowing which part he is going to play.

He lurched into the dark room doing his mummys walk towards me
I screamed and screamed and screamed.

The nibbles were repulsive
The scorpion tasted like a toothpick
I chased the tarantula leg down with an eyeball.

Everybodys dying around Me,
There wont be anyone to say nice things about Me.
My funeral is already organized.

I want my body to be carried on a Gondola
I believe in GOD – but I've a feeling that he could have been an alien, from another planet.

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