August 16, 2006

Orkut – Is that a name?

No!! I dont wan to make friendship with you. I dont have the silky hairs. I dont want to be on the ship that never sinks and I dont know if orkut is a name. I dont want to scrap you, I dont want to give you my number, I dont want to write you a testi (that sounds like a body part) and I dont know if orkut is a name.

From Hi, Im XXXX, glad to meet you. Whats your name? Its become Hi my orkut id is XXXX, whats yours? Is there too much spare time for everyone? Im not against orkut and I think the concept of getting in touch with old, long lost friends is simply awesome. But people shouldnt be so addicted to this stuff. And thats why people, who dont have anything better to do, than just go through profiles and leave a scrap as dumb as this one. Hi, your profile picture is sexy and so are you? No clue why there is a question at the end of it all. And something like, Hi, I dont know you and you dont know me, but how will we know each other, if we dont become friends? Like DUH!!! Whats happening to this world? From messenger ids to orkut ids, guess times are changing. And if you want to be with the crowd and the time, get yourself and orkut id and start scrapping people or otherwise sit and make use of your time, like me, observing people and writing something.

The same was the case with blogs. What started as an avenue for people to pen down their thoughts and voice their opinion has now become a hotspot for people to make new friends and fix coffee or beer dates. The love for writing isnt the only reason why people write and updates have become some sort of a must do. You stop writing for a little while, you could be buried with work or busy with your newest possession, well who cares? And not commenting on others’ blog makes you a social outcast of sorts.

(Guess am moving away from the motive of my post)

Are people getting way too caught up in the virtual world, that they have stopped admiring the beauty of a world outside the www. People are so comfortable talking to someone through a chat window, that when you do end up meeting them in person, they would much rather type an LOL or a smiley than look you in the eye and have a conversation. When your phone book or your address book is filled with names and numbers and urls of people who you have no clue about, who you haven’t met. Life is so simple, yet so complex and top of all that, there are virtual good wishes, hugs and kisses. I have been very much a part of this cycle. I do have a lot of friends, who I have understood and read over the years. The face that comes to my head every time I read an individuals post, the mystery of who the writer is, how they look, how they are in real life, what goes through their head when they write a certain post is something that gives me a huge high. And that is something that I wouldn’t compromise for anything in this world. That’s the reason I want the one’s reading my blog to have a mental picture of who I am and what I am. So folks, there won’t be no pictures on my blog. I would love to meet all you lovely people and buy you coffee, but there will not be a picture…

But I sure as hell do have one question.

Orkut – Is that a name?


shruti said...

so u detest friends on why send a request?
---Shruti aka imajinations (xanga)

arvindiyer said...

To Shruti...

Well my point is not really that I detest friends on weblogs.. And what makes you think am going around sending requests?:)

And welcome HERE as well:)

Sneha said...

LOL... hate orkut too..
especially now that any indian in kuwait thinks it is their duty to 'make frands' with me, and talk to me in tamil, when forgodsakes i dont understand the language!!

and those portugese females... ughh!

arvindiyer said...

To Sneha..

Oh yes, they really likes the hairs on your heads (not sure how many ppl they know with more than one head):)

I shall refrain from commenting on the portugese women:D