July 31, 2005


You shine like a million stars
You soar through the many skies
You radiate a thousand suns

Tied to the cosmos of love
Chained to the walls of hell
Bleeding on the ropes of lust

Rising with your smile
A gentle caress
Chill through my spine

Round and round
In the little circle of trust
What you see is what you get

Soft, Subtle and Smooth
Recording my thoughts
A puzzle, a maze

Kiss me, Hold me
Cut me through my veins
Blood on my soul

Pregnant conscience
Cascading thy heart
Rhythmic musings of a lost being

You are my Oracle
Meaningless Bliss
Absolut Joy
YOU complete ME.

July 24, 2005

Morning Raga

My life has been like the Morning Raga of sorts lately. I wake up listenin to the strong and powerful vibrations of mind blowing mantras. The cold wind blowing on my face, is a strong reminder that brings me back to reality. The air is always white, things around me are white, though there is so much green everywhere. The dew drops on the trees and on the lawn. The chillness on the tip of my nose, the pack of wild bisons on the mountains from time to time, the buzz from the many ciggys and coffee, the shriek from the kids every now and then, wetness, puddles, the ever smiling face of the youngest kid, long walks in the forest, bonfire out in the lawn in the cold nights, rains, sitting by the fireplace inside the house talking endlessly bout every single topic in the world, is all an eye opener of sorts.

Am not the lazy types. Am not the one who would sit in the same place for more than ten mts without doin anything. But this break has taught me so much more than I ever imagined in my wildest of dreams. It’s been like a dream. Nothing to look fwd to each day, but everything to look fwd to by the end of the day. I now believe that when you THINK right, whatever you think is RIGHT. The philosophy in all this process is simple, yet so complicated. Discussions so enlightening, the power of silence, the power of meditation, the power of POWER.

It’s a Journey, a trip, on a lone path, full of colours, full of light and so full of happiness.

Songs playing in my head
Sounds that are distinct
Secret thoughts out to be heard

Hear Me
Hear Me
Hear me out Loud

Piercing eyes
Sharp words
A gentle rub

Feels light
Feels divine
Feels Heavenly

Hear Me
Hear Me
Hear Me out Loud

Open those eyes
Open those ears
Open the mind and the soul will follow

July 12, 2005

A Circle called LIFE

Cold wind piercin my face
A wild buzz on my temple
Time comes to a standstill

Little ones around me
A smile so intense
So full of warmth

Life, has a new meanin
A soul, so full of purpose
Mind, calm and collected

Happy thoughts around me
A chill down my spine
Misty winds, flowing in the sky

Music to my ears
Music to my heart
Music So deep

Nicotine and caffeine
Blissful combination
Buzzin thro the nite

WHoa, The dude is back. A break that I very badly needed. A break to spend time with family.A break from myself, a break within myself. A rejuvinated Me is back in the blogosphere again.My life has come a full circle. Am not a quitter, I never quit from anything that I so strongly believe in.Life, friends, family, Music and BLOGS. I never shy away from anything. I have understood the very essence of time,I have understood the essence of blogging. I was a silent observer all these days. Walkin in and out of my world, in and out of all the other worlds, In my own world, a cucoon of endless nights and thoughts. Frantic soul searching and searching for a new beginning. I have it all now. I have it in me,I saw it thro six pairs of innocent eyes. so deep it makes u shiver. SO deep, so tranquil and yet so astonishing. I saw it in the eyes of three little kids.They taught me concepts that I just can't explain. They have made a difference I was seaking. They have brought in the purpose and I would proudly say, they have been the reason for my break and my return.

Sit back and enjoy. Let's get high tonite.