November 26, 2005


Ladies & Gentle ppls...

I have a house of my own now. A nice small one bedroom house with an attached bath, on the second floor terrace. have my house on one corner with a nice open terrace (full penthouse ishtyle) overlooking a number of coconut trees. Have never been happier in life.

Settin out on the next phase of my life and majorly kicked bout it. Shall post piktures soon.

Ahhhh the bliss of havin my own place, can do it up the way i want to. *wide grin*

Grahapravesam shall be on the weekend after I move in, which will be after the 1st of december, when the place is MINE ALL MINE.

November 19, 2005

One Message received

"Hi arbhind, bye arbhind ...dont come to light signal, dont come to a
distance either....bye arbhind, hi arbhind"

an sms I received this mornin from my 6 yr old neice.
What a way to start the weekend...and then ppl ask me

"why are u grinnin so much?"!!!!

November 06, 2005


Beneath the dark depths of human reality
Beneath the shallow shades of human soul

Beyond the infinite source of light
Beyond the definite shape of the moon

Wake the heart in you
wake the mind above you

For he, the all powerful is watching over the surface
You are but a shadow called man

In his abode be rest assured
That enlightenment is truth
Search the passage
find the meaning
find yourself!!!

Greatness lies in thou
The seeker, exploring the stars
Delicate hymns tingling around.

Subtle breeze blowing the chimes
Concrete patterns adorning the rays
Songs of Life, arising from within..

silvery strokes adorning the land
Amber palette cascading from above
Free fall of the mind

Into the mystic space of Hope
Gentle ritual of truth
A Musical ecstasy.

Blossoming beyond reason
Cosmic vibrations project a
Perfect harmony of the Body,Mind and the Soul!!!