July 06, 2006

Eternal Sunshine with the Coffee Shop woman

As I stood there gazing at those eyes
A cold rush flowed through my body
Abstract images kept flooding my mind

Nailed to the surface beneath my feet
Inches, she moved, she swayed
The hair brushing against the softness of her skin added to the mystery

Her scent was overpowering
heightened with her smile
I thought her fingers were trying to tell me something

A sign, to maybe move closer
To feel the warmth of her breath
Gentle drizzles filled the air

This was the moment
And she was ready
One latte and quick, she said

The waiter am sure didnt hear a word
He was mesmerized as well
words kept flowing, but I could only see her lips move

A glance around her,
Maybe she was expecting someone
Or maybe she didnt want anyone with her

As she stretched her arms
She should have felt so relaxed
Her body slid back into her chair

And then something happened
She knew someone was looking
She knew it was I

An attempt to adjust herself
She was clumsy this time
She is human afterall,I thought

Her cheeks turned red
She realized wat happened
I smiled, She did too

maybe there is something in the air
Maybe there is more to her
She was a beatiful thought !!!

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