December 04, 2006

Legions of BOOM

The white mist engulfs the air
Warmth enters your body
Senses take a back seat

The world becomes a stage
Life becomes the script
He is the master – the director

The cast enter the scene
Heads begin to spin
Fingers tremble at the mere touch

A giant drop
A thick smoke
Gravity drops

A circle of trust
Faith and hope
Family means the world

Others on the sidelines
Past along the milestone
A future beaming at you

Dim, Lite and faint
A voice in the distance
Calling out…

November 28, 2006

The Big O after a Wild S

Alrite, before all you pervs get any wild ideas and have your imagination run amock, I just meant the Big October after a Wild September. Frankly the reason for this update was coz I got really bored of seeing ANACIN on my page every time I logged in. And another reason being, I just didn’t have the inclination to sit and write in this space. Been doing a LOT of writing at work too (and at least there I get paid unlike receive e-props and comments, but I complain and I fight there, while I enjoy my solitude in this.)

Been working like a rabid dog. Wow. Now that is one imagery that am sure all of you would like to see. Iyer fuming and frothing from his mouth. Ok, on second thoughts I don’t quite like the idea of that. Work has been crazy. Loads of things, clients, deadlines and new campaigns. A simple but really productive shoot for a campaign. Boss is happy, client is thrilled and am on a high ever since I saw the hoardings up in the city. Ah!! The sheer bliss of standing under the hoarding and smoking a beedi. Never knew the great OKTOBER FEST could be so cool and its not just coz of the endless amount of beer I guzzled but also coz I managed to find my model for the shoot sitting there drinking beer. This is why I love my job. Where else can you just walk upto some girl and introduce yourself and ask them if they would like to be a model for a shoot? But the job also comes with its share of screw-ups and deadline pressures. Its been a while since I had a social life, lets just say its been a while since I had a fun evening with friends.

Two hectic months, a cool campaign that was written about in the papers and a couple of wonderful corporate films. Over all content with the way things have fallen into place. November saw Iyer move into a bigger apartment. From a meager one room with an attached bath, which I stylishly used to call my studio apartment (just coz I had my tripod in one corner of that room), now I have moved to an awesome shack. Have a pretty chilled out roommate, my retard Cousin who also blogs.

Its been close to a week since I started writing this post. I start writing and then something comes up and I continue the post when I get the time. And writing something for one week an something that is just a rant is no fun. But I guess, this space needed an update, my life needed an update. I need to take some time off work for better and more important things. Its strange. I don’t quite enjoy typing my posts directly on to the computer. No computer at home has made this easier for me. I sit at home or a coffee shop and write things on my scribble pad or a tissue and I type that onto a computer and then post it. In some strange cases I sit in a meeting and when my client makes me wait, while he collates some info for some profile brochure that am doing for him. I sit on the table right opposite to him, sipping coffee on a lazy Saturday afternoon and complete this update.

There are gazillion thoughts on my mind right now. And all I wanna do is just keep writing, pen down my thoughts and not stop. Thinking about how much someone wanted an update on this space. Thinking about how much certain people mean to me. Thinking about all the crap back in school and college. Thinking about music, about love, about traveling, about friends, about family, about ex-girl friends and their getting married, about best friend who is about to get married, about what to wear for her wedding, about a special someone who is about to come to Bangalore, about the one person who I was so attached to and the changes in our lives now, it can go on..

And on a final note. After trying my hand in journalism, Radio, Television, Cinematography, Events, Waiter in a coffee shop, Promotions, Advertising and a whole load of freelance bullshit, I have my BIG (small) break finally. Iyer would be acting in a Tamil movie shortly. A 20-mt cameo, the shoot for which would start in January 2007. Wish me luck.

October 16, 2006


After a really late (read wild) Saturday night. You slowly open your eyes due to the harsh ray's of the sun piercing through the little window in your house. Your hands search for something. Its your phone, you open one eye and check to see if anyone had missed you. There are quite a few ppl. Most of them asking you if you had reached home safe that evening. You see it after nearly 13 hours. Prompt, I must say.

You laze around in bed for a while. The smoke that you lit fills your lungs and the room. You smile and tell yourself, the Joy of Mist in the middle of your room. The music then fills the room and the mist is getting heavier. You feel a rumble in your stomach. You decide its time to grab a quick bite. You make plans to meet up with a few people. A quick shower to get that hair soft and shining again. A three day stubble, you don't want to mess around with. You take the helmet and step out. MAYA has a flat tyre.

Monday morning, you wake up dazed, sleepy and tired. Sunday night was no different. Your body needs sleep and your boss needs work. There is a huge event likely to unfold in a week and you don't want to be left out of the whole buzz. A buzz even higher than the 9 pitchers you had the previous night. You have an excuse of a shower. Take the first decent looking shirt that you find hanging in the room. Stuff yourself into it and start a quick mist to start your day. You take the helmet and step out. MAYA is out of fuel.

You clutch your fists and curse. Push MAYA till the gas station. A good 2 km away from home. And then you understand the powerful meaning of the line.

'Not today honey. I have a headache'.


EDIT : Man. Just when crazy things happen in life and a close friend lose their dad and you feel drained and down, you have a person write something for you which gives you a lot of energy and gets you back on track. Thanks so much Shubha.

September 25, 2006

Spin studio

Round and round it spins
The surface beneath opens up
Equilibrium shifts

Senses give way
New senses appear
Is it just in the head?

Throat gets dry
Thirst overpowers you
Was it planned?

The system wants it
The body needs it
You crave for it

Hallucinating thoughts flood
The core functions
Do you even realize?

Five days of pandamonium
Three days of pain
Two days of sheer Bliss.

I love weekends.

August 30, 2006

Date with Work

After a long, hard days work, when every muscle in your body aches, all you want to do is get to the cozy comforts of your home. Have a hot shower, listen to some good music, make some coffee and sit in the balcony and light a smoke. Ahhh. Bliss…

But this bliss is short lived. You receive a call from a client, who wants something urgently, and you being the nice, sweet agency guy that you are, tell the client that it will be done and mailed to her first thing in the morning. You need to make a choice now and you are left with two options. You either go home and indulge in all the above mentioned things and do the work in the morning or stop your bike and step into the next coffee shop you come across and get cracking. Either way the possibility of getting back to work is ruled out.

So, you start riding your bike slowly and after a while spot a coffee day, Your more a barista person than a café coffee day person, but you need caffeine real bad and you dont care a damn. Thats the first mistake for the evening!

You park your bike and after walking past a lot of rich, spoilt school kids and the heavy trail of strawberry hookah smoke, you find a corner table and leave your stuff and settle down. You look at the watch and it shows 8:30. You think to yourself, ok another one hour, a couple of cappuccinos and then youre through from that place. You look around you and see a couple not bothered about the place and having a cozy making out session. You smile and think to yourself, search the keys to your house from your jean pocket and are really tempted to offer them the key and politely tell them to get a house instead of a room. But you shrug your shoulders and dig your scribble pad from the bag instead. Just when you are about to write a line of thought, a deep voice disturbs you and waits for your order. You dont raise your head, but order a cappuccino and also ask him to get you a cold glass of water. The strawberry hookah is now beginning to give you a headache. You start working. Ask questions to yourself about the product, the client, their service (thats how you work and crack concepts). You have a whole barrage of questions before you and you start answering one after the other. Suddenly there is a loud shriek of a microphone. Your ears become sour. You immediately cover your ears and spit some water out. You look up to see a guy with thick glasses and an even thicker moustache standing at a corner of the coffee shop with a microphone in his hands and a headphone on his ears. He has a laptop on a table in front of him. There are bunch of people around him and also a really beautiful young woman, making circles with her hair. You see relief. But you’re still not sure as to whats going on.

The man introduces himself to the crowd sitting in the coffee shop and tells everyone there is going to be a karaoke session that is Instore for everyone. You love music and you dont think your a bad singer at all, so you thought this could be a slight relief from the concept that you were working on. You keep the pen down and close the scribbling pad. The young woman starts off with -Hips dont lie, You thought the song made a lot of sense. Youre not really a fan of shakira, but you are of her hips. The young woman sings really well and you were thinking to yourself this is going to be fun. And as always bliss is short lived. The man with the microphone starts singing after the shakira song gets over. Your reaction, you feel like strangling him and putting a bullet through your head- thrice. It is terrible, it is hilarious. And strangely this does not bother the man at all and he is having a blast. Screaming, shouting, oh am sorry he is supposed to be singing. You become happy about one thing though; his singing makes the school kids smoking the hookah, stand up, laugh and leave. The air smells divine with only cigarette smoke. But what do you do with the screaming man? He then calls a few people from the audience to come and sing. You start praying, somebody please go on and grab that mike before he starts singing again. There are a few guys who are keen and you applaud them to the stage where people have to sing. This is the second mistake of the evening. The brave ones who actually come in have no idea about the song that they choose and make up their own lyrics and it gets pathetic.

For the next one hour that youre there, you cant work, you cant drink water, you cant sip your coffee, and well you just cant handle it anymore. Until the man walks up to you and asks if you would like to sing for the crowd. In the bottom of your heart you know that you are a much better singer than all the other blokes who have sung so far, but then you really dont want to push it. So you just smile and tell him that youre really a bathroom singer. The girl, who is sitting beside you in the next table, feels disappointed. You think maybe she wanted you to sing. The cycle continues and more people step on the stage and sing some more songs, there is vande mataram – a song only Rahman can sing better, there is Who lamhe one of your favourite songs, but well its just not your day.

You ask for the bill and decide to move out, when the girl walks upto you and looks you right in the eye and says, I thought you would sing something for me. Mistake number three that seals the day!!!

August 16, 2006

Orkut – Is that a name?

No!! I dont wan to make friendship with you. I dont have the silky hairs. I dont want to be on the ship that never sinks and I dont know if orkut is a name. I dont want to scrap you, I dont want to give you my number, I dont want to write you a testi (that sounds like a body part) and I dont know if orkut is a name.

From Hi, Im XXXX, glad to meet you. Whats your name? Its become Hi my orkut id is XXXX, whats yours? Is there too much spare time for everyone? Im not against orkut and I think the concept of getting in touch with old, long lost friends is simply awesome. But people shouldnt be so addicted to this stuff. And thats why people, who dont have anything better to do, than just go through profiles and leave a scrap as dumb as this one. Hi, your profile picture is sexy and so are you? No clue why there is a question at the end of it all. And something like, Hi, I dont know you and you dont know me, but how will we know each other, if we dont become friends? Like DUH!!! Whats happening to this world? From messenger ids to orkut ids, guess times are changing. And if you want to be with the crowd and the time, get yourself and orkut id and start scrapping people or otherwise sit and make use of your time, like me, observing people and writing something.

The same was the case with blogs. What started as an avenue for people to pen down their thoughts and voice their opinion has now become a hotspot for people to make new friends and fix coffee or beer dates. The love for writing isnt the only reason why people write and updates have become some sort of a must do. You stop writing for a little while, you could be buried with work or busy with your newest possession, well who cares? And not commenting on others’ blog makes you a social outcast of sorts.

(Guess am moving away from the motive of my post)

Are people getting way too caught up in the virtual world, that they have stopped admiring the beauty of a world outside the www. People are so comfortable talking to someone through a chat window, that when you do end up meeting them in person, they would much rather type an LOL or a smiley than look you in the eye and have a conversation. When your phone book or your address book is filled with names and numbers and urls of people who you have no clue about, who you haven’t met. Life is so simple, yet so complex and top of all that, there are virtual good wishes, hugs and kisses. I have been very much a part of this cycle. I do have a lot of friends, who I have understood and read over the years. The face that comes to my head every time I read an individuals post, the mystery of who the writer is, how they look, how they are in real life, what goes through their head when they write a certain post is something that gives me a huge high. And that is something that I wouldn’t compromise for anything in this world. That’s the reason I want the one’s reading my blog to have a mental picture of who I am and what I am. So folks, there won’t be no pictures on my blog. I would love to meet all you lovely people and buy you coffee, but there will not be a picture…

But I sure as hell do have one question.

Orkut – Is that a name?

August 03, 2006

Iyer is back

This is an ode to a gorgeous woman who has been in my thoughts the last few days. An ode to the mystery woman who keeps showing up in my dreams. I think I take my job way too seriously. Been working on this concept for a write up for a campaign, about a woman, a woman of substance, a woman who everyone wants to fall in love with, a woman who is there to make you happy, to make you smile and to smile with you and fill your senses and along with it, your life.

For me, she is no woman. she is just a beautiful thought. A thought that can come in your mind before you say Czechoslovakia. A thought that lingers over your system for a really long time. She is full of life, she is full of zest for life. She is life.

Ive got friends and family who read the crap I churn out from time to time. Friends, who message me or call me and ask me why I have been silent for a while, Friends who dont think twice before calling me at two in the morning and ask me,what color is my creative juice. Yes, I do have strange friends. But it feels nice, it feels great to have people like them in my life. I strongly believe that it is people like them, who help me come out of crazy screw ups I end up in, and holes that I dig myself. I dont generally feel upset bout things in life, but there sure have been instances where I had to go through a lot. Thats history now and there is a really cool and amazing future to look forward to.

My career is on an all time high, and with each passing day, am only being happy. Doing new things, learning tricks of the trade, meeting interesting people and not to forget being sold to three women for 50 rupees one night in a pub.

On the one hand everything seems to be happening, but on the other, I see that I have begun to stray away from friends. I havent been spending too much time with a few people and it feels sad when I know they mean a lot to me. A trip to Mumbai has been on the cards for a really long time and I just dont seem to be able to do that. Looks straight In the eye, I shall be there soon, real soon.

I need to go to goa. I sure do. And I have already got the design for the second tattoo that I want to get. The sun, the sand and the beaches, not to forget the liquid diet that I would be surviving on, once I get there. There is magic in the air when I just take the name of Goa. Am pretty certain thats the same with a lot of you guys who are reading this post this very moment. I also do sometimes feel that the place is highly over rated, but who the fuck cares, I need to go there and I need to go there fast. So who ever wants to come with moi can please send me a line and after the initial rounds are cleared there shall be an interview in a coffee shop or a pub and based on your taste of music and coffee and the capacity to which you can drink, I shall sign the papers and take you on board. Entry open. Drop in your lines.

P:S She is Black, She is Sexy, She is Gorgeous, and She is Maya!!

Ladies and Worms, I introduce Maya to all of you!! My only possession. My new BIKE.

July 06, 2006

Eternal Sunshine with the Coffee Shop woman

As I stood there gazing at those eyes
A cold rush flowed through my body
Abstract images kept flooding my mind

Nailed to the surface beneath my feet
Inches, she moved, she swayed
The hair brushing against the softness of her skin added to the mystery

Her scent was overpowering
heightened with her smile
I thought her fingers were trying to tell me something

A sign, to maybe move closer
To feel the warmth of her breath
Gentle drizzles filled the air

This was the moment
And she was ready
One latte and quick, she said

The waiter am sure didnt hear a word
He was mesmerized as well
words kept flowing, but I could only see her lips move

A glance around her,
Maybe she was expecting someone
Or maybe she didnt want anyone with her

As she stretched her arms
She should have felt so relaxed
Her body slid back into her chair

And then something happened
She knew someone was looking
She knew it was I

An attempt to adjust herself
She was clumsy this time
She is human afterall,I thought

Her cheeks turned red
She realized wat happened
I smiled, She did too

maybe there is something in the air
Maybe there is more to her
She was a beatiful thought !!!


Why do you seek meaning

When Reason is right in front of you?

Why do you seek Truth

When Trust is behind you all the time?

Why does being away from you

Feels like total relief to others?

Why does the concept of you not being mine

refuses to dawn on others?

Why do I detest you so much

that it kills me from the inside?

Your a dream and am out of your mind

Your a haze and I want you out of mine

Your just a dream, You always will be

You have lost out on life, you have lost me forever!!!!

July 01, 2006

Psychology of the Mind

There have been times when I have sat and wondered what it would be like to be inside the minds of people. Is it a healthy affair? Or would it be an affair to remember? Whatever it is, it sure would be an affair that has the ability to leave you spell bound and speechless and would definitely leave a lasting impression. The mind sure plays a lot of games with the self and also with everyone around us. It is the essence of any person. It has the power to imagine, it has the power to think and it has the power of reasoning. Or wait a minute is it the brain which does all that and not the mind?
Is the mind different from the brain? Or are they the same? In the time of the great Rishis and the Munis people had the power to sit in one place and enter the minds of people. The bodies of other people and enter the body of their previous birth and live the life, live their life. Isn’t that a little too hard to handle? Would I have the strength to do something like that if I had the power to do that? The movie HOLLOW MAN got me thinking. Though it was a crappy movie, the concept of being invisible fascinated me. Am sure it is every guy’s fantasy to be invisible, at least for a day to be able to fulfill all their dreams. The most common being step into the ladies change room. (How clichéd does that sound) What would I do if I had the power to be invisible? Ok, am going way off target here. Coming back to the mind here. Focus Iyer, Focus.

I love psychology and I love everything that has to do with psychology. I think in life, everything revolves around people, the mind, the thoughts, the way people react to things and it is psychology all the way. A write up or a proposal that I read from a friend of mine got me thinking. She plans to do an entire photo feature on people and their psychology and relate that with advertising. Interesting. But needs more clarity for sure. She wanted to discuss the whole thing with me and this post is a direct result of the write up from her. Maybe I could answer her queries with this, maybe I could answer myself with this or maybe this could just be something that I wrote sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a radio jingle to be produced.

Photography, advertising, and psychology. Three different topics, interlinked to create a desired effect, food for thought? I wanted to study psychology when I was just about to finish my school life. Spoke to a few psychology students and ‘Elders’ from the family, the result am in advertising now, not a software engineer, not a doctor or a lawyer, but an advertising dude with long hair and weird eating and sleeping habits. It’s fun how my eagerness to do psychology quickly faded away, but the passion, the fire for the subject still is engraved in my system. Fortunately I got to do psychology in the course I did for my under graduation and my post graduation. And I loved every bit of reading about Freud and Lacan and the various other twisted, perverted and repulsively real psychologists this world has been subject to. Freud particularly caught my attention. The man was a genius. But unbelievably twisted in his brain. He has come up with startling reports about the human mind, hard to digest for a lot of people and more so for a few of my girl colleagues in college. They used to twitch and turn every time we had a discussion in class. They just wouldn’t take the ‘S’ word of the ‘G’ word. How funny is that? The oedipal journey and the electral complex, psychology students would understand what am referring to here, for the others, there is always Google and Wikipedia.

The world of still photographs- images is absolutely mind blowing. How the concept of capturing a moment of time between four frames came into life. How the photograph has a life of its own, not that of the person or the image in question, but on its own. More than abstract images captured, or more than the sunsets and the sunrise. The empty roads and the tall buidings, the distant mountains and the horizon. The beach and the boat. Its people that is more interesting. Human life forms are interesting subjects for photography. The contours of the face, the depth in the wrinkles, the smile, the eyes. It’s poetry. Real, true, breathtaking poetry. I have been working a lot with video, that I have lost out on the joy of still photographs. The way light can change the mood of a picture, the color can add beauty to the subject. I need to get back to photography. (takes the scribble pad and makes notes to self).

How can you bring in photography to describe psychology? How can you just use subjects, normal people, in normal setting, to project normal or abnormal behavior. How would a certain someone react when he is subject to different environment, under different circumstances? Would he be the same? Or would there be a drastic change in his behavioral pattern? This is Iyer the psychologist speaking here. Is it possible to perfectly blend the two – photography and psychology? If yes, then how? A silent photo feature about the activities of just one individual? His day to day activities? The people around him, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what he believes in and what he doesn’t. How do I juxtapose all this?

Maybe when I start off with something, or someone, I might be able to get answers to a lot of things, and maybe others who are put in similar situations would also get the feel of what it is like to be in their shoes. Would I react the same way as the subject? IS my life different from that of the other person in question? Clarity my friend is what is needed here. Shit loads of clarity.
I could get under the skin of people by doing this. I could understand what it feels like to be in another persons shoes. Maybe this is what the Rishis or the Munis did without the help of a Nikon Fm10. So getting into someone’s mind is not that difficult after all. We all do that in one form or the other and there is just no way of stopping us. Some do it cautiously and some without an idea.

Does that contradict everything that was spoken earlier? Does that contradict everything that psychologists have taken years to analyze, study and project? Is getting into the minds of people that easy? In a way it is like the Truman show. I know you more than you know yourself. But still knowing oneself is a whole different perspective. That is a spiritual journey. That is the search for peace, that is the search for truth and that is what we all know as Soul Searching.

June 19, 2006

Silent Zone

The mind is abuzz with loads of things
A lone man stands tall
Braving distractions, or he thinks

Time plays havoc, plays games
A game not very enjoyable
Helpless, he looks around

Only to have cold faces around
A chill down the spine, he sure has one
What ever happened, he wonders

Puzzled, perplexed and pissed
Yea, whatever, I write what I feel
If am pissed, I am PISSED

Puzzled, Perplexed and Pissed
He enters the dark depths of the silent zone
Nothing really happens here on the surface

Everything happens beneath layers
Beneath layers of Trust, Integrity
Beneath layers of Love and Friendship

Its been a week now
Since I entered the Zone
My feeling – I want to break free.

P.S When am screwed in the head, I feel like writing.

May 25, 2006

Haiku Highway

Scorchin Summer Light

Moist Pebble on the Sand

Expectin waves of Mist

Trudging along the wide Horizon

A Broken Edge

Wilderness in not Far Off

Entrapped between Love and Lust

Lost between Hope and Despair

A young voice Screaming to be heard

A Soft Touch

A Deathly Kiss

And She thinks its Love

A Hard Thrust

Scratches all Over

And He thinks He's MAN enough

May 14, 2006

Now I have seen everything

Talk bout crazy forward mails in ur inbox. This one steals the cake (read Diamonds).
Got this thing on my inbox on a lazy sunday afternoon. I didn't know wat else to do with it. So here it is for public viewing. Ensoooooy Maadi.

Sub: I need your help to relocate my diamonds from Miss Chisolu Fodeh


Hello dear,
How are you,I would like to apply through this medium for your co-operation and to secure an opportunity to invest and do joint business with you in your country.
My name is Chisolu Fode from Liberia,I am 26 years old and i am presently living at Dakar Senegal.I have some Diamonds i honourably intend to invest in your country into a very lucrative business venture of which you are to advise and execute the said venture over there for the mutual benefits of both of us.The diamonds is well secure at the deposited Institution here and all the relevant documents is well kept at my possession.I hope to hear from you soon so that i will give you the full details of the Diamonds.
Awaiting to hearing from you,
Yours Faithfully,
Chisolu Fode.

On a different note.

Currently listenin to 'Black Earth' - Hallucination Theory. Check it out ppl. New progressive rock band in town. They have just released their EP.
Buy it - Save Music.

May 02, 2006

It could get lonely without me

I want to trip inside your head
Spend the day there
To hear the things you havent said
And see what you might see
I want to hear you when you call
Do you feel anything at all ?
I want to see your thoughts take shape
And walk right out
Freedom has a scent
Like the top of a new born babys head
The songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
Ive had enough
Im not giving up
On a miracle drug
Of science and the human heart
There is no limit
There is no failure here sweetheart
Just when you quit
I am you and you are mine
Love makes nonsense of space
And time , will disappear
Love and logic keep us clear
Reason is on our side, love
The songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
Ive had enough of romantic love
Id give it up, yeah, Id give it up
For a miracle, a miracle drug, a miracle drug
God I need your help tonight
Beneath the noise
Below the din
I hear a voice
Its whispering
In science and in medicine
"I was a strangerYou took me in"
The songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
Ive had enough of romantic love
Id give it up, yeah, Id give it up
For a miracle, miracle drug
Miracle, miracle drug

Ok, I know everyone comin here into this world is pretty upset with the fact that i haven't updated in ages. I have written bout five stories (read posts) but don't have either the inclination or the patience. Work is awesome, doin some really kickass projects off late and life is soo full of things and people. Went home for a few days last weekend and had a really wonderful time. Did a small pooja at home and came back totally charged and rejuvinated.

I have my very own V ISITING CARD. My seventh job in the last five years and my first ever card. Feelin elated and I understand how small and simple things like this can really get you all going.
Shall update this space a lot faster, till then u guys go out there and kick some butt.

April 10, 2006

Another memorable year

9 o clock friday evening the 7th of april, the gang is ready and the party started,Ended at 3 in the morning on the 8th,Loads of vodka, and an awesome cake,A slightly weird candle setup on the cake,An unbelievable day on the 8th,Loads of smiles, wishes and gifts,Not to forget loads of beer,Family and Friends were there,Calls and Sms came in all day long,Missed a few special people in the party,Suprise calls, loads more beer and poker, Gokarting and more poker.
Finally the party ended. 2 in the morning on monday.
Thanks all you guys, My Birthday was an 'Absolut' Blast

April 03, 2006

Blue Skies From Pain

Piercin words that leave a scar
Not thought of, or was it really?

The reward for bein sensitive
For lending a heart
For having a soul.

What have I have done to deserve this?
Is bein there such a crime?
Maybe bein there for you, is.

Endless nights, revealing conversations,
Eerie Silence, Scary turn of events
A lump in the heart thinking bout your next move,
hour, second

Why does it hurt so much to let go,
To be a mute spectator
Like people dont even exist?

A million thoughts flood my brain
with a heavy heart, I try to dissect
A postmortem of sorts

Is it really worth all this pain?
Is it really worth all this struggle?
Is this really what your made of?

Been thro this before
Didnt mind going thro it again
Dont think I want to anymore.

It took twenty minutes to get me shattered
It will take forever to mould me back
You still teach me the concept of life

Even after your gone
Even after you want me out
Even after you feel meeting me was a mistake
The worst ever, you say.

Guess you have made your decision
Taken a call and will move on
I will do the same, Better than Ever.

A rebirth is long due
Or WAS .

March 29, 2006


I was there when there was love blossoming
I was there when there was a ray of hope
I was there when everyone thought there was no hope

I was there when it reached rock bottom
I was there when you wanted to go bottoms up
I was there when there was only an endless pit

I was there when you were drained
I was there when you were getting back
I was there when you wanted to start afresh

I was there at your new start
I was there when life was fresh
I was there when you made a choice

I was there when the world was against you
I was there when the stars were not with you
I was there when love was not with you

I was there THEN
I am there NOW
I shall always be there

But now you want me out,
For now
Forever …

March 13, 2006

Lonesome Tonight

A family of five sitting on the floor. A feast spread in front. Its a festival each day. The days happening discussed over sambar and rasam. A dash of potato fry to spice up the conversation. A pinch of sarcasm, bucket full of humor, a lot of client bashing and spirituality for dessert. Gluttony sets in at the end of it all.

Cut to one man sitting alone on a chair. A voice calls out “what would you like to have sir”? “The Usual” comes the reply, without lifting the head. A plate with food is placed under the nose. The plate is empty in a while, the stomach could be full, the heart is always empty….
Sloth sets in Now.

Edit 1 : Australia can now kiss my butt.. What a match. What an unbelievable match. I can die in peace now. I feel like India has won the world Cup.

Edit 2 : I hate the finance minister. They have increased the price of Cigs

March 06, 2006


You are tagged.
And then I start running and this time around not chasing someone but chasing my own dreams. Tags are at it again, and they are even more fierce than the bird flu. Guess turning vegetarian is of no use after all.

There have been quite a lot of people who have tagged me for a number of different things. And though I enjoy reading most of them, its a different ball game altogether when it is me who is on the line of fire. I always have a whole of things to say about others, but when it comes to talking bout me, I always seem to get stuck. Am going to give it a shot this time.

About Arvind aka The Absolut Iyer.

* Im the president of the “Women, you cant live with them and you cant live without them” Club. I have been successfully promoting this club for a while now.

* I love music and I love writing, been searching for a job that pays me for doing that and that pays me a fat sum at the end of each month.

* I have been in love, I know how it feels, I have been hurt real bad and I still feel it sometimes. I think every person has to fall in love at least once in their life time. I think you learn a whole lot of things being in a relationship with someone. (The crush or love with that professor from school and college doesnt count though).

* I call myself a MEDIA SCIENTIST, and I really am proud of that name. I have had a taste of all medium so far and I think I enjoy the pressure and satisfaction that this industry provides me all the freaking time.

* They say behind every man there is a woman, and I believe behind every man there is a butt. Prove me wrong anybody, somebody.

* I love to dance and I love to sing, just that there are no takers. (How bout a sample Saturday night?)

* I curse myself every morning for not picking up the habit of reading.(And no, starting now wont solve the purpose and Mad, Calvin & Hobbes and Google doesnt count)

* I pray everyday and am very spiritually inclined. I thank my family for that.

* Always dream of waking up one day and Googling my name and finding a million hits.

* I think am a peoples person. I love being around people and I dont really enjoy being left alone.

* There are very few people in this world who I hate, George Bush tops the list and a jerk from college is a close second.

* I detest hypocrites, but I also understand that we are all one ourselves. So dont be very obvious with me, and then youve had it.

* I have never peed in my pants. (just had to write that)

* I love writing mails to people and sometimes I also write Snail Mails.

* I have a tattoo on my left arm which I designed three years ago and I think that is my most prized possession. And I want to get some more tattoos done.

* Love English Language the most next to Tamil. Thanks Dad. But next time please dont make corrections on my report card or any application form.

* Im the biggest job switcher in town. It takes a lot for something to get under my skin (not shirt) but when something does, I try and get out of it ASAP.

* Im a total sucker for women with expressive eyes and beautiful hair. If you think you have it, give me a shout.

* My life so far – Family, Music, Coffee, Women, More Music and loads more Coffee.

* I love traveling. I firmly believe that one gets to understand a lot in life through traveling. People, Culture, food and a whole lot more and that is what makes a person.

* The maximum I have had to drink on one day. New Years Eve 2005. 5 Rounds of Absolut, 3 Pints of Beer and losing count after the 10th shot of Tequila. “Sun is shining”!

* It doesnt take much for me to get acquainted with someone. I can strike a conversation with a total stranger and at the end of it all we are no longer strangers. I have made quite a lot of real good friends thanks to this quality of mine.

* I have met a transsexual one evening in a coffee shop and ended up having the most amazing conversation of my entire life for the next six hours. (To the nosy-cozy couple sitting next to me…Bugger off or here are the keys to my apartment)

* I have been threatened at gun point once by a jerk in a coffee shop. (Most of the interesting things in my life have happened in a coffee shop. They say a lot can happen over coffee, Coffee day I think needs to make a movie out of all this)

* I can write abstract poetry at the snap of a finger. (Ok, you can stop now) Heres something that I wrote thinking bout another point.

Silence Speaks Volumes
Twisted, Bent and Disturbed
Strange faces, staring at you

Trying to talk, Converse
Make sense? Make Meaning?
Synonyms in the name of Truth

Truth is Non-Existent
For the Non-Believer
I am …..A Believer.

* I wanted to become a cricketer and play for India. Realized two very important things. One I dont have the whole package and two; my dad is not rich enough.

* Buy me coffee and talk to me about anything under the sun; I will be your friend for life.

* I love photography and I think “A picture speaks a thousand words”, try telling my Editor that.

* Two people I relate to a lot: 1. Joey – From Friends and 2. Saif – From Dil Chahta Hai.

* My mother thinks am a born Entertainer. I think she is always RIGHT.

* 5 things I cant live without: 1. My Hair band 2.A Pen 3. My scribbling pad 4. My crystal 5. My phone. A Deo, wallet, my torn pair of jeans are a given.

* Im really proud of my voice. No wonder I had a decent fan following when I was an RJ. (Yes, modesty is my middle name)

* I love observing people. Ive had the best times sitting in a railway station or an airport or a coffee shop (again) observing people and trying to link the many words and conversations that I happen to hear. The sights and sounds are just too interesting to let go.

* I love Sashi, Sandhya and Thejas to bits. They are everything to me. God bless those three little ones. Too bad kids grow up :(

* My long term dream is to either make a movie and cast Nandita Das or act in a movie with her. She is gorgeous – Period.

Wow. What started out as a small post to kill time has come down to three pages on my laptop. I think this is too much information about me and then they say a blog is a private journal. English is a very funny language.

That’s all folks. You can go home now! Cheers.

February 21, 2006

Casapicola Kashayam

This is going to be one of those posts, just coz I love the title. I just happened to coin this title and I thought it made a lot of sense as to wats goin on in life at the moment. I have been very busy in life, which is not something totally new to me and not something that is new to the ones who come in to my blog and read it. But work has been absolutely kick ass, just finished an event, a huge one at that for one of our corporate clients and it totally rocked and knocked the clients off their feet. Am completely thrilled with the feedback that we have received so far.

At the end of it all am feeling drained, totally out of energy and just needed to sit down, relax and get some focus back in life. That’s what my uncle told me, when I sat with him in our regular hang out over some filter kaapi. Having worked in all the possible medium so far and having made a considerable contribution in all, I was amazed that I didn’t have an answer when my uncle asked me what I really wanted to do in life? Right from the time I knew how to spell media and advertising, I think that is what I wanted to do in life. But media is so diverse that you really can’t get out of a spot when you are subject to one and not be clear about what one wants from media and in media.

I enjoy my discussions with family and friends. One day am sitting and talking bout the prakruthi and the purusha and the next moment am talking bout which night club to go and let my hair down. That is the beauty of my life. Extremely well educated people surround me and pass on their Gyan from life, what they have gone through, what they have understood in life and what they have made out of their own lives. To each his own they say, but well when someone gives their own, you better take it or try and get the max out of it.

I very strongly believe that every time am under the cloud or every time am not physically upto it, is the time I take to rediscover life and to understand myself better. I feel sick now, physically, mentally and emotionally. But at the same time am really charged up. Call me crazy, call me weird, but well that is the feeling am in at the moment. Can’t move a muscle in my body right now. Burning with fever, sipping on a hot cup of milk (thanx sam for the advice) and typing this. And tomorrow I have a brand new day. A brand new opportunity to go out there and kick some serious butt, and not to forget meet a person good in paati vaidhyam (Granny therapy, god that sounds so weird when you try to translate something that is so typically south Indian) and drink kashayam in casapicola. She has in a way opened the doors to all possibilities. And I bloody well take it with both my arms stretched though that would mean finish the entire bottle of Iodex spray on my whole body tonight.

February 05, 2006

GYAN Series

Philosophy is matter of the mind that we are tryin to conquer

February 01, 2006


There are millions of ways that one gets to understand life.
What is so special in life?

A happy family?
Decent education?
A good job?
A fancy car?
Fully furnished house?

Am sure there is never an end to this list that tends to overpower every ‘reason’ for man. People tend to forget the very concept of LIFE, the very fact of their Existence.
When does one have the time to sit and think and realize the joys of life, the fruits of their existence? When someone does that, the world would be a more civilized place for him to live in.

It’s a crazy world out there. Things happen in a hurry. Life whizzes past all of us. I was raised in a manner where the joy of life was explained to me from an early age. The joy of waiting for my dad to come back from work, to sit with us and have dinner as a family. The joy of visiting friends and relatives from time to time. The joy of being there for people. The joy of attending family gatherings and sharing a laugh and also being a part of their sorrow. A joy to sit and communicate or at least try to.
Have been really lucky with a family like that. But is that the case with everyone these days? What is the world coming to? It scares me, it frightens me, it gets on my head to maybe one day be old and alive to see my kids and grandkids look at life in a totally different light and go on with their lives. Maybe I would just be old and wise – or hopefully I would have the ability to take that as another step on my journey to understand life.

Thinking upsets me. I know I get paid to think –literally. Life would be so interesting when people start using their right brain. This infact is the year of the right brain. The year where creativity would rule over everything else. Change is the only constant. Wow, what a statement. True every single way.

Life has been abuzz with a lot of activity. Work has been productive to a certain extent. No full stops to learning. Finally found myself a nice small place. My first ever house so to speak and what a rush every time I even think about it. Planning finer elements that would go on to the house, every single one of them, carefully thought about and painfully etched and sketched in the head before finally ending up the way its supposed to. It gives a huge smile when I sit with a coffee mug and see it on my house – the focus being MY HOUSE.

Am officially a Post Graduate now. Went to chennai last weekend to be a part of the boring yet such a definitive phase of every persons life, went for my masters convocation. It was made really memorable thanks to the presence of my Mom & Dad who came to see their son graduate. I was happy and at the same disappointed that I let them down, I let everyone down, I let myself down. Missed the gold medal that I thought was mine for the taking. The medal that I thought I had taken it without breaking a sweat (come on its my blog and I get to exaggerate a little too). I missed the gold by two marks they say. I have never been the studious types all through my school life or even my under graduation. Studies for me was very simple, do not flunk your papers and keep moving on to the next grade. It was easier that way, so that I could concentrate a lot on my sports and other activities that I thought was my calling. I very strongly believe that it was that focus that is helping me a great deal at this phase of my life, and frankly that is my life. This is what I always wanted to do in life. Talk and get paid for it, freak out, have fun and enjoy and make a living out of it. Think weird and get appreciated for it. This makes me the person I am.

I have lost interest in blogs. Feels strange to say this when I end up checking my blog every half hour at work and every night when I go back home. But I really have lost the flame that was burning in me when I started blogging. I have stopped regular updates, I have stopped my religious blog hopping. And its nice to still have the friendly souls walk in and out of my blog and reading those few special blogs and wanting to know more about them. Am happy and content this way and would like to be this way.

This post is good enough I guess for all the lost time and the update requests.

January 17, 2006


A New Year has dawned, and life has been just the same. The routine continues. Wake up bleary eyed from the previous days mayhem. Every muscle in the body is aching and crying out so loud and wants to be heard. It needs to escape from reality and get to a world of its own - Dont see it happening anytime soon though.

Every time I go home the feeling is just absofreakinlutely (copyright) wonderful. The weather, the chillness in the air, the warmth from my parents. The feeling of going back home, getting pampered and over fed. Getting coffee at the snap of a finger or sometimes not even have to do that. The smiles, the happiness is just such a wonderful experience in itself. Havent been home in almost three months. The love is still the same, my room looks still the same, the smell just the same, the old blanket left in one corner is neatly folded and kept ready for me to come there and go plonk on the bed. My mobile phone is on silent, not that I dont want to hear from anyone. But I want to hear from the ones who mean to me. Ones who are special and for the others, well they can wait. Work can wait. Life can wait.

Spending time with my parents and my brothers is always rejuvenating. The conversations always remain so fresh in my mind even after ages. Drove down from banglore to coimbatore. The drive was simply amazing. Drove 350 odd kms in the night. The silence is eerie. The flashlights from oncoming vehicles are the only annoying factor from time to time. Ever had the feeling when your mind is so full of thoughts and you still feel empty – Happy? Thats wat happens to me every time I go home.

Managed another amazing padhayaathrai a spiritual walk to a mountain temple during this trip. Pongal with family always brings a smile on my face and this year was no different. Eating all the goodies that mom prepared, sitting with the coolest grand mom ever and discussing cricket strategies. Greg chappels mistakes, Pakistanis moves and the Indian batsmens reply. She would any day be the most effective coach any cricket team could ask for. And during the break she would sit with her electronic sudoku gadget, listening to Sudha Raghunathans keerthanai in Aadhi thalam. Its a treat to watch. I love u Paati.

The walk to Giri temple was a life altering trip. Six of us, all family set out from our house at 5 in the morning. A 4 am alarm got the gang moving. The only thought in our minds being the shiva alone. Nothing else. Totally blank. Any time we visit a temple, we have a list of things to ask, a list of items to request, thank yous to be said. But after climbin the seven hills to reach the top, when we were sitting next to the shiva linga, the weather is freezing. One wont believe that this place is only 30 kms from my house and its freezing any day of the year. Ice particles would form on the face. The wind is so strong, it pierces the skin, you have to walk through clouds, the mist is strong. The journey magical. It can not be explained in words. It is a feeling that one has to experience and even then to each his own. Immersed in thoughts. But still so totally blank. A weird feeling to be in, but we all love it. That’s why we do this often as and when we can. The prayer went on well and none of us had anything to ask the lord. But all of us had a totally satisfied look, content beyond any words could explain.
Bhole Naath.
Now am back in Bangalore. Smiling, happy and content. Full of energy. Fully recharged. Ready to face anything that comes my way.

January 06, 2006


Shining away above the transparent skies
A disc, cruising along the highway of hell

Radiating sparks of sorrow and fumes of passion
Arresting my senses as I gasp for air

Crooked images of reality
Targeting inches of my dark desires

The sharpness protruding my skin
As I wallow in pain - Alone... Lost....

I asked for Peace
Before the Green Being blew me to Pieces.........

"Conversation with an Alien"