July 25, 2007

One evening in a coffee shop

Spring she dances upon snow
Silence she wears like mini skirts
Manalo Blahnick’s for magic wands!!
Blistering barnacles her favourite words…

The armadillo does the fiddle
And batman’s there to answer the riddle
Conversations with Moses
With Gucci glances for pauses

Slowly she slithers down the corridor
Glancing through the window at the distant horizon!
Sun’s getting ready to violate the line
That is getting ready with pelvic thrusts.

Prada watches her every move
With the evil eye of Armani watching her drooling following
Is she a walking talking fashion house?
Maybe all she wants is to sit in her doll house!!

With the loo full of channel 5
And the aroma room smelling like a toddler’s burp
She’s flicking her cig. With the hair down with the rain
She can see Marc Jacobs in the window, bobbing to Johny cash on her fingertip.

A sudden rush of blood surging rite through to her brain..
Is it time already? She thinks all but in vain.
Sunlight bursts through the Johny Cash in her ears
And memories gather in a musty corridor of the years
Weird shaped lamp shades dance on her face
As the smoke swirls…

She watches the sunrise
Rhythm can be dangerous, this feeling sets her free
This feeling takes the lead and controls her fears

What’s there being poor with no cash?
As long as there is an endless supply of Johny Cash!!
Rhymes without reason
Bind them like shackles in the hunting season.

Black hounds & Axwell; fruit flies & gold striped ducks
For all that she could imagine, from her ----------------

Why fill the missing blanks. When everything is ready on the plank
Deathly sorrow seems to be the order of the hour,
She suddenly remembered the curd has gone sour.

Summer she dances with the bad milk
Making coffees that are too bitter to look.


Doppelganger said...

:) :) :) I loved it the day it was first read out to me (barely few hours after it was born from the author's cereBUM in the coffee-shop). I enjoyed it just as much when I read it now...
Just wanted you to know that you have a long way to go and you rock!! Keep going...

Divs said...


Me said...

hello AI!!!!!!

Happy Friendship's Day!!!!

Renie said...

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Sandy said...

Excellent is the only word man !!:)

A.Jay said...

interesting blog Mr.Iyer

Renu said...

vodka meets coffee eh? :)

arvindiyer said...

TO Renu...

More like Filter Kaapi meets Davara Tumbler:)