February 21, 2006

Casapicola Kashayam

This is going to be one of those posts, just coz I love the title. I just happened to coin this title and I thought it made a lot of sense as to wats goin on in life at the moment. I have been very busy in life, which is not something totally new to me and not something that is new to the ones who come in to my blog and read it. But work has been absolutely kick ass, just finished an event, a huge one at that for one of our corporate clients and it totally rocked and knocked the clients off their feet. Am completely thrilled with the feedback that we have received so far.

At the end of it all am feeling drained, totally out of energy and just needed to sit down, relax and get some focus back in life. That’s what my uncle told me, when I sat with him in our regular hang out over some filter kaapi. Having worked in all the possible medium so far and having made a considerable contribution in all, I was amazed that I didn’t have an answer when my uncle asked me what I really wanted to do in life? Right from the time I knew how to spell media and advertising, I think that is what I wanted to do in life. But media is so diverse that you really can’t get out of a spot when you are subject to one and not be clear about what one wants from media and in media.

I enjoy my discussions with family and friends. One day am sitting and talking bout the prakruthi and the purusha and the next moment am talking bout which night club to go and let my hair down. That is the beauty of my life. Extremely well educated people surround me and pass on their Gyan from life, what they have gone through, what they have understood in life and what they have made out of their own lives. To each his own they say, but well when someone gives their own, you better take it or try and get the max out of it.

I very strongly believe that every time am under the cloud or every time am not physically upto it, is the time I take to rediscover life and to understand myself better. I feel sick now, physically, mentally and emotionally. But at the same time am really charged up. Call me crazy, call me weird, but well that is the feeling am in at the moment. Can’t move a muscle in my body right now. Burning with fever, sipping on a hot cup of milk (thanx sam for the advice) and typing this. And tomorrow I have a brand new day. A brand new opportunity to go out there and kick some serious butt, and not to forget meet a person good in paati vaidhyam (Granny therapy, god that sounds so weird when you try to translate something that is so typically south Indian) and drink kashayam in casapicola. She has in a way opened the doors to all possibilities. And I bloody well take it with both my arms stretched though that would mean finish the entire bottle of Iodex spray on my whole body tonight.

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