July 31, 2004


After havin a wonderful week...it was time to get a few kicks on my BUtt...well for starters a christian Institution like LOYOLA had a traditional day celebration(wat ever that is) on friday. The dress code for the day was simple...Shirt and Dhothi for guys or anything that is traditional.. I so knew it was goin to be a day where one feels (".") that small. coz it was only for our dept and the others were all givin us the LOOKS...The walk from the Entrance to my class, was officially the Most Embarrasing walk in my whole life...(ok, here I don;t mention the other times when I don;t remember how embarassed I was)heheheh... My long hair didn;t suit the purpose..I was actually called JESUS CHRIST in a DHOTHI,.hahahahah .That was probably the HEIGHTS> Also got a few compliments(FEW) yup am not lying.heheheh...very few..

Supposed to go home(coimbatore) last nite..booked the tickets and all that, but then decided against it due to circumstances @ the last moment...Suddenly not in a mood to go home, JRO concert happenin tonite, but this is the status,,...AM BROKE...and ...AM BROKE....And finally AM BROKE>..If u give me a minute I can come up with a fourth reason too..very valid reasons why I'm actually thinkin whether to go or not..
And I've been hit by a major jolt...DAMN>>>why did NAFISA JOSEPH do this to herself...??? Still can;t believe that she committed suicide..She was a BABE...a real babe..and @ 25 she has achieved sooo much that some ppl can only dream of. feelin a little down on the Spirit level. Hmmmmm...wonder wat could cheer me up? Ahhhh.....coffee with someone...It always works...Ok now I need to call BIK!!!where's my mobile?

An afterthought:
OK, now why do I get the impression that NAFISA would get all the attention with this post and not me? hehehehhe...Sometimes I wonder..THE PRICE THAT ONE HAS TO PAY FOR BEING FAMOUS>>>

July 28, 2004

Mid week mayhem!!!

 Ahhhhhhh......every single blog that I have been readin from last nite, all has somethin to write bout the match that happened y'day...WOW...Its soooooo true..."It ain't over till the FAT lady sings". Oh my god..wat a match and now its time for Inzy and his team to pack up and leave. I always knew it was goin to be an India V Srilanka affair rite from the start of this tournament.. But I never really thought we would have to sweat it out like this to reach the finals. But watever said and done, now that we are into the finals, AM pretty sure its goin to be a one sided affair in the finals, I feel we are goin to bat first again and we are goin to win the CUP> Any one who thinks otherwise? hmmmmmm
Today has been a rather quite one, spent most part of the day Readin CALVIN & HOBBES that I got from this chamathu last nite. It was so nice of her to get it for me from B'lore(its a superb collection of all time cool ones of calvin).Just came back after havin coffee and my friend and his band are goin to perform @ GEOFFREY'S tonite. So Plannin to just go there spend some time have some beer and end the day on a HIGH ..hehehehe

Edited @ 2 In the mornin:
Whoa...The evenin was FAB..."POWDER  IN THE ASHTRAY",( well thats the name of my friends' band),they rocked. It was soooo good to see them head bangin and enjoyin themselves on stage and well they sure got the place going. The MC was really lousy, sometimes I just wonder on wat basis do these ppl get selected? I mean, they can't talk sense for nuts, they don;t have life in wat they say, They have no clue bout REAL music, and well wat the heck..they don;t even look INTERESTING...hmmmmm.that was probably the only sad thing bout the evening. Came home at around 12. On a real high..lost count of the number of beers I had..heheheh.. well blow me down..CHEERS ALL...hahahha....THE BEST THING TO SAY NOW>.god I have class to attend morrow...

July 25, 2004


Go Sachin....Go Kaifu!!!  Wat a finish to the first half of the match. The way Lucky shoaib malik was playin, I was thinking that pak would score somewhere close to 320.(which is wayyyyyyyyyy toooo much for that team anyways!) Malik was playin a real lousy game, stupid shots were findin the boundary line, and edges were not carryin to fielders and then when it did carry, the catches were not taken. So bottom line the game was not too good.
If it wasn;t for Kaifu and Yuvy, the target for india would be close to 340. Wat terrific fielding by the two of them and Kaif in particular was rocking. Sachin, once again proved wat a classy player he is.. Amazing spell(3/28) . And wat more he's on a hat-trick.  OK am goin to get some coffee....

Screw You SHOUTBOX!!!

Damn...I hate it when this happens ...ANd to make matters worse, its happenin on a sunday mornin..Opened my blog and saw that the Shout box was not workin, was goin thro a few of my other blogheads' world and found that happenin there as well....
wat the hell is the problem?

July 24, 2004

Weekend with MTV

Loads of things happened this past week., Lots of thinking, Loads of Food, Tons of coffee and truck loads of laughter. whoa...This is wat I have been wantin to do for a very long time.
A couple of weeks back I saw the ad for the new MTV ROADIES 2 in the papers and Well I thought THIS IS IT.. I was just beginnin to go nowhere with my life. Was feelin stuck and completely out of energy till then. I saw the ad as my silver lining to just get my batteries recharged. SO I registered and patiently waited for the audition to happen in chennai. (patiently? not quite).
After gettin into the mindset of being a ROADIE..I always thought it was soo cool to just sit on a bike and go around INdia and see all that this beautiful country has to offer and then if it comes with the price of also being on television and a million ppl watchin it, I thought wat the HECK this is how I want my life to be.  But then I don;t know if it was the positive frame of mind that I was in or that My batteries were suddenly recharged, I began to see interestin things.,interestin ppl and well I was back on track. A lot has been happenin in the week that followed and I was a CLOWN IN THE MOON (Dylan thomas anyone?) Also am EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES...hehehehe....like how someone I know would put it..and it seems to be workin, Been explorin a lot...bout myself...bout ......*******
And THE DAY arrived and I went to the Audition spot, expecting the happenin crowd of chennai all under one roof and also wonderin which MTV VJ was goin to be there. Lots of ppl I did see, And well the VJ who came was SOPHIYA...have u guys noticed how she talks on MTV loveline?( well I firmly believe that the show exists now only coz of Cyrus Broacha...also GOD). Ranvijay, Kriti and from the first MTV ROADIES group were there to pep up the audience, Ranvijay being the chosen roadie to travel with this years, Rodies as well( talk bout luck and LIFE). Kriti was just glowin, a flowery Pink Skirt and a short white top, she was smilin away all day. Much to the amusement to a bunch of jokers who were present at the venue and giving cat calls all day. Bottomline, she was looking pretty.
The show started with The usual MTV tamasha, I really think it would have been a much bigger hit had Broacha been here. A lot of goodies were there for the taking. T-shirts, Roadie JAckets, Mountain dew gift hampers...MAN...these guys have sooo much to give...heheheheh
A few ppl made complete jack asses of themselves on stage. There was a group discussion that followed. I was there too...really enthu bout goin there and havin some fun and showin some attitude. heheheh
I went into the room and saw this Lean guy with shoulder length hair sittin and alongside him was a pretty girl chewin on a bubble gum from the sec we walked in to the second we left...(she never really spoke a word). But then after general introduction to the room, the question posted to us for discussion was..IS IT OK FOR TWO PPL WHO ARE NOT MARRIED TO LIVE TOGETHER? It was a gr8 topic to discuss and Well there were only three ppl in the room who did the talkin. One girl, this guy from delhi and URS TRULY....(me)heheheh...
It was fun and well they told us that the selected ppl from this group discussion would be informed later in the day and the shortlisted names would have a personal Interview...I was hopin that I would get a call...(I still am waiting....)*heheheheh
It was ok..came home and spent the remaing part of the day, with my comp..(haven';t been with her at all lately...she was pissed when I came close to her to give her a hug...) felt bad for her..and when I told her wat had happened...she was really hurt and then she LET ME GET ONLINE.
Anyone else goin for the audition? Chill and have a BLAST>>>>

P:S this year I guess MTV is lookin for losers...hehehehhe( then why would they reject me?)

July 19, 2004


Hey wats rong with the Indian team? As a real cricket fanatic, I was soooooo disappointed to see the match between India and UAE today. I had finished all my work for the day so that I get the time to sit and see Team India kick some butt today. Well was I in for a shocker or wat? Third ball and Viru bhai is out for a duck..and then I Guess sach was more worried bout the 1000$ tag that was on his head when he came in to bat, and then he also followed to the comforts of the cool pavilion. saurav was SAD...well thats not the word, well I guess if there is a word that would mean PATHETIC in the worst possible manner,that would have defined how he played today.VVS played some amazing wristy shots before he just gave a dolly back to the bowler and walked back to the dressing room.
I was just beginning to switch the TV off and then began hastily making plans for the evenin. From the very first ball, JAmmy looked like a man with a mission. How many times has he been India's saviour and well he sure came to India's rescue once again. *stands up and bows before the gr8 WALL*. sometimes I wonder wat it would be like if Dravid was not in the Indian team. DAMN! the thought in itself scares me. We might be a super team, but without a person like jammy, we are in serious soup> Yuvraj made sure the running between the wickets was better than wat it was when saurav and VVs were batting. And then the spinners of the UAE team really got into the skin of Yuvi and he was just a silent spectator on the field. jammy kept goin, as always and he was POETRY to watch. He was in full flow, great form and it's a real pity that there weren't much ppl in the stands to watch the match. I guess there were close to a 100 ppl in the stands- 75 of them being members of the television crew and journalists. :D
And to make matters worse, the transmission sucked real bad. There was some problem or the other every other over. Wish I was in the crew.:D am sure I would have done a decent job!!

JAMMY SCORED A 100... chanceless innings and he just played one sloppy shot and that was the shot that lead to his downfall..but then Kaifu added the icing on the cake with some lusty blows to the fence in the end. Well team India scored 260- not a very extraordinary score considering the fact that we were playin minnows like the UAE> but an ok score nonetheless.

PAthan was deadly as expected and so was the Smilin ASSASSIN Balaji. Zaheer chipped in with two wickets and the ever so consistent (but old) kumble did the final touches for a comfortable Indian victory.

ANd then it happened...We played lanka on sunday and well It would officially have been the best weekend EVER, had india won. Coz till then MY DAY WAS SIMPLY ROCKIN...but frankly though India lost the match, I STILL BELIEVE THIS WAS THE BEST WEEKEND THAT I'VE HAD IN A REALLY LONG TIME...
Good news for fellow tribe men, Am out from the HIBERNATE mode and now am Rockin....*

July 16, 2004

Life on the FAST TRACK

MCLAREN decided to take advantage of India's high unemployment rate and hired unemployed Indian Youths from the Dharavi slums in Mumbai. The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent documentary on how they were able to remove a set of wheels from a car parked in the street in than six seconds without any proper equipment. Mclaren's erstwhile crew took more than eight seconds with the right equipment. This was thought to be an excellent yet bold move by the Mclaren management, and as most races are won and lost in the pits, McLaren would have an advantage over every other team.
However, Mclaren's expectations were exceeded, as during the crew's first practice session, not only were 'da boyz' from mumbai able to change the tyres in under six seconds, but within 12 seconds had resprayed the car, filed off the chassis number and sold the vehicle over to the Ferrari team!!!
So, now I wonder wat my friend AUTO SARAVANAN, meant when he said, he can kick Michael Schumacher's Butt anyday in the race. And when u sit and analyse wat he said, it makes TRUCK LOADS of sense. On an average, auto saravanan drives his auto @ 50kms an hour, shuffling between the busy streets in the disorganised chennai roads and he proudly claims, he still hasn't had an accident. While Michael Schumacher, just goes around in circles in the track with just 20 other cars on the road. But auto sara has to take care of the cars, the deadly MTC buses, the crazy two wheelers, and also the sudden guest appearances of cows, dogs and the odd cyclists and the innumerable pedestrians. Whoa...my head spins while I write this, guess wat he must be going thro..
So on a Mano-e-Mano basis..AUTO SARA...claims he would win PANTS DOWN!!!
(guess wat it would be like to see Schumi with his pants down....hmmmmm...)

July 14, 2004


 This Russian not only scorched the grass at Wimbledon, but also a whole lot more. (OK, I know u guys are gettin ideas here...) Am talking bout MARIA SHARAPOVA here. Six feet tall and blonde, wow..she was the soul of Wimbledon this year. Frankly, I wonder where all these Russian babes were till now. My eyes were sore watchin the annoyin faces(and other physical aspects) of people like serena williams, venus williams, and the like.,.But thanx to the Blonde bombshell called MAria Sharapova, I was seriously watchin this years Wimbledon.(all her matches for sure). And she also proved she was more than just POSTER material unlike ANNA KOURNIKOVA (this doesn't mean I don;t like her anymore...well just wanted the point to be noted) Hmm..so this chick can play..she can hit the BALLS hard, and wat more, she's a complete stunner. AM SMITTEN<>>>>>>>
With cricket coming back into my life now after a break of two months..I need to get over MARIA Sharapova now...sighhhhhh...:(

July 11, 2004

TROY- Summer Blockbuster

workin on an assignment for One of my subjects..MEDIA MANAGEMENT..am supposed to select any film and do an entire script breakdown for that film. I really think its a cool thing to do and its a serious project. Selected the film troy and working on that. Came across this piece which defines the film the BEST...so postin it...check it out.

Three thousand two hundred years ago. Trojan princes Hector (Eric Bana) and Paris (Orlando Bloom) are entertained by Spartan king Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), but on the voyage home Paris informs Hector that he has carried off the king's wife, Helen (Diane Krüger). Menelaus asks his brother, Mycenaean king Agamemnon (Brian Cox), to raise a Greek armada and retrieve Helen. Though despising Agamemnon, famed warrior Achilles (Brad Pitt) joins up, persuaded by his mother Thetis (Julie Christie) that his name will live forever.

Achilles' ship lands first at Troy and he captures a beachhead but, disgusted by Agamemnon's triumphalism, he retires from battle and seduces Briseis (Rose Byrne), a captured vestal virgin. Paris volunteers to settle the dispute through a duel with Menelaus, but he is bested, forcing Hector to kill the Spartan. Agamemnon orders an assault on Troy that is repelled, and Hector leads a counter attack, unwittingly killing Patroclus (Garrett Hedlund), who fought disguised in his cousin Achilles' armour. Enraged, Achilles rides to Troy's gates, challenges and kills Hector, and drags away the corpse. Trojan King Priam (Peter O'Toole) secretly visits Achilles and successfully pleads for his son's body, also taking away Briseis. The Greeks fake a retreat, leaving behind a wooden horse which the Trojans haul through their gates. By nightfall, Greek soldiers emerge from the horse and sack the city. In the mêlée Priam is slain by Agamemnon, Agamemnon by Briseis, and Achilles by Paris.

William Goldman, perhaps Hollywood's closest equivalent to the Delphic oracle, has popularised the notion of screenwriting as an exercise in problem-solving, the task being to pose dramatic questions and answer them within the tautest possible time-frame. Goldman's views are especially germane to adaptation (at which he excels), since the conversion of literary matter into pictorial storytelling is usually a more hidebound business than composing an original script. And – if you will permit a leap across millennia – did not Homer himself face an analogous challenge in selecting which songs to sing of brave Achilles, based on the oral tradition of poets and tall-tale-tellers before him?

Filming the fall of Troy in 2004 carries a lot of baggage, not least because the adapting screenwriter can draw upon a vast array of sources, both archaic and modern. (The Iliad is the sole text cited in Troy's credits, and that, one suspects, is largely for prestige.) In the dying days of the old studio system, William Faulkner or Gore Vidal might be enlisted to spruce up an epic such as Land of the Pharaohs (1955) or Ben-Hur (1959). Troy has been entrusted to 33-year-old David Benioff, whose slight novel about a prison-bound drug-dealer, The 25th Hour, was made only slightly more substantive in Spike Lee's film version.

Benioff crunches the ten-year Trojan War down to around a month and – perhaps figuring, not unreasonably, that we prefer human agency to divine ordinance – he jettisons the Homeric principle of the absolute power of the gods. Instead, he foregrounds Agamemnon's (Brian Cox) material greed for dominion, and the degree to which that design is dependent on Achilles (Brad Pitt), who might let his short-sword rust were it not for the fancy that his prowess might win him eternal fame. (Individualism, and being cool about it, may be the distinctive spirit of our own age that Benioff has transposed on to Achilles'.)

So much for hubris: in respect of more intimate tragedies, we are encouraged to feel for Hector (Eric Bana), killed by a fight unworthy of him, and his father Priam (Peter O'Toole), who must kiss the killer's hand. Such is the authentic smack of The Iliad, but elsewhere Benioff embroiders considerably: in a sop to the Avril Lavigne-listening demographic, concubine Briseis (Rose Byrne) is made a regal Trojan acolyte, and as feisty as she is comely. She even gets to cut Agamemnon's throat, so cancelling The Oresteia, in which this pleasure was reserved for the king's wife.

Brad Pitt, though first among equals in the gorgeous stakes and perfectly proficient at exuding arrogance, is much less good at murderous rage and would have been ideally cast as "beautiful, woman-crazy" Paris. Instead Orlando Bloom makes a painfully callow Trojan prince, and one could be forgiven for cheering at the thorough beating he takes off Brendan Gleeson's Menelaus. As for the obligatory RSC/Rada contingent, Cox plays Agamemnon to order as a heifer in bull's clothing, and O'Toole gives a succinct master-class in the kind of bearing and diction needed for films such as this. Amid a dog's breakfast of accents, Sean Bean's South Yorkshire Odysseus puts one fondly in mind of Tony Harrison, who has adapted Aeschylus and Euripides and could probably have given Benioff some good script notes.

Wolfgang Petersen makes a decent spectacle of both the massed battle scenes and the hand-to-hand combats; the Hector/Achilles clash is especially heavyweight. But dramatic scene after dramatic scene fails to take flight: too many face-to-face quarrels, flatly blocked and bluntly written. The costuming and production design are handsome, yet nothing looks worn or lived in. James Horner's score is entirely by-rote when the meaty action quota – not to mention all the lustrous manes of hair – might have been more rousingly scored by Metallica. Still, for 163 minutes Troy is never quite boring: you watch on, curious to see how they will wrap things up. After all, and whatever one thinks of the teller, this is still perhaps the greatest story ever told.

Ok now...am off to do some serious work..later yo:)

July 08, 2004

Film Production

I was just planning to get some ideas for a script and ended up finding something much more interesting. Here are six stages that one could find when it comes to film production.
1. Wild Enthusiasm
2. Total Confusion
3. Utter Despair
4. Search for the Guilty
5. Prosecution of the Innocent
6. Promotion of the Incompetent

Well…it is true.

July 06, 2004

There has to be a connection!!!

YO fellow tribe members and friends of the brotherhood.Am back
Haven;t had the time or the energy to sit and blog the past few days...GOT MY FIRST TATTOO done...Got this cute little greek symbol for luck and Love on my left arm and am just super thrilled...ALWAYS WANTED TO GET A TATTOO done and well now am just over the moon...
No water for two days...Well livin in chennai is not bad after all...It helps in some way or the other...Its slowly gettin to look like a real tattoo.
I actually wanted to have a tattoo of Pam anderson nude.But if only u had that option then half the world (fans of Baywatch) would have her image tattooed on their body. Hmmm comin to think of it..Hey I MISS BAYWATCH>>.hehehhehe..
Need to wait and see wat happens next...