January 13, 2007


Sun, music, road, screams, water, chai, smoke, beedis, vitamin tablets, warmth, metal, tamil, milestones, wheels, kannada, thoughts, dreams, expectations, care, engligh, sunsets, kms, maps, pit stops, home, shore, sand, beach, beer, babes, bikinis, towel, tattoos, fenny, food, beads, kurtas, sea food, smiles, friendly couple, photography, wonderland, emotions, love, friends, family, sms, miss you, wish you were here, long walks, truth, destiny, ogling, time, space, world, sleep, soul searching, and all the above over and over and over again!!!
That was Goa during New Years!! It was great, it was fun, charged my batteries and my senses (lost them too). It gives me a rush to sit down and write this post. This was something I should have done ages ago. This was something that I had always wanted to do. Travel and write about the thoughts in my head. I know am not doing justice to my thoughts or my trip, but nonetheless, am doing it and am happy doing it.

My life seems to have seen and experienced too many things in the last two months. Sorting things in my head, trying to search for a bigger truth, trying to understand the concept of my thoughts and actions, trying to seek a path and this journey has made me strong and I feel new and fresh. I have this sudden urge to step out and pass this feeling to everyone. To a few people in particular. I feel that am not the person who I was not so long ago. I have not changed; I am not different or indifferent, just that the transformation seems to have come at a time that was most needed. Guess I needed time on my own, guess I needed some space and a whole new start for bigger and better things to come and explore. The way the concept of life works is so wonderful, magic so to speak. The mystery of each moment as it unfolds, the images that it brings, the blocks that it seem to easily analyze and open, the strength of character that it can bring to a person is all so fascinating. I have always been sort of a thinker, I think for people around me, I think for family, I think for people who I work with, I think for friends who need help, I think for the person in the chai shop, I think for the house owner who wakes me up at 7 in the morning and ask for rent, I think. Strange that I say that now. Because I have always felt that thinking in injurious to health.

Am a dreamer. There are others who have said the same thing, long before I stepped into this world and am sure there will be a lot more people who would say the same thing in years to come. There is no end to the kind of things that your mind can think of or strive to achieve. Even while writing this post, all I feel like doing is have a smile on my face, music in my ears and smoke in my lungs. We are here in this world to play a part, and we are all special and different and as long as we play our parts and improvise along the way, there would be a natural high that we would feel. I want to live life, I want to live for the moment and I want to make an impact in the lives of many. Think am getting there and am sure I will get there.