September 30, 2004


" Hey, Wat is that? Is that Rain?
No. It's just GOD, havin a Bad Hangover,
Told Him,'Dude, Enough for the evenin',
But Motha Fucka, had another F16".....

OK. Me High..Me off...Wooohoooooooooo...
Happy Budday Appu....... who?

September 28, 2004


I was just takin my evenin stroll, Lookin at ppl on the road, heavy traffic, lookin how ppl have forgotten the art of smiling. When I heard the siren from an Ambulance in the distance, tellin everyone to "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY"..NOW.. I stopped to look and I saw it comin towards me. Twenty yards from me it swirved to the left tryin to avoid a car and the ambulance turned turtle..It was just like out a Hollywood movie..It was LOUD..It was out of the world, as I stood there with open mouth, the only thought( or wait, my first thought) in mind was...

DAMN!!! Wish I had my camera with me now..

Tell me..Am I normal? wat has happened to me?

September 23, 2004

Baygon Power

Baygon Power, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Ok After a stiff competition from the MERA NUMBER ONE ad from Neuro, here it advertising phenomenon..

cricket fans check THIS one.

September 17, 2004


vodka, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.
And the Oscar Goes to......
It took me the max amount of time to take this single snap. And well wat do u know, the hard work has paid off.

blue engine

blue engine, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

old woman and child

water engine

water engine, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Hello all u ppl. Well finally the pictres are out. These are some of the pics that I took during my trip to ooty a week back. And the ones I have posted here are my favs. There are tons of others too. But then really I don;t wanna crowd my world with all my pictures.

Check it out and well all the snaps have a copyright. buhahahahahah

September 12, 2004


kangaroo, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.
Well wat do u know. Is this wat they call the PRIDE OF AUSTRALIA? I think this is Hilarious beyond words. Been laughin my *BUTT* off ever since I saw this. Have this Huge grin on my face for hours on end now. Man!!!!Guess the guy who designed this saw more to this than just a DUST BIN...
Edited @ 2 In the Mornin: Well NOPE I don't google for 'Animal Porn' to get these Images..heheheheh
Edited After One Month: Strange to be addin this. But well here's a little something that would make a person really happy. But still I really hope that he would have READ my post first before accusing me of somethin..heheheh. Like I said..
*extract from the same post*
Been laughin my *BUTT* off ever since I saw this. Have this Huge grin on my face for hours on end now. Man!!!!Guess the guy who designed this saw more to this than just a DUST BIN...(hats off)

September 07, 2004

Nish U Rock!!!

The following incident is something that happened on acertain mumbai-hyd train trip to a rather unfortunate soul who happens to be my BESTEST FRIEND NISH.
The whole conversation that am presentin here is from Nishs' perspective...Sorry Nish...But then again, this is just tooooo all u ppl who read this...Cheers for NISH:)

This man in question deserves at least this mail as a tribute tohis never-say-die attitude. What a ROYAL pain in the ass....It's 12.25pm and five minutes before the train leaves the chatrapathi shivaji terminus in mumbai. I'msitting near the window and reading a spidey comic. This very rich looking dude walks in - silkshirt (in this heat!!) and some funny trousers (mayhave been sighted in the latest govinda movie) trolley suitcase in one hand,sophisticated-LG-colour-monitor-camera-incorporated-polyphonic-ringtonephone in the other. He looks around and then shoveshis suitcase underneath the seat.
Then he says "gaadikitne baje nikalthi hai?" to I don't know who becauseI don't answer that question. Then he says, "excuseme" and repeats the same question.
I say "paanchminute mein" and go back to my web slinger.
Then he starts yapping on the phone and the train eventuallymoves out of the station. The TC comes along and thisguy says,"I had RAC tickat butt now it is confarmed and my barth is 61", which pisses me offendlessly because it is MY berth which is 61. But Idecide to let the TC do the talking and he does tell him that he is on 59 and 61 belongs to oneMs.Nisha, at which point I hand over my tkt to the TC.The jerk goes,"Oh I am sorry. Are u also travalling to secunderabaad?" I say yes. Then the TCmoves on. There's nobody other than him and me in thecpt.
The conversations thereafter were something likethis -
J (jerk) : My name is Karthik Parekh and I belong tomumbai but I work in secunderabad. I am a gujarati. Myparents live in mumbai.
Me : ok.
J: Do u belong to secunderabad?
me: yes.
J: Is this ur first time in mumbai?
me: No.
J: why did u come?
me: on work.
J: So u work in mumbai?
me: No.
J: So what do you do? You look like a student.
me : I just finished my masters.
J: What is that?
(HORRORS!)me: MSc. It's a degree that one pursues afterbachelors. (dripping sarcasm)
J: So now u are going to wark?
me: No I'm going abroad for further studies.
J: I live alone so I mostly eat pizzas only. I get itfree most time! One time, he came one minute early, soI made him stand near the door and did chit chat andwasted time and then i told he came late! So he had togive discount! hehehehehhehehe!(all this while my eyes are still glued to my comicand am praying he gets the idea and shuts up.....noway....he's relentless. Some time goes by. I finish my comic and am scared to be doing nothing, soI start reading the next book - The curious incidentwith the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon, whichis relatively thicker than spidey and that offers me aLOT of consolation. Some more time goes by. Then....)
J: Yeh AC chaaloo hai kya?
me: patha nahi.
J: (funny laugh) You are a verry set persan no? Boletho, you don't talk and all. You only read your books
.me: Hmm.
J: I like talking (like duh?!?! I didn't notice atall!!) like I'm verry jolly and all. By the way, I'malso 22 like you. (somebody's been looking at the reservation pathetic can one get....)
me: (no response)
J: And I'm working for insurance company. I live in afour bedroom apartment in west marredpally. Where do ulive?
me: bowenpally. (lie)
J: So you are going abroad. Do u have medicalinsurance? i can help! hehehehe.
me: thanks I already have it.(the train stops - think the station was karjat orsome such name- and this guy says excuse me andrushes out. Comes back with some vada pav...)
J: Yeh aapke liye.
me: (flabbergasted) what?!
J : karjat mein sabse accha vada pav milta hai. Youmust try eh! Maharashtra special!
me: No thank you, I just had lunch.
J : (upset) no no please. I brought ispecially foryou. please eat.
me: No. Please don't force me. I don't accept anythingfrom strangers.
J: But... (then decides otherwise and shuts up. Sulks and goesand sits in the side berth and starts playing loudmusic on his phone. sidey hindi songs. I take advantage of the break and get the pillow and blanketdown and promptly doze off. Wake up at around 4 toappa's call on the mobile. See the jerk sleeping inthe adjacent lower berth. Relief. praying he doesn'twake up but he does. Oh no...)
J: Main so gaya tha.... (sheesh...can anyone get anylamer?!) Ven did u get up?
me : sometime back.At this point new TC walks in for second round ofchecking and I am desperate. I ask him about theavailability of another berth elsewhere.He asks why. Itell him I feel uncomfortable being near theentrance/exit. He checks and says no way sorry.Disappointment writ large on my face, but our villain doesn't get the idea. He's back as soon as TCleaves.
J: why u feel scared to be near the door eh? Don'tworry. Ac three tier is safe response.J: If u don't mind can I have your mobile number?
me: no. It's not my mobile.
J: Do u watch hindi movies?
me: No.
J: You must see Muddder (that's murder). Verrythriller movie. I vill tell story. In this mallikasherawat's husband is always doing business and not paying attention to her. So she meets her oldboyfriend from college and she has intercourse withhim. And then.. (SHEESH!!!!)

me: Please stop. I don't want to hear anymore. I'mtrying to read here, so if u don't mind PLEASE keepquiet.
J: ok ok. sorry.After that there was silence for quite some time. Thenthe train stops and I hear a knocking on my window.bloke's standing outside asking if I want chai! Some ppl don't give up!I nod no. I was asleep by8pm. Me..... Get off at begumpet station at 6am andthere's excuse me excuse me again...."Do u need alift? You can come with me in auto." Thankfully papahad come and I just mumbled no thanks and ran to thesafety of my dad's shadow. All of you are thereby forewarned - never to travelin the hyd-mumbai, mumbai-hyd circuit alone again There are creatures waiting toprey on your unsuspecting brain and suck the marrowout. are these the aliens the x-files warned us about?I wonder.... And if any of the persons reading thismail are friends with or even KNOW the Karthik Parekh in question, please don't EVER bother visiting my blog again. I don't know you! and if this blog comes intothe hands of the jerk, here's something NISH should'vetold u on the train - YOU SUCK!

And for surviving that Train journey and not losing ur cool and kickin the livin daylites out of him, NISH..I award U the most coveted trophy....A GMAIL INVITE:) U ROCK

September 06, 2004


LordOfTheBling, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

It is everywhere, books, movies and even on cartoon network. So I thought why not on MTV or channel[V].
So after some serious searching, here it goes.

Ladies And worms.... I present to you,THE LORD OF THE BLINGS!!!

September 02, 2004

Home Sweet Home!!!

Three flat tyres in one day and an air lock later, I’m finally home. Agency work, Radio, College and family commitments were all just getting to me and this break I thought was long overdue, and Am real glad that I took it. Ooty was freezing and to think that its only september now and winter actually hasn’t quite set in is simply amazing, being in chennai for the past two nears didn’t help either. Did the usual thing, went to a few places were almost all of India go to. And in the evenings in the comfort of the room that we were in( We= my classmates from college) it was time to keep warm, and well wat better way than just sit and smoke and drink. Sometimes life can be real easy and smooth, just sit and talk all nite, laugh your butt off and just sing. Hmm, my batteries really needed that. I made it a point not to check my mails and use my phone in the four days that I was there. Its amazing to know how much man has been taken over, literally by technology in everything he does. Well this time I got the better of technology.
My class is totally screwed up, have been having a tough time with a bunch of sleaze balls, its hard to just go to class and see their lousy faces first thing in the mornin, but I guess they would remain to be that way until they GROW UP. But other than that, this trip got me closer to a different set of people from my class, and it was a laugh riot every nite when all of us sat down over a bottle of RUM & DHUM. heheheh.
All my friends had to catch the train back to chennai from Coimbatore last nite and since the train was in the nite, I decided to invite all of them home for lunch. We were plannin to take that lousy van that we were using for four days there in ooty and well planned to start off from ooty at 10 but ended up leavin the place at 12 thanx to a flat tyre. Half an hour into the journey the van had an Air Lock, these guys are crazy, the van was a real piece of crap and there was nothing appealing bout it. Got the air lock sorted out and we were driving down the bends and then there it was the second flat of the day. NO STEPNEY!! And we were stuck for nearly three hours on the road and like they say, when it starts raining it pours, the Governor was taking a vacation to ooty and since he was coming they had blocked all the vehicles from going up and down the hill for him to have a clear road. DAMN! I hate these politicians and people at power. Got the van moving again and well You woudn’t believe it, five minutes later there it was the THIRD FLAT of the day. I was annoyed, it was 4:30 in the evening and we had travelled just 25 kms from ooty. By the time we got it fixed and came to coimbatore it was 7:30 and so we didn’t have any time to go to my house. Went to the Railway station and dropped all of them there and returned home.What a day…but then after all that, it was just awesome to have some FILTER COFFEE that amma made for me and I slept like a log. Ahhhhh! Absolute Bliss.

YOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I HAVE A GMAIL account now. Anyone need an invite?