July 01, 2008

Love at the tenth second

It's raining outside. The gentle drizzle that began a little while ago has turned into rain.

It was quiet a little while ago. But the amount of people that trickled into the coffee shop ensured the silence was broken.

I was hungry. The coffee and the burger ensured that my hunger was satisfied.

The ashtray was empty. The cigarettes that were smoked ensured there was ash and cigarette butts all over.

The wallet had some change. The little beggar kid on the road ensured that I ran out of them.

The streets are wet, the place is packed, the hunger is gone, the ashtray is full and there is no money.

As I continue staring at the cursor on my screen, I see a pattern. A pattern that has happened before. A pattern that will happen again. I smile to myself, look around and see the faces around me. Some immersed behind their long locks and their mobile phone. Some glaring straight back at me and a couple of faces even staring at my screen. A little kid walks upto me and asks for a matchbox. I look at her innocent face and wonder why would someone send a little girl to my table to ask for a matchbox. "Unbelievable retards", I curse between my breath and smile at this little girl. Her eyes were lovely. They were wide open. It was round, with a slight shade of green. I could see myself in those eyes. I could get lost looking at them. I bend down and go on my knees. I put my hand out to her and ask her name. "Ananya", she said with a few fingers in her mouth and drawing patterns on the concrete floor with her tiny toes. I lift Ananya up and ask her, "would you like to sit with me for a little while"? She smiled. A smile so radiant, I was in love. It was love at the tenth second. I heard someone call her name. I turned around with Ananya in my arms, to see a table with four people smiling as they sipped on their coffee. I smile back. One person got up. I didn't want him to come and take my love away from me. Not so soon atleast. The man walked upto me. He said, "Is she being a brat?". Brat? I thought. No way. She was being the angel she is. I smiled. "You can have her. But would you by any chance have a matchbox?". I was thinking, I would give you the matchbox, would you give her to me? I wanted to give everything I had and just walk away carrying Ananya in my arms. I was thinking where I would take her. I was thinking about the conversations we would be having. I was thinking bout the rhymes that I could share with her that I learnt back in school. I was thinking about... "The matchbox", the voice said and burst my bubble. I offered the box and continued to look at the innocent smile of my love. The man walked away leaving her with me. I thanked my stars.

She kept looking at me. She kept smiling. I kept looking at her and I was smiling too. Ananya, felt there was no need to talk. We spoke a new language. Silence.

She took my phone that was lying on the table and asked me what it was. I told her it was a cellphone and you could talk to people with it. With her sweet voice, she said "I thought you speak with your mouth". I loved her even more. Pretty, Sweet, Radiant, Intelligent and a sense of humor. It was all too beautiful. "My papa has one too," she said. I asked her what her papa had. She pointed at my phone. I didn't know what to say, so I smiled again. She found that funny. Guess she had never seen someone who was smiling so much. She didn't know the spell she had cast on me. "Do you have a motobike", she asked me. I bent down and took my huge astronaut's helmet and showed it to her. I was too proud of it. I wanted to impress her. It was our first date after all. She saw the helmet and she saw me and chuckled. I was conscious now. She didn't like the helmet? She doesn't like the shape of my head? Relax man it's just a little girl, I quickly told myself.

Her papa came again. Placed the matchbox on my table and came close to Ananya and lifted her away from me. He smiled again and walked away. As I watched my love being taken away from me, I felt a sinking feeling. I could see her jet black hair and her head bobbing up and down while her papa walked away. As she came to the gate, she turned back. Her eyes met mine, it felt like time just froze. She smiled and blew me a kiss. It was love at the ninetyeth second for her.


Rainbow said...

Ah...a very sweet post

Meena Venkataraman said...


arvindiyer said...

To Rainbow..
Thanks a lot:) And welcome to my blog.

To Meena..
Danks Madam:)

Animated Junk said...

Its amazing.
i liked the wat u hav put down there. simple sweet feel.

arvindiyer said...

To Animated Junk..
Thanks a lot. With a muse like that, I should have written poetry and not a story:)

Animated Junk said...

write one now... its not too late after all

arvindiyer said...

To Animated Junk..
Oh yea I agree.. there is always time to write poetry.. Just keep watchin this space;)

Anonymous said...

Got your link from Aswana's blogroll! Fantastic post man; and not just because it has my namesake ;)

arvindiyer said...

To Ananya..

Hey thanks a lot for the comment and nice to see u here:) How have you been?