January 17, 2006


A New Year has dawned, and life has been just the same. The routine continues. Wake up bleary eyed from the previous days mayhem. Every muscle in the body is aching and crying out so loud and wants to be heard. It needs to escape from reality and get to a world of its own - Dont see it happening anytime soon though.

Every time I go home the feeling is just absofreakinlutely (copyright) wonderful. The weather, the chillness in the air, the warmth from my parents. The feeling of going back home, getting pampered and over fed. Getting coffee at the snap of a finger or sometimes not even have to do that. The smiles, the happiness is just such a wonderful experience in itself. Havent been home in almost three months. The love is still the same, my room looks still the same, the smell just the same, the old blanket left in one corner is neatly folded and kept ready for me to come there and go plonk on the bed. My mobile phone is on silent, not that I dont want to hear from anyone. But I want to hear from the ones who mean to me. Ones who are special and for the others, well they can wait. Work can wait. Life can wait.

Spending time with my parents and my brothers is always rejuvenating. The conversations always remain so fresh in my mind even after ages. Drove down from banglore to coimbatore. The drive was simply amazing. Drove 350 odd kms in the night. The silence is eerie. The flashlights from oncoming vehicles are the only annoying factor from time to time. Ever had the feeling when your mind is so full of thoughts and you still feel empty – Happy? Thats wat happens to me every time I go home.

Managed another amazing padhayaathrai a spiritual walk to a mountain temple during this trip. Pongal with family always brings a smile on my face and this year was no different. Eating all the goodies that mom prepared, sitting with the coolest grand mom ever and discussing cricket strategies. Greg chappels mistakes, Pakistanis moves and the Indian batsmens reply. She would any day be the most effective coach any cricket team could ask for. And during the break she would sit with her electronic sudoku gadget, listening to Sudha Raghunathans keerthanai in Aadhi thalam. Its a treat to watch. I love u Paati.

The walk to Giri temple was a life altering trip. Six of us, all family set out from our house at 5 in the morning. A 4 am alarm got the gang moving. The only thought in our minds being the shiva alone. Nothing else. Totally blank. Any time we visit a temple, we have a list of things to ask, a list of items to request, thank yous to be said. But after climbin the seven hills to reach the top, when we were sitting next to the shiva linga, the weather is freezing. One wont believe that this place is only 30 kms from my house and its freezing any day of the year. Ice particles would form on the face. The wind is so strong, it pierces the skin, you have to walk through clouds, the mist is strong. The journey magical. It can not be explained in words. It is a feeling that one has to experience and even then to each his own. Immersed in thoughts. But still so totally blank. A weird feeling to be in, but we all love it. That’s why we do this often as and when we can. The prayer went on well and none of us had anything to ask the lord. But all of us had a totally satisfied look, content beyond any words could explain.
Bhole Naath.
Now am back in Bangalore. Smiling, happy and content. Full of energy. Fully recharged. Ready to face anything that comes my way.

January 06, 2006


Shining away above the transparent skies
A disc, cruising along the highway of hell

Radiating sparks of sorrow and fumes of passion
Arresting my senses as I gasp for air

Crooked images of reality
Targeting inches of my dark desires

The sharpness protruding my skin
As I wallow in pain - Alone... Lost....

I asked for Peace
Before the Green Being blew me to Pieces.........

"Conversation with an Alien"