February 06, 2005

Natural Shades

"Walking along the desolate stretch of tawny beige sand
Lining the vast expanse of turquoise blue sea
I watched the spumy clouds cradle the ivory moon and
The crimson ball with its copper pink and molten red ray
Go down the horizon.

While the waters presented a dazzling show
When fulvous yellow turned into fuscous orange
Hazel brown poured into scarlet red
Myrtle green melted into puce orange and
Gentian violet blended with misty mauve
The spectacle continued till the losing and reforming patterns of platinum and silver

Engulfed the velvet darkness and
Welcomed the azure sky."

There are so many things that happen in life. One day we wake up to the news of the tsunami and the next day we are back to living our life , like how we used to before. But for me life has become much more meaningful after 26 dec. I look at life in a much different perspective than I ever dreamt of. I have been busy with shooting for a launch promo for a new show that the channel is plannin to come up with. So I was out all over chennai the last couple of days. saw a lot of things, did a lot of work, we had plans of shooting a few shots in the beach. Went up to a fishermen's hamlet on the way to mahabalipuram and we had the shoot there. Sittin there with the local villagers and talkin bout their experience of the tsunami brought back a cold shiver down my spine. How difficult it must have been for them, and how it would take a lifetime for them to get out of the shock completely. But I saw how beautiful the beach was. It was calm, there was silence everywhere..My crew called the silence an EERIE silence. The beach always had that silence. That's why I enjoy my walk in the beach. As I was sittin there, movin away from the crew, the ppl and sittin in the sand, lookin at the horizon, my mind raced a million races with life. I could see flashes of a things to come. ppl in my life, I remembered ppl who mean somethin to me. I was just engulfed by the whole surrounding. It was magic. It was mystic, it was simply breathtaking.
Life is too precious. And I know the value of life now..and I know the value of my life more than anything else now!!!

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