September 30, 2005

Point Blank

*The setting was a coffee shop normally filled with ppl except on this fateful day*
Three couples spread across the area, in all the corners, whispering sweet nothings and sippin coffee and other colored drink. And the Lean Dude, sittin alone in a table after attending an interview that went pretty damn well.

I order for my cappucino and wait while I light a cig and slowly take a drag and experience the smoke filling my lungs. My coffee is on the table, I take a sip and look at my phone that was lying on the table, after I hear two beeps signalling an sms. I was typing a reply, when I see a person walking in front of me and stopping rite in front of my face. I was still too busy sending a reply when I see the man, lifting his shirt and pointing his finger to the top of his trouser. *what I saw next was something i have read bout it in a lot of books and seen in a lot of hollywood flicks. A pistol was hanging loose from his trouser. Then I looked up to see a man in his mid thirties, hair pressed closely to his scalp, oily and with a huge brown shades covering has his face. Clean shaven- dark brown skin tone wearing a white kurta material shirt and jeans. I looked at his face and this was what happened the next five mts.

Me: *Having no clue and no expression. Looks at his face.
Him: What the F**K are u looking at?
Me: No expression.
Him: This is a .93 calibre. F**ker, I don't like ppl lookin at me (all this in broken english)
Me: *thinkin to myself..WHen DID I EVER LOOK AT U IN THE FIRST PLACE. U were the one who came and lifted ur shirt and showed me the gun*
Him: You think your cool? F**ker. I don't like ppl who try to look cool. I don't like long hair.
*sayin this, he walks upto me and sits next to me on the chair*
Him: I am D's gang member in B'lore. I don't like ppl lookin at me.
*Can smell booze. This guy is pissed drunk and has a gun*
ME: OK. *Don't have a clue as to how to react and Was not scared* Was thinkin this was all some was looking around for a car or a corner with a camera shooting this whole thing for some television show or something.
Him: Hey, stop looking. Do u wanna get up without a sound and leave now or do u wanna die here in the coffee shop? *sayin this, the man takes his hands to the gun and shows the gun to me again*
Me: *takes another drag from my cig and sips on my coffee..wonderin what the hell is wrong with him and the others, who all seem to be enjoyin their afternoon with their coffee*
Him: U will die if you look at me again. *Gets up, goes to the table behind mine and sits there and orders for coffee*
Me: *Makes sure I don't turn back and get a drunk man with a gun really pissed off*
Him: *Sits behind me and shouts to the guy in the shop to get his coffee and also buy a packet of cigs for him*

*after bout ten mts...with him sittin behind me..I was replayin the whole scene in my head, while drinkin my coffee*
ME: *Finishes my cup...gets up to pay for my coffee. Pays up and when coming out, dare to look at the man again*
Him: *smokin and drinking coffee, and looks at me* STARES BLANK on my face
ME: *continues to walk and does with out having a bullet up my head*

And I thought having a coffee at 12:30 in the afternoon in this city was a joy.


Sam said...

You kidding me??!!

arvindiyer said...

To Sam..

Well I wish I was.. but then again, am not. It really happened.. To think bout it actually glad that am alive to talk bout this:)