August 27, 2004

Goin to cool my heels off!!!!

PPl...ppl ...ppl...too many things been happenin in my life. Came back from coimbatore, had so much work to catch up with and well college sucks as usual.Well not college..but maybe the ppl there..
SO decided to just take a break for a week from everything and go cool my heels off for a while..So will be back and then will be postin for all the days that I have missed bloggin...
Some nice ppl have asked me if I was ok, since they never saw a new post from me..and some also have called me names in my yahoo messenger...For the nice ppl and the other sleaze balls...
Been readin all ur posts though and I will back with a BANG!!
Peace and have a wonderful weekend and the next week...
MISS ME? ( am I askin for too much?)

August 20, 2004

IN THE END!!!!!!

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Its weekend already and its time to PARTAI...well most of u it is...not for me..there has been a sudden tragedy in my house and Am goin to coimbatore to attend the funeral of my Periyamma...Sad to hear the news, but on the other hand she was sufferin for a really long time from Breast cancer, brain tumor and I really feel she would be happier this way. May her soul Rest In Peace........

Wat is the world upto? All the trains...all the buses to coimbatore (cbe) are all full...HAlf the world seems to be goin to cbe this weekend and the other half is already in cbe. Hmmm..I guess I would just go to the bus stand tonite and get into some Shitty bus and reach home morrow...THis is more of a personal promise for my dad..because a year back my dad's brother died in a car accident and at that time I was in b'lore doin my internship in an ad agency..I couldn't make it at that time and now this time round, its his wife( my periyamma) who's dead and am stuck in chennai with college and work..But then I WANT TO GO..I want to be there..Just to look into the eyes of my dad and tell him...IT's ALL GOIN TO BE OK.....

August 17, 2004


Rathore, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

WOW...Finally a medal for India in the Athens olympics..I was just beginnin to lose hope:(
Ace Indian shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore provided the silver lining to India's dismal showing at the Athens Olympics when he finished second in the final of the men's double-trap shooting event at the 28th Olympic Games.

The 34-year-old army major's score of 179 (135 in qualifying and 44 in the final round) gave him the silver medal, India's first individual silver ever at the Olympics.. (thanx Meera:P)

The only other athletes to ever win individual medals for India at the Olympics are Khashba Jadhav, in the 1952 Helsinki Games, Leander Paes, at Atlanta in 1996, and Karnam Malleshwari, in Sydney 2000. All won bronze medals

Hmm...with the medals column slowly looking good...All I ever hope is for Hesh and Paes to come up with another medal..


August 15, 2004


INDIAN fLAG, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

I must have heard this song a number of times over the years..But everytime I hear this somewhere, I feel so happy and I cherish wat this amazing country has blessed me with:)...

Jai Hind:)

August 14, 2004


holy, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Hey there All u Blog Heads!!heheheh

This is a post to just get ur spirits goin and Boilin..weekend and all, so just WAKE UP and Party hard...*check out Little Buddha and Lord Muruga:) wat were they thinkin when they designed this?

Disclaimer:The images are just merely an attempt to boost the spirits of yound bloggers and in no way responsible for any after effects..and for all the lovely women who read my blogs... Smile away :)



holy1, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Well this is wat I would call..... HOLY COW:)
Designers sure are gettin religious these days...MAN...and sure are strong with their ETHICS!!!

And to think that they make millions with stuff like this..

August 11, 2004

Costly Adieu...

Just came back after seeing Off NISH , in the Railway station, she's gettin back to HYd.. All my life I must have been to the railway station, @least half a million times, and I'm still awe struck everytime I see a train...
Oh God Dammit...Why am I being Nice here..AM pissed off....really ..REALLY pissed off. I always get the platform ticket when I go to the station and today since we were runnin a little late, I just parked my car and we rushed to the platform..The train was standin there and we just about managed to catch the train..Between all this I also had to get some stuff for her travel, so that she has a comfortable journey...So there just was NO TIME to get the platform ticket...I was seriously plannin to get the ticket once the train leaves....:(

The train started to move...she was visibly upset that she was leavin..(well ok now I'm goin to get a kick in the butt for that..) she left and I was walkin towards the exit to get the ticket..WHEN TO MY HORROR>>THERE WERE THREE PPL CHECKIN THE CROWD FOR PLATFORM TICKETS...I mean they never- ever- are there in the station to check...I would get the ticket, drop someone off and then leave..I would chuck the ticket outside before gettin back home..that was the routine everytime I go...and there these ppl were checkin tickets...
I was zapped...Felt soooo terrible...This guy walks upto me and asked me for the ticket..I told him I was runnin late and so I haven't bought the ticket..(*FEELIN SOOOOOO SICK...)
He was like...

Asshole:No no ...No ticket fine 360Rs..or court money payin, then 1000rs. So pay now for me
ME: Well sorry bout this..I don;t have money with me
Asshole: Well, I don;t 360 know wat u feeling
ME: well, I really don't have that much with me..I have just a 100 on me..
Asshole: Show me ur wallet...(and started holdin my hand)
ME: (very cheesed off with that...) I really don;t like u seeing my wallet...
Ass: *now gettin really annoyed...) Sir..No money now..then pay money in court..
ME: well I have only 100, nothin more...
Ass: well, OK ..I like u..I believe u..*(and then he gives me a concession...Bas****)
ME: 100? is that ok?
Ass: Ok only 250..I will give u a receipt..(*and he gives me one*)
ME: (by now was furious...Took the receipt and paid him 150...)
Ass: Well money..
ME: Sorry no money..Am broke..
Ass: BIll...* and he left..

(Some part of the conv is censored...coz he was being a Pain in the ass)

GRRRRRR>...I wanna kill that asshole...I mean, I could have atleast given this money for charity.. Now this is sheer waste of money..and F**K this is the first time I didn;t get a platform ticket.. Ahhh., the way that I spend my money...too bad...

Now I don;t know why am sad...That NISH left or I had to pay a complete Ch***h.
A real costly good bye....!!!!!!!!!!

August 09, 2004


Feelin Low, really low..Sometimes it just happens, u never really know wats rong, but you still feel like a worthless piece of S***

Weekend was nice. Was an unpaid Chauffer, Had to go to the railway station and the Airport half a dozen times... Things not the same with someone I know, really don;t know wat the Hell is happenin..This world has stopped smilin. Last nite I was standin in the Airport waitin to pick someone and well of the hundred odd ppl standin there, only three ppl were smilin, A little kid, who was happy to have two ice creams in one hand and Nish , who had come to the Airport with me and Urs truly who was bein a complete clown as usual. Grumpy faces, Rude faces, Arrogant woman with her husband...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Guess all the negative energy has been transferred onto me...


The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky:
a man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers
but awakes to a morning with no reason for waking

He's haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
in his youth or a dream, he can't be precise
he's chained forever to a world that's departed
It's not enough, It's not enough

His blood has frozen & curled with fright
his knees have trembled & given way in the night
his hand has weakened at the moment of truth
his step has faltered

One world, one soul
Time pass, the river roll

And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication
and silent replies that swirl invitation
flow dark and troubled to any oily sea
a grim intimation of what is to be

There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night
and there's dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
and silence that speaks so much louder than words
of promises broken

August 06, 2004

Day of SUPRISES!!!

It's really strange when u think bout the happenings in life.. Here I was Totally broke, for the past three weeks( the packet of beedi's that I got for the four rupees that I had, also got over this mornin) and I was just thinkin wat I was goin to do this weekend..
Damn, Murphy's Law is just too creepy @ times.

"When You are Absolutely Broke, Thou Shall Have All The Concerts, Dance Shows and Special Events happenin in the Town, And You are Just a silent observer cursing your stars".....

OK,Moving away from Murphy's Law. Yea I was talkin about suprises..This is wat happened today.
I get this call from the Agency where I work, and they wanted me to come and see them rite away. So I quickly finished my lunch and ran to office..Well We had a client meeting and after the meetin got over, the guys at work tell me that there is lots of work happenin for the next few weeks and I better get ready for it..( I was happy that there is work, but then I wanted some money to just charge my batteries) I guess it showed on my face...SO these guys just called me in and gave me a cheque for 3000Rs, with these words...DUDE....IT'S ABOUT TIME WE PAID YOU...CHEERS>..and SORRY BOUT THE DELAY!!!! I luv these guys..hehehehhe

SO the whole evenin was just fab, I kept gazing at the cheque and was dancing away to glory.Came home and Was havin coffee, when my phone rings again...


Two Penny called...It was a major suprise..Poor guy, he;s really busy HOUSE HUNTING..just wish I can find a nice comfy place for him..spoke for nearly 6 mts and 46 seconds..

There's a dance show happenin morrow, so I guess I would go there...

August 04, 2004

Creativity @ its Peak!!

mouse, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

I was just readin a few blogs of my friends, when I came upon this pic in candy's Blog..(thanx a bunch candy, sorry am usin it here) well then, I thought I could make a commercial out of this...

OK here goes...
PENTIUM 4 COMPUTER WITH 40GB hard disk - 50,000 Rs
Brown Classy Computer table - 8,000 Rs
Sify Broadband Internet connection- 1500 Rs
A bottle of Vodka - 200 Rs

Totally drunk watchin porn on the Internet, tryin a position of ur own. - PRICELESS!!!!!


August 03, 2004


I have four rupees and 75 paise in my wallet ( not sure why I still bother to carry one). Can anythng be more pathetic in life? I mean...LOOK AT ME? Wat do U see???????

Edited 2 minutes later:
Sincere comments welcome!!