December 30, 2004

If only life were this good.......

I'm a Mediterranean kinda guy. I have long black hair, love beer , red wine and cheese and I know more about sports and entertainment than about Indian epics. And I wake up about four hours before the west does. Which can be a bit of a problem when One lives in Bangalore.

A gracious Providence has surrounded me with people who understand: bosses who permit me to start my day a few hours after everyone else; clients who considerately ask only for afternoon or evening meetings;friends for whom my presence is the provider of many witty one liners ( and they think nothing of calling me at 2 a.m because I'm the only one guaranteed to be both awake and alone at that hour.) girlfriends who...come to think of it, there haven't been that many. hmmm...Wonder why?

My awkward biological clock, a pathological dislike of crowds, have, while ensuring that I have a laughable social life, made me something of an expert on getting home in the wee hours, on the cheap.

So, last trains, last buses...they have become my lifeline, ferrying me back from the radio stations, television channels and ad agencies where I have worked over the years, rocketing up the silent length of this stretched out city to my bed. But I write here of buses. And its not because I love trains less, but that I love buses more.

Trains I use when I travel, not when I commute. There is romance in the sound and rythm of a train chugging through the night, long deep whistle blowing, strange stations with different local flavours of sweet tea and terrible coffee..

Trains get me home faster in this city, but when I look out between stations, my eyes pass over the same things they would have seen at more respectable times, only darker. And the stations are lonely enough to break your heart. In a local bus, however, things change in the night.

As you wait for them, you have company. A bus stop is a fraction of the size of the train station, so you are in closer proximity to your travelling companions.
Beside you, mill workers stand silently, tired, second- shift men with blank eyes. Next to them, boy-men in black trousers and white shirts smoke cigarettes, laughing as they dissect the evening happenings of the place they work in. Perched on the railings a pair of college kids self-consciously hold hands, whispering to each other, and you can bet they are not talking about the late show they just didn't watch. Off to the side, two waitresses from a coffee pub(they always travel in pairs) , chatter like exotic tropical birds, ignoring with practised ease the male eyes that strip them of their gaudy plumage. Drooping against the slim metal pillars of the bus stop, a young couple, a sleeping toddler in his arms, hers weighed down with a large bag, balance the temptation of the taxi that waits invitingly a few feet away against the straightjacket of the monthly budget.

And a bus arrives, its engine sound unrecognisable from its peak hour grumbling and muttering of white Maruti 800s.Now it roars impatiently, complaining about the length of time your taking to get in.

The Bus is in motion now, and the engine shrieks and bellows, like a class of adolescent schoolboys, voices breaking, greeting the last bell of the last period of the last day of term. It races joyously through the night, double rings from the conductor pushing it past deserted bus stops, hurdling speed breakers, vaulting potholes, its rattling windows joining the symphony of loose rivets, while a solo horn raises its voice above the din to tell the world to GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW!!!

Don't fall asleep unless you're a regular whom the conductor will wake up. Its your stop now. Move to the back of the bus, and quickly. The bus slows, you're expected to jump off, not impede its progress by waiting for it to come to a complete halt. And as your feet touch the ground, it speeds away, making rude jokes to itself about your lack of atheleticism.

And you wish you had one measly glass slipper to throw at the baying mongrels that serenade your slow trudge home.

And when its really, really, late? Heck, just hang around and keep doing whatever it is thats kept you away from home till now. In just a few hours, the city will wake up again. Way before the su
n comes up, ther'll be the first trains, the first buses..............

My first ever post.... And have put it up again..Life has come a full circle, have done a lot of things, have met a lot of new ppl, just a symbolic way of sayin, this started it all..


December 26, 2004

Chennai ROCKS!!!

Scene 1:
ECU of my uncle lookin flushed, tryin desperately to wake me up..
camera zooms down to Me. Dazed after a loooong nite, slept only at about 4 in the mornin and It is NOT fun to wake up at 6 especially on a sunday.

Scene 2:
There is an earthquake, so step out of the house(VO of my unc)
Earthquake yea rite. (Vo Of moi- so young and so angry)
*rubbin my eys I walk gently up to the living room. Wonder of all wonders......

Scene 3:
Camera pans the whole room. The cd case on the corner of the room is swayin like a pendulum. The Tv is shaking. The key chain is swinging wildly. The floor is shakin under the cam. It really is an earthquake. And NO AM NOT DRUNK!!!!

Scene 4:
Step out of the house(Living on the 7th floor is not much fun at this point of time) Steady cam follows everyone gettin out of the house. Men, women and kids - Bleary eyed on a sunday-various stages of NIGHT CLOTHING. Most of them still wondering if the vodka and beer they had the previous nite had to do something-and if yes..They sure aren't the only one feelin a little .errr...SHAKY!!

Scene 5:
The apartment folks are all down. And No there is no Tea-coffee- samosas happenin. Camera zooms to every single individual. They all share their experience or their VERSION of the earthquake.

Scene 6:
ECU of the Lean dude..ALrite...CHENNAI ROCKS>>>

Edited@12 noon
HOLY MOTHER!! The intensity of the quake has hit me now..The coast line is almost in shatters..The huts near the beach have all been gutted and ppl are on the roads. I went out with a few friends to see wat has happened. Ambulances, cops..Tensed ppl and yea also a few dead bodies too..And well Now I really don't know wat's happened. Nature's fury is somethin that is soooooo powerful. All of us are mere mute spectators. There is water on the road, near the beach. There is chaos happenin on the roads. For the next two days, chennai has a LOT of cleanin up to do..
Edited@9 in the evening
Been watchin all the news channels possible, talkin to most of my friends who are spread out in chennai. Things are looking really really sad. The whole city is feelin dazed from the day's happenings.Went to the beach road tryin to be a part of the relief measures. Was initially kicked out by the cops, rushed home took my coll id and also my office Id and tried to get to the point to see if I could be a part of some help, This time they were polite but still asked me to leave the place. The whole beach area-all roads and paths have been cordoned off. And I hear this would be the case for the next two days. Casualities are increasin and it's already come down to 300 in chennai alone..and more than 3000 in Tamil Nadu. Have been attending phone calls and replyin to mails all day. Feels nice to see soo many ppl around u who care. For all the ppl who have been callin and messagin and commentin on this post..Thanx...You rock my world and not this Earthquake....

RELIEF OPERATIONS...Feel free to help in any way possible.....
Am pretty sure all of you must be readin the papers and other news reports and should be havin a pretty decent idea as to wat needs to be done and wat to do...But well am also givin u some more info on wat one needs to do if they have the heart to help. Any which way possible..There are a LOT of ppl who have the heart to help and the urge to as well. And well With the help of a really amazing person am sendin u a link where you could go and find out more on wat needs to be done.
check that website and get all the info possible..they also have a toll free number

And here's another place where one could go and check out too.
For anyone, who is wondering about what they can do to help.Please Goto

*And though there are a lot of other sources who are comin fwd to help too, the authenticity is not really clear. So I would also advice u to take a note before offerin to help. *

A silent prayer for all the casualities and the ppl who have gone missin.

December 25, 2004

Love In The Asylum....

A stranger has come
To share my room in the house not right in the head,
A girl mad as birds
Bolting the night of the door with her arm her plume.
Strait in the mazed bed
She deludes the heaven-proof house with entering clouds
Yet she deludes with walking the nightmarish room,
At large as the dead,
Or rides the imagined oceans of the male wards.
She has come possessed
Who admits the delusive light through the bouncing wall,
Possessed by the skies
She sleeps in the narrow trough yet she walks the dust
Yet raves at her will
On the madhouse boards worn thin by my walking tears.
And taken by light in her arms at long and dear last
I may without fail
Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars.

December 23, 2004

Ethics...Morals..and Great souls..The debate continues...

Before you actually sit down to read this post, am pretty sure all of u must have read the title.."Don't hit me"..this is not to start another debate.not to get ppl charged up..but just a small note to make ppl understand a few basic concepts in life...namely..Ethics, Morals and values. The past few weeks have seen mind boggling and mind bloggling facts being revealed and STRIPPED>.too many things have been happenin and we are all just mere spectators. And in the past few weeks, MEDIA has had a field day everyday and they sure seem to be in PEAK FORM. Being a media guy myself, sometimes it disgusts me to see all that is happenin in the world in the context of media and in the pretext of providing news.

Papers are full of this crap, Television channels are soo full of this sh*T...Internet is just the medium that the whole thing thrives on.Blogworld is not spared either. But after goin thro all this, I have a staunch feelin that if a few interesting ppl who I know and who I have known over a period time in the blog world enter media, then I guess there could be a revolution that could be initiated that no one could even think of.
And to all those ppl who have taken a moral stand on all the issues happenin recently, and who have made it clear in their respective blogs..well this post is a small dedication and I just have to say that It's good to be a regular reader of ur blogs and well we need more ppl like u. *stands up and raises a toast*
Here are some very interestin and wonderfully written posts bout all the latest happenings that have rocked the world and shocked the nation...

"The argument begins and continues"- by Ramya..great job!!
"My brain has been busy" by Xcentric..worth a debate..kudos dude.

And to the many many others, who have written about it, and who I haven;t read or mentioned here.If there is a post that you would like others to read plss leave the link on the comments section.
To send a msg across to make a difference and not just merely to get their comments section rolling...This post is for u.Cheers and it is with ppl like u, that I could still have my chin up and say...
"Ethics...Morals..and Great souls...Oh yea..they still exist.."

December 19, 2004

Bullah! to me, I am not known

Bulla, what do I know who I am?
I'm not a Hindu,
I'm not a Turkish/dweller of Peshawar,
I'm not a Muslim.
I haven't killed my brother,I didn't drink the blood of an infant,
I never beheaded an animal.
I never saw a God who told meTo do all these things in his name.
Bulla, what do I know who I am?

I have always been a sucker for good music. All genres, all languages(does music really need/have a language?) IT doesn’t happen often in Indian popular non-film music, but whenever you hear a voice that stirs you, you simply go ga-ga.

Rabbi Shergill has one such voice. And I must say "WHAT A VOICE".close ur eyes and listen to the songs and u are just in a completely different world. A world that is tranquil, a world that is peaceful and at the same time a world that is just simply breathtaking.

The songs are in Punjabi, but that shouldn’t deter those who don’t follow the language.Have been listenin to this one particular song for a while now and with each day the song is just more and more amazing. The video for the song sure adds more to the complete feel of the song.The translation of the song that runs throghout the song and the striking visuals. Any young cinematographers and students who want to make a music video..WATCH THIS SONG. WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN...

Bullah! to me, I am not known
Not in the holy Vedas, am I Nor in opium, neither in wine

Not in the drunkard`s craze -Niether awake, nor in a sleeping daze
Bullah! to me, I am not known
In happiness nor in sorrow, am I Neither clean, nor a filthy mire

Not from water, nor from earthNeither fire, nor from air, is my birth
Bullah! to me, I am not known
Not an Arab, nor LahoriNeither Hindi, nor NagauriHindu, Turk (Muslim), nor PeshawariNor do I live in Nadaun
Bullah! to me, I am not known
Secrets of religion, I have not knownFrom Adam and Eve, I am not bornI am not the name I assumeNot in stillness, nor on the move
Bullah! to me, I am not known
I am the first, I am the lastNone other, have I ever knownI am the wisest of them allBullah! do I stand alone?
Bullah! to me, I am not known

December 12, 2004

Fuellin My EGO!!

Things have been rather good lately and life could be slightly better, but no complaints as such. Work has been good too. The post production works are over and the promos have hit the screens. The show as such has got a pretty nice response and I think my promos had a little somethin to do bout that.
My results are out.And Yes....My hard work(yea rite!!) has paid off..I cleared all the papers and wat more, second rank in uni..Not bad!(*Bows before the few kind, sweet souls who are smilin now and applaudin*)
Saw a few brilliant movies recently..sometimes all I want to do is to just sit in my bean bag, nice and comfy, relaxed and watch nice movies. Do that all the time when Am in b'lore. And when u have the rite company to watch the movies with, then nothin like it. Saw IDENTITY,It's awesome.A MUST WATCH.ppl go out to the DVD rental and get it. It is simply superb.
have this show,a very filmy musical extravaganza tonite and the media sponsors are STAR VIjay, I got VVIP passes to go for the show..ALRITEEEE>..

Wat more do I want in one week to fuel my EGO sooo much, I FEEL SO WANTED:P


December 04, 2004

Life on the fast track

36 hours of non stop shooting for my promos, attending a seminar in college, having chai with my best buddies in a road side tea stall and talkin bout peeping tom shower video, laughing my brains out with complete werido's in the coffee shop near my house, and seeing this FAT-UGLY-guy scratching his privates on the middle of the road...whoa..its been a looooong three days.
Finally my shoot is over. I had the most horrid time with the model during the shoot. She was dumb..Oh yea she was..oh god she was...DUMB...dumb....dumbbbbb....Oh yea. I can go on and on. How in the world can someone be soooo dumb? And why did my producer select her in the first place? From 5 in the mornin to 3 the next mornin, it was hard work tryin to tell her wat I wanted her to do when the camera was rolling. She just wouldn't get it!! I guess that pretty much took all my energy. Workin on the post production of the promos now and they will be on tv in a couple of days.*pats myself on the back for a job welldone*

The conversations over the last few days with friends from college and from work have been very limited. It's either bout Jayendra saraswathi swamigal or bout Trisha's shower video that's been doin the rounds all over the internet world. It's so easy to satisfy a lot of ppl in this world. Don't even get me started by asking me how?What is the world upto? Some murder happens someplace and the spiritual head in behind bars.(I really don't want to start a religious discussion here, and never really meant to harm anybody's feelings too.)ppl from all parts of the world want to know the actual details of wat the guru has been upto?Weird tales are being cooked up every other day in the media and most of it being OPEN AND BLATANT CRAP and then some horny hotel guy fixes a cam in the mirror of a bathroom and then BINGO, u have a three minute internet video and the whole world knows. These are things that travels faster than light or a forest fire. Tch tch tch.Gor kalyug is all that I have to say. What could be the reason for this type of behaviour? What is it that is driving ppl into doin all this cheap, dirty tricks- when they know there is someone gettin hurt in the process?
Things like this have become part of life for a lot of ppl these days. In this time of Internet and mobile phones, nothin is real anymore and things that are real have become stuff for everyone to see and get EXCITED...sometimes in the literal sense too. A lot of things are happenin around us. In our neighbourhood, in our society, in schools and colleges and at work places. But not many ppl come out and talk about it. Sometimes talkin bout it in itself is heartening and painful. It's innocent ppl who are caught in between all this and suffering. I read a shockin piece of news sometime back and I bet it's not just the case with that school, but it's been happenin in a lot of other places too and the magnitude has only increased and spread it's ugly tentacles on innocent children. Or are children really innocent? To have a question like that in my mind, makes me stop and think..makes me wonder? Makes me sometimes literally shiver to say the least to imagine wat it would be like ten years from now, when I have a daughter/son. Is the world really that safe? Is technology really a boon? New inventions and innovations, are they really here to make things easier for us? or MAKE LIFE HELL????

December 01, 2004

Another GYAN...

"You know it's winter in chennai, when the icecream in ur hand takes 40 seconds more to turn into it's liquid form...."

November 28, 2004

Strange are thy ways of life...

Four days, and literally 45 hours into my new job, I think, it's too early to actually conclude that this is what I would be doing as a career later in life. I have been fascinated by communication. Am passionate about media, I always have been. I love to experiment and I have been doing just that for the past four years. Have been in all medium. Radio, yea been there, blabbered and made money. Advertising You may ask, yea! Worked in two different ad agencies in B'lore and chennai and had truck loads of fun. Worked with a cameraman and also ended up making a couple of corporate films, ad films and also a music video. Life has always been interesting ever since I took up my communication studies. Everyday when I get up, I see a challenge ahead and if I don't end up facing one at the end of the day, I begin to feel agitated. begin to question myself. Challenges in terms of my love life, in terms of family, in terms of the ppl I face and in terms of school, college and work and just about anything and everything. Would be finishing my masters in the next three months and I still am not sure what is it that I really want to do in life? I love this situation that I'm in now..totally open for new options and totally game for anything in life, But on an average you meet so many ppl everyday and if you keep giving them the same answer, they begin to question you ability. They begin to wonder, what's this kid upto? and some very annoyin- Kids these days remarks...Not that I care bout all that or they put me off..Since when did I ever care what others want out of me? I would do anything in this world for ppl I care about, but for ordinary jerks and losers,I don't care a flying frog as to what they want..PERIOD.

Well,am Asst.Producer(trainee) promos in Star Vijay rite now, watever that means. will be here workin for them for another two months, and then when I finish my masters I would just move to b'lore or bombay. Was really looking fwd for my stint with channel V in bombay. But unfortunately It didn't really work out as planned. But then I still have an offer from them to come as soon as I finish this course.

Blogging has become an interesting part of my life now and I'm really addicted to it, I must say. Love this community and have been doing my share of BLOG EVANGELISING to a lot of ppl and hooking ppl on to it.For all the regulars who come here and for the new comers..Thanx for droppin in and being a part of my world.I don't get time to sit and update my blog every day like a few SOFTWARE GUYS I KNOW..heheheh..I would love to. But then I love the interaction that happens in my comments box more than my post. It's what you feel bout the post and it's wat u guys say to me that matters, coz what I write is what I know. So excuse me if I get into hybernate mode every now and then and then come out with stupid posts like this one.

WATCH OUT FOR PROMOS FOR A SHOW CALLED "AZHAGI" in star Vijay next week...The concepts are mine...heheheh.Free publicity!!!!!!

November 21, 2004


"If you wanna see GOD laugh, tell him your future plans"

November 18, 2004

Battery Full charge..Nemma Bangalooroo ki Jai !!

20 days into my so called BREAK from things, and well Am already completely recharged and feeling over the moon. It’s amazing to see the difference that one faces when left alone and when one is happy. I had been working my Butt off for almost two months and I was beginning to lose it. That’s when I decided TO HELL WITH IT, am going. I didn’t care where or when or for how long. I just had to take off and this time not to take anything with me other than my few presentable T-shirts and my very loyal but stressed out pair of jeans.(I love you). And then I went home to coimbatore. Was greeted with amazing weather and familiar faces, but then I was beginning to feel claustrophobic in my own house for the first time. So I said to myself, “this can’t be happening? Am here to have fun and I shall have it no matter wat” and that’s when B’lore happened. I love this place. Laid back and so chilled out. It’s the best place to come and charge the soul and drown in some serious spirits. And I did just that. I literally forgot my mail password and Blogging also took a back seat, and I hate to admit it, I really missed the blogging more than my e-mails.
From the second I walked into this lovely city, I was smiling. I was really happy and it’s about time I came here. B’lore has always been my second home though I’ve lived longer in Chennai. Most of my close family and friends are here. They are happy here and It’s always good to see happy faces and like I always say, Ppl have actually lost the art of smiling and it’s become extinct. But I don’t know wat is it that makes ppl so happy ot be here? Gorgeous women? YUP that is a BIG BONUS for all..but is that all? What makes this place so special to me? Am still tryin to figure that one out!! Though I was in B’lore to attend my uncle’s wedding, oh yea. It was absolutely brilliant. Most of my family were here and it was fun throughout. And I love my little cousins. They would walk up to me every morning and I woke up to the sounds of “ABINDH” wat u doin? And that was it, my day was made before it even began. And I think am getting older cause my back just gave up after all the lifting of these little ones in the past two weeks. Would have been happier if I could have got that perfect 10 abs like the one I saw in ZERO G. I have been soooo high on SPIRITS literally that it’s not funny. And this one night was just absofreaking wonderful. My first ever ROYAL PUB HOPPING. We started in Zero G( Ankush, god bless u) he’s the owner of the place and well he happens to be family(not really, but chalega) and he has saved many a cover charge for us lesser mortals. Yea, so in Zero G at 8 and the drinking started, we were 15 of us. All family. I LOVE MY FAMILY! And we went wild on the dance floor. A woman on the opposite table was giving me the looks all evening and finally she managed some courage to walk up to me and offer me a TEQUILA. Two shots later, she introduces her husband to me and THEN tells me, she loves my hair and I was brilliant on the dance floor. Thank you, AND THEN..she says “You can call me. And then gives me her number” whoa!! What is the world upto? I was the topic of discussion for the next three days including that nite in my family. Then at 1:30 we had another Tequila-this time it was one for the road and then headed off to INSOMNIA another pub. It was cool and by the end of it all, I had a sprained neck and I was so tired that I slept most of that day. I LOVE THIS PLACE. Oh! I said that already? Ok cool whatever.
In between all the partying and chillin out. I also met up with a lot of my friends from my undergrad days and I have to say. Am blessed with wonderful friends and I think they all have a huge part in my life as to WHO I AM RITE NOW AND WHAT I AM. Cheers guys!! Met a couple of wonderful bloggers too. And well they are exactly what they are in their blogs. Funny, weird, smart and Great fun to be with.
Hey! You two have made my trip much more wonderful. Thanks and it was a pleasure to meet u.
And it would be really bad on my part if I don’t mention the other person who was in touch with me thro SMS when I was here in b’lore and well, it would have been cool if I could have met u too.
And well I was supposed to be in Chennai by now. But am not. Am still here in this special place. Looking at all the gorgeous women, at all the happy faces and all the happening places and I just have one thing in my mind. It’s winter already and the holiday season has just begun.

November 03, 2004

It's always the best feeling...

"Welcome to Coimbatore station, Coimbatore station mein aapka swagath hai, Coimbatore station ungalai inidhey varaverkiradhu"

Love those's just an awesome feeling, reachin cbe in the mornin with the pleasant breeze and the cold weather welcoming you along with your dad. With a two day stub and very clearly bugged that the train was late and he also had to rush back home to drop my brother in college for his exam..MAN..I really pity this man..For one month he's been living with my brother in the house, since my mom has gone to ireland..And my poor dad doesn't know how to cook..YUP...The trouble starts there!!!

The train journey was lousy to say the least. Went in to my seat and saw a bunch of drunk PArty people travellin with me..Ok am not goin to say which party they belonged to.(but I think green was their fav colour) hehehe...I've had interesting train journeys a number of times, have made nice contacts and met weird, funny and highly intelligent ppl in my travel.But this is goin to be a new experience. They were LOUD..ANnoying and were talkin bout party politics.Not a very appealing topic to say the least. Went to my seat, asked the guy who was literally using my seat as a plate to clean it and move it ( actually wanted to say shove it) but then didn't want to. They moved and the coach was SMELLING of cheap booze..Thank god for small mercy. I had my cd man and a few cd's my nite was made. LINKING PARK, METALLICA and BOB MARLEY were travelling with me in the train and also got a call from my bestest frund. so Awesome over all.
Reached half an hour late in coimbatore. The weather was simply super cool. Gentle drizzle and cool breeze. Went home to find a rather clean house considering the fact that TWO men were living there for the past one month..No food and refrigerator full of old food..Smellin..hehehe..I love my DAD..
Slowly when I was sinking into the whole..ahhhh am on a vacation mode..I got a shock. My net connection at home Ain't workin..booo hooooo...and then my dad is really busy with some work and so his timings in office is from 9 to about 10. My bro has an exam and so he is stayin with his friends and studyin, mom is still in ireland..So actually am here and HOME ALONE:D heheheh

Blogs should wait for a few days..I MISS readin all ur posts, and I miss sittin in front of the comp all day...But then I just need to cool off for a have fun and I shall drop into ur worlds real soon.take care and enjoy..Peace

Planning to go to B'lore sooner than expected. Will be there sometime on the 6th...
**Watch Out*

October 27, 2004

Kind attention Plissss

Wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Bliss. Absolut bliss. Thro with exams, projects, submissions,Deadlines. Looking fwd for a nice holiday. Am off till the 17th of november. Have loads of things planned. Goin home in a few days. Yayyy...And then going to B'lore. It's been one year since I went to b'lore. I used to be there every time I had a break and everytime I had work.
Lemme get to the point...

"Bloggers your kind attention please, I shall be in b'lore sometime on the 10th of nov and shall be there for a week."
*get the hint, get the hint* Buhahahah

Edited @ 2: Beer tastes wayyyyy better when your happy than when you are bugged or annoyed or plain upset!!!
Gospel 3:16

October 22, 2004

Life Rocks AGAIN...

I just realised that I have completed 50 posts in my blog. Am free from all my projects, film assignments and submissions. Had my practical exams till y'day and now am free for five days before I have two theory papers later this month. Had plans of stayin home..Listen to lots of up with a few friends and drink tons of coffee.
But things changed...I got a call from a producer friend of mine and he wanted me to give the Voice over for two of his corporate films that he had shot earlier. It was fun and i have been in the Recording studio the past 20 hours. It was a blast and it was a riot.. and while I was doin the recording for him, his friend walked in and was listenin to my voice. Next thing I know, I was recording for two of his television commercials..Had to talk in tamil for the ads..It was hilarious...
And also am translating two theatre scripts from tamil to english for a director..
THERE IS WORK FOR THE NEXT FOUR DAYS>>>but am not complaining at all...I hope I get a pretty decent pay cheque at the end of it all...

Well my brother has decided on the name for the new born..ladies and gentlemen..Say hello to "TEJAS" the latest dude in town. And well I think TEJAS has brought me great luck..


And congratulations on ur little brother..

October 19, 2004


veerappan, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Woke up this mornin and with lazy eyes I looked at the paper and was shocked to see the headline...
Well for the last two decades this guy has been giving the slip to every single police official and top officials in Tamil Nadu and karnataka. And after Umpteen attempts and a miliion strategies later, One single Tip-off from someone has led to his downfall...
He's a murderer, He's a smuggler and He has also raped women and killed children and Animals..But whoa..He's a LEGEND>>>


October 15, 2004


AM an uncle againnnnnnnnn...My brother had his third kid this afternoon...It's a BOY...
Have been jumpin around allll dayyy...Just super dooper thrilled...Shall talk to all of u later and shall read ur blogs later...
Its PARTAI>..time...

October 13, 2004

My blog needs an Update too...


* I got a call from a very good friend of mine, its been ages since I heard from her.
* The short film I made, was well appreciated and I got an offer to work with a production company.
* It rained like hell in chennai and there is a match morrow....
* The gorgeous woman with awesome hair from my college smiled @ me and said HI, and asked me why I don't talk to her.
* One of my classmates came upto me and said she hates me and she hates my GUTS. And I was happy coz FOR ONCE she was honest. (Did I metion earlier that I have a lot of suckers in this present class of mine?)I dedicate this song to all those SPECIAL ppl in my class.
* I got ANOTHER message from a bloghead askin me to update my blog.
* I spoke to my Nephew in Ireland, And I must say..He's THE DUDE.
* I had the BEST ever conversation with someone on YAhoo Messenger..
* I realised that My phone has more balance (20 Paise) than my wallet..(do I have to mention the amount here?)
* I walked again from college to home, coz I couldn't afford the Auto.
* I feel like goin to hyderabad. well on second thoughts...I don't FEEL like it...I WANT TO!
* One of my Fav Profs walked up to me and wished me well and asked me to KICK SOME BUTT In the Industry. And he said, meeting me and havin me as a student for a short while is another special gift he's taking with him from India when he gets back to BOSTON
* I have absolutely nothing to do.
* I FINALLY UPDATED MY BLOG with a new post..

October 05, 2004


Been busy with college, projects and Rock shows..and didn't get enough time to sit down and write somethin. Have a week before I give up six other projects. Have tests this whole week, so have time to post.heheh. That my friend is the way of life!!!
Exactly a year back at this date..I broke up with my Ex. Life was great when I was with her and I was happiest durin that time and I was badly hurt during the same time. We laughed, held hands like school kids at every given chance, looked into each others eyes and said sweet nothings. I sometimes miss those days. She was family (or well thats what I considered her to be) but she chose otherwise. With no reason at all, we were not a couple anymore..Strange that I say COUPLE..

I moved to chennai after that and college was a HOLE..I hated it here, the crowd was gettin to me.The weather was gettin to me, well that was the reason that I gave ppl when they thought they didn;t see the ENERGY in me anymore or the phase where I forgot to smile. Things became quiet, things became dull and life was goin nowhere. Tried to have a smile going and tried to get on with Life..BUT IT's EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!!!

My social circle in chennai was nothin close to a circle..It was more like a social DOT. that didn't help life either. Then It was during one of my loooong walks that I take from time to time, that really charged me up. Wat was I doin to myself? Why am I being a dumb fuck when I can just MAKE things happen for me. Thats when One wise soul came to college and conducted a seminar on technology and its influence on life. ANd one of his points dealt with BLOGS and the power of blogging. I was really captivated and the first thing I did when I came home was to google and find all about the world of blogs.

Thus LEAN DUDE was born. The wild crazy dude with tons of attitude ( ok all these are super Adjectives, but hey..come on am in full josh now) was into the Bloggin arena. It was crazy. started sittin all nite and tryin to understand the complex world of HTML.. *tadan....MUSIC...background music for the situation* Oh god. This is harder than I thought. But then Its always been my policy, I involve myself completely when I get down to doin anything. SO wat the heck, I went ahead with it. At that time I used to read this completely Neurotic blog. Liked the way he wrote and his way towards life. Was a regular reader (think am the only other soul in this world other than him who reads the crap that he posts). And then it happened.caught him online once and the rest as they say was history. And well he has helped a great deal to make my blog look like this..Atleast he spent time answerin all the dumb questions that I kept askin him. THANGYU DUDE!!!!

And after that life was on a roll. COllege was HAPPENING>.or rather, I found some LIKE MINDED ppl in college and started making things happen. Got myself a job in an Ad Agency and well they also paid me. Did few shows in AIR from time to time and also was part of a team and was shooting a Music Video. And then my bestest friend got married. So it was back to loads of fun.

ANd thro the Neurotic dude and my Scary addiction to blogs, I began to meet a lot of Interestin, weird and sweet people.(and btw college was goin on side by side..but then am not really goin to talk bout that)

NOW COMES THE BIG THING..I dedicate this blog to all the new friends that I have made thanx to BLOGGING, during the past one year.

Xcentric -Thanx for the Intro first and foremost.heheh. A real wacky dude, havin a Jolly good time in Leeds.(He claims that he's busy with lectures and a whole bunch of crap, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM) His blog is a super combo of crap and humor. And to top it off, has an awesome Design. (ok, have created another fight between Him and Neuro). A treat to talk to on YM. And well one can expect a lot more from this crazy guy in life.

Neuro -Hey I have given u a lot of credit just scroll back and read it..If u can't understand,buzz me and I shall explain gladly. Charas!!

Australalala -THE GOD WHEN IT COMES TO SARCASM, the GOD when it comes to HUMOR, The GOD when it comes to BIRD BANDING.hehe. And there is never a dull moment when we have a conf chat im YM..I get real quiet when he's online. But thanx to him I don't need an appendix operation..

NEMESIS- MY BESTEST friend..Have had a number of black eyes, thanx to her. Constantly get into fights with her OTHER SECRET ADMIRERS in the blog world. A special friend and a SMART GREEK TWIT. She has an answer for everything. And a smile always...( I know why...)

ANGEL- heheheheheh...The blog world seems to be talkin bout us..and NO THANX WE DON'T NEED A ROOM.hahahah..She's a real sweetheart and a good friend. READ>>>>GOOD FRIEND:) hehehe. She sure takes time to glide from blog to blog giving her trademark to the needy. Way to go. Full of enthu and energy. but she lives FAR FAR AWAY!!!!

MEERA -Guess she's the one person who's not a school kid who reads my blog. Coz all the other average bloggers who read my posts kinda have an IQ level of -20 ( or else they must be REALLY JOBLESS). A gifted writer and an extremely interesting person and her passion for things, sure is extreme. A soft spoken person, with TONS Of fans I must say. And MAN..I knew the concept of stalkers in blog world only after visiting her blog. Thanx for everything!!

Lakshmi...AH! A great dancer, A fellow coffee addict and a very sweet person. And well thanx to her I know my way around B'lore when I get there. A super music freak and me she has gr8 taste in music. A simple, sweet and totally chilled out girl from "GOD'S OWN COUNTRY". heheh

Blue Sparkles -The mystery woman who I talk to at times, who reads the crap that I post and who wants more crap in my world. And probably the only poor soul who just can't post comments for my posts.Always a mystery when she is around.Interestin.

All these ppl have become a part of my life. I get up, fix my coffee and I have got this habit of opening my blog before Opening my Mail box. They have shared their time, their humor and their happiness and sorrow with me. And there are a whole lot of others whose blogs I Hop and leave a line. They are ALL SPECIAL. The LINKS here mean THEY ARE WORTH IT. THEY ROCK.
CHEERS!! to everyone who come to my world and leave a mark.. Actually talk bout leavin a mark, U have all left a tatoo.And hey to all the people who boost my EGO from time to time..I OWE U ONE. buhahahahah

OK, Now. WHen I sit down and see all thats happened in the past one year..I see I have come a FULL CIRCLE, and today is quite special. It was a good day. Life ROCKS NOW..and well never thought 'Cenatoph Road' in chennai would become an important chapter in my life.* wink wink*

WHO WANTED A NEW POST>>>heheheh...WHen I write...I WRITE>>>

September 30, 2004


" Hey, Wat is that? Is that Rain?
No. It's just GOD, havin a Bad Hangover,
Told Him,'Dude, Enough for the evenin',
But Motha Fucka, had another F16".....

OK. Me High..Me off...Wooohoooooooooo...
Happy Budday Appu....... who?

September 28, 2004


I was just takin my evenin stroll, Lookin at ppl on the road, heavy traffic, lookin how ppl have forgotten the art of smiling. When I heard the siren from an Ambulance in the distance, tellin everyone to "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY"..NOW.. I stopped to look and I saw it comin towards me. Twenty yards from me it swirved to the left tryin to avoid a car and the ambulance turned turtle..It was just like out a Hollywood movie..It was LOUD..It was out of the world, as I stood there with open mouth, the only thought( or wait, my first thought) in mind was...

DAMN!!! Wish I had my camera with me now..

Tell me..Am I normal? wat has happened to me?

September 23, 2004

Baygon Power

Baygon Power, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Ok After a stiff competition from the MERA NUMBER ONE ad from Neuro, here it advertising phenomenon..

cricket fans check THIS one.

September 17, 2004


vodka, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.
And the Oscar Goes to......
It took me the max amount of time to take this single snap. And well wat do u know, the hard work has paid off.

blue engine

blue engine, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

old woman and child

water engine

water engine, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Hello all u ppl. Well finally the pictres are out. These are some of the pics that I took during my trip to ooty a week back. And the ones I have posted here are my favs. There are tons of others too. But then really I don;t wanna crowd my world with all my pictures.

Check it out and well all the snaps have a copyright. buhahahahahah

September 12, 2004


kangaroo, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.
Well wat do u know. Is this wat they call the PRIDE OF AUSTRALIA? I think this is Hilarious beyond words. Been laughin my *BUTT* off ever since I saw this. Have this Huge grin on my face for hours on end now. Man!!!!Guess the guy who designed this saw more to this than just a DUST BIN...
Edited @ 2 In the Mornin: Well NOPE I don't google for 'Animal Porn' to get these Images..heheheheh
Edited After One Month: Strange to be addin this. But well here's a little something that would make a person really happy. But still I really hope that he would have READ my post first before accusing me of somethin..heheheh. Like I said..
*extract from the same post*
Been laughin my *BUTT* off ever since I saw this. Have this Huge grin on my face for hours on end now. Man!!!!Guess the guy who designed this saw more to this than just a DUST BIN...(hats off)

September 07, 2004

Nish U Rock!!!

The following incident is something that happened on acertain mumbai-hyd train trip to a rather unfortunate soul who happens to be my BESTEST FRIEND NISH.
The whole conversation that am presentin here is from Nishs' perspective...Sorry Nish...But then again, this is just tooooo all u ppl who read this...Cheers for NISH:)

This man in question deserves at least this mail as a tribute tohis never-say-die attitude. What a ROYAL pain in the ass....It's 12.25pm and five minutes before the train leaves the chatrapathi shivaji terminus in mumbai. I'msitting near the window and reading a spidey comic. This very rich looking dude walks in - silkshirt (in this heat!!) and some funny trousers (mayhave been sighted in the latest govinda movie) trolley suitcase in one hand,sophisticated-LG-colour-monitor-camera-incorporated-polyphonic-ringtonephone in the other. He looks around and then shoveshis suitcase underneath the seat.
Then he says "gaadikitne baje nikalthi hai?" to I don't know who becauseI don't answer that question. Then he says, "excuseme" and repeats the same question.
I say "paanchminute mein" and go back to my web slinger.
Then he starts yapping on the phone and the train eventuallymoves out of the station. The TC comes along and thisguy says,"I had RAC tickat butt now it is confarmed and my barth is 61", which pisses me offendlessly because it is MY berth which is 61. But Idecide to let the TC do the talking and he does tell him that he is on 59 and 61 belongs to oneMs.Nisha, at which point I hand over my tkt to the TC.The jerk goes,"Oh I am sorry. Are u also travalling to secunderabaad?" I say yes. Then the TCmoves on. There's nobody other than him and me in thecpt.
The conversations thereafter were something likethis -
J (jerk) : My name is Karthik Parekh and I belong tomumbai but I work in secunderabad. I am a gujarati. Myparents live in mumbai.
Me : ok.
J: Do u belong to secunderabad?
me: yes.
J: Is this ur first time in mumbai?
me: No.
J: why did u come?
me: on work.
J: So u work in mumbai?
me: No.
J: So what do you do? You look like a student.
me : I just finished my masters.
J: What is that?
(HORRORS!)me: MSc. It's a degree that one pursues afterbachelors. (dripping sarcasm)
J: So now u are going to wark?
me: No I'm going abroad for further studies.
J: I live alone so I mostly eat pizzas only. I get itfree most time! One time, he came one minute early, soI made him stand near the door and did chit chat andwasted time and then i told he came late! So he had togive discount! hehehehehhehehe!(all this while my eyes are still glued to my comicand am praying he gets the idea and shuts up.....noway....he's relentless. Some time goes by. I finish my comic and am scared to be doing nothing, soI start reading the next book - The curious incidentwith the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon, whichis relatively thicker than spidey and that offers me aLOT of consolation. Some more time goes by. Then....)
J: Yeh AC chaaloo hai kya?
me: patha nahi.
J: (funny laugh) You are a verry set persan no? Boletho, you don't talk and all. You only read your books
.me: Hmm.
J: I like talking (like duh?!?! I didn't notice atall!!) like I'm verry jolly and all. By the way, I'malso 22 like you. (somebody's been looking at the reservation pathetic can one get....)
me: (no response)
J: And I'm working for insurance company. I live in afour bedroom apartment in west marredpally. Where do ulive?
me: bowenpally. (lie)
J: So you are going abroad. Do u have medicalinsurance? i can help! hehehehe.
me: thanks I already have it.(the train stops - think the station was karjat orsome such name- and this guy says excuse me andrushes out. Comes back with some vada pav...)
J: Yeh aapke liye.
me: (flabbergasted) what?!
J : karjat mein sabse accha vada pav milta hai. Youmust try eh! Maharashtra special!
me: No thank you, I just had lunch.
J : (upset) no no please. I brought ispecially foryou. please eat.
me: No. Please don't force me. I don't accept anythingfrom strangers.
J: But... (then decides otherwise and shuts up. Sulks and goesand sits in the side berth and starts playing loudmusic on his phone. sidey hindi songs. I take advantage of the break and get the pillow and blanketdown and promptly doze off. Wake up at around 4 toappa's call on the mobile. See the jerk sleeping inthe adjacent lower berth. Relief. praying he doesn'twake up but he does. Oh no...)
J: Main so gaya tha.... (sheesh...can anyone get anylamer?!) Ven did u get up?
me : sometime back.At this point new TC walks in for second round ofchecking and I am desperate. I ask him about theavailability of another berth elsewhere.He asks why. Itell him I feel uncomfortable being near theentrance/exit. He checks and says no way sorry.Disappointment writ large on my face, but our villain doesn't get the idea. He's back as soon as TCleaves.
J: why u feel scared to be near the door eh? Don'tworry. Ac three tier is safe response.J: If u don't mind can I have your mobile number?
me: no. It's not my mobile.
J: Do u watch hindi movies?
me: No.
J: You must see Muddder (that's murder). Verrythriller movie. I vill tell story. In this mallikasherawat's husband is always doing business and not paying attention to her. So she meets her oldboyfriend from college and she has intercourse withhim. And then.. (SHEESH!!!!)

me: Please stop. I don't want to hear anymore. I'mtrying to read here, so if u don't mind PLEASE keepquiet.
J: ok ok. sorry.After that there was silence for quite some time. Thenthe train stops and I hear a knocking on my window.bloke's standing outside asking if I want chai! Some ppl don't give up!I nod no. I was asleep by8pm. Me..... Get off at begumpet station at 6am andthere's excuse me excuse me again...."Do u need alift? You can come with me in auto." Thankfully papahad come and I just mumbled no thanks and ran to thesafety of my dad's shadow. All of you are thereby forewarned - never to travelin the hyd-mumbai, mumbai-hyd circuit alone again There are creatures waiting toprey on your unsuspecting brain and suck the marrowout. are these the aliens the x-files warned us about?I wonder.... And if any of the persons reading thismail are friends with or even KNOW the Karthik Parekh in question, please don't EVER bother visiting my blog again. I don't know you! and if this blog comes intothe hands of the jerk, here's something NISH should'vetold u on the train - YOU SUCK!

And for surviving that Train journey and not losing ur cool and kickin the livin daylites out of him, NISH..I award U the most coveted trophy....A GMAIL INVITE:) U ROCK

September 06, 2004


LordOfTheBling, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

It is everywhere, books, movies and even on cartoon network. So I thought why not on MTV or channel[V].
So after some serious searching, here it goes.

Ladies And worms.... I present to you,THE LORD OF THE BLINGS!!!

September 02, 2004

Home Sweet Home!!!

Three flat tyres in one day and an air lock later, I’m finally home. Agency work, Radio, College and family commitments were all just getting to me and this break I thought was long overdue, and Am real glad that I took it. Ooty was freezing and to think that its only september now and winter actually hasn’t quite set in is simply amazing, being in chennai for the past two nears didn’t help either. Did the usual thing, went to a few places were almost all of India go to. And in the evenings in the comfort of the room that we were in( We= my classmates from college) it was time to keep warm, and well wat better way than just sit and smoke and drink. Sometimes life can be real easy and smooth, just sit and talk all nite, laugh your butt off and just sing. Hmm, my batteries really needed that. I made it a point not to check my mails and use my phone in the four days that I was there. Its amazing to know how much man has been taken over, literally by technology in everything he does. Well this time I got the better of technology.
My class is totally screwed up, have been having a tough time with a bunch of sleaze balls, its hard to just go to class and see their lousy faces first thing in the mornin, but I guess they would remain to be that way until they GROW UP. But other than that, this trip got me closer to a different set of people from my class, and it was a laugh riot every nite when all of us sat down over a bottle of RUM & DHUM. heheheh.
All my friends had to catch the train back to chennai from Coimbatore last nite and since the train was in the nite, I decided to invite all of them home for lunch. We were plannin to take that lousy van that we were using for four days there in ooty and well planned to start off from ooty at 10 but ended up leavin the place at 12 thanx to a flat tyre. Half an hour into the journey the van had an Air Lock, these guys are crazy, the van was a real piece of crap and there was nothing appealing bout it. Got the air lock sorted out and we were driving down the bends and then there it was the second flat of the day. NO STEPNEY!! And we were stuck for nearly three hours on the road and like they say, when it starts raining it pours, the Governor was taking a vacation to ooty and since he was coming they had blocked all the vehicles from going up and down the hill for him to have a clear road. DAMN! I hate these politicians and people at power. Got the van moving again and well You woudn’t believe it, five minutes later there it was the THIRD FLAT of the day. I was annoyed, it was 4:30 in the evening and we had travelled just 25 kms from ooty. By the time we got it fixed and came to coimbatore it was 7:30 and so we didn’t have any time to go to my house. Went to the Railway station and dropped all of them there and returned home.What a day…but then after all that, it was just awesome to have some FILTER COFFEE that amma made for me and I slept like a log. Ahhhhh! Absolute Bliss.

YOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I HAVE A GMAIL account now. Anyone need an invite?

August 27, 2004

Goin to cool my heels off!!!!

PPl...ppl ...ppl...too many things been happenin in my life. Came back from coimbatore, had so much work to catch up with and well college sucks as usual.Well not college..but maybe the ppl there..
SO decided to just take a break for a week from everything and go cool my heels off for a while..So will be back and then will be postin for all the days that I have missed bloggin...
Some nice ppl have asked me if I was ok, since they never saw a new post from me..and some also have called me names in my yahoo messenger...For the nice ppl and the other sleaze balls...
Been readin all ur posts though and I will back with a BANG!!
Peace and have a wonderful weekend and the next week...
MISS ME? ( am I askin for too much?)

August 20, 2004

IN THE END!!!!!!

, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Its weekend already and its time to PARTAI...well most of u it is...not for me..there has been a sudden tragedy in my house and Am goin to coimbatore to attend the funeral of my Periyamma...Sad to hear the news, but on the other hand she was sufferin for a really long time from Breast cancer, brain tumor and I really feel she would be happier this way. May her soul Rest In Peace........

Wat is the world upto? All the trains...all the buses to coimbatore (cbe) are all full...HAlf the world seems to be goin to cbe this weekend and the other half is already in cbe. Hmmm..I guess I would just go to the bus stand tonite and get into some Shitty bus and reach home morrow...THis is more of a personal promise for my dad..because a year back my dad's brother died in a car accident and at that time I was in b'lore doin my internship in an ad agency..I couldn't make it at that time and now this time round, its his wife( my periyamma) who's dead and am stuck in chennai with college and work..But then I WANT TO GO..I want to be there..Just to look into the eyes of my dad and tell him...IT's ALL GOIN TO BE OK.....

August 17, 2004


Rathore, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

WOW...Finally a medal for India in the Athens olympics..I was just beginnin to lose hope:(
Ace Indian shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore provided the silver lining to India's dismal showing at the Athens Olympics when he finished second in the final of the men's double-trap shooting event at the 28th Olympic Games.

The 34-year-old army major's score of 179 (135 in qualifying and 44 in the final round) gave him the silver medal, India's first individual silver ever at the Olympics.. (thanx Meera:P)

The only other athletes to ever win individual medals for India at the Olympics are Khashba Jadhav, in the 1952 Helsinki Games, Leander Paes, at Atlanta in 1996, and Karnam Malleshwari, in Sydney 2000. All won bronze medals

Hmm...with the medals column slowly looking good...All I ever hope is for Hesh and Paes to come up with another medal..


August 15, 2004


INDIAN fLAG, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

I must have heard this song a number of times over the years..But everytime I hear this somewhere, I feel so happy and I cherish wat this amazing country has blessed me with:)...

Jai Hind:)

August 14, 2004


holy, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Hey there All u Blog Heads!!heheheh

This is a post to just get ur spirits goin and Boilin..weekend and all, so just WAKE UP and Party hard...*check out Little Buddha and Lord Muruga:) wat were they thinkin when they designed this?

Disclaimer:The images are just merely an attempt to boost the spirits of yound bloggers and in no way responsible for any after effects..and for all the lovely women who read my blogs... Smile away :)



holy1, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

Well this is wat I would call..... HOLY COW:)
Designers sure are gettin religious these days...MAN...and sure are strong with their ETHICS!!!

And to think that they make millions with stuff like this..

August 11, 2004

Costly Adieu...

Just came back after seeing Off NISH , in the Railway station, she's gettin back to HYd.. All my life I must have been to the railway station, @least half a million times, and I'm still awe struck everytime I see a train...
Oh God Dammit...Why am I being Nice here..AM pissed off....really ..REALLY pissed off. I always get the platform ticket when I go to the station and today since we were runnin a little late, I just parked my car and we rushed to the platform..The train was standin there and we just about managed to catch the train..Between all this I also had to get some stuff for her travel, so that she has a comfortable journey...So there just was NO TIME to get the platform ticket...I was seriously plannin to get the ticket once the train leaves....:(

The train started to move...she was visibly upset that she was leavin..(well ok now I'm goin to get a kick in the butt for that..) she left and I was walkin towards the exit to get the ticket..WHEN TO MY HORROR>>THERE WERE THREE PPL CHECKIN THE CROWD FOR PLATFORM TICKETS...I mean they never- ever- are there in the station to check...I would get the ticket, drop someone off and then leave..I would chuck the ticket outside before gettin back home..that was the routine everytime I go...and there these ppl were checkin tickets...
I was zapped...Felt soooo terrible...This guy walks upto me and asked me for the ticket..I told him I was runnin late and so I haven't bought the ticket..(*FEELIN SOOOOOO SICK...)
He was like...

Asshole:No no ...No ticket fine 360Rs..or court money payin, then 1000rs. So pay now for me
ME: Well sorry bout this..I don;t have money with me
Asshole: Well, I don;t 360 know wat u feeling
ME: well, I really don't have that much with me..I have just a 100 on me..
Asshole: Show me ur wallet...(and started holdin my hand)
ME: (very cheesed off with that...) I really don;t like u seeing my wallet...
Ass: *now gettin really annoyed...) Sir..No money now..then pay money in court..
ME: well I have only 100, nothin more...
Ass: well, OK ..I like u..I believe u..*(and then he gives me a concession...Bas****)
ME: 100? is that ok?
Ass: Ok only 250..I will give u a receipt..(*and he gives me one*)
ME: (by now was furious...Took the receipt and paid him 150...)
Ass: Well money..
ME: Sorry no money..Am broke..
Ass: BIll...* and he left..

(Some part of the conv is censored...coz he was being a Pain in the ass)

GRRRRRR>...I wanna kill that asshole...I mean, I could have atleast given this money for charity.. Now this is sheer waste of money..and F**K this is the first time I didn;t get a platform ticket.. Ahhh., the way that I spend my money...too bad...

Now I don;t know why am sad...That NISH left or I had to pay a complete Ch***h.
A real costly good bye....!!!!!!!!!!

August 09, 2004


Feelin Low, really low..Sometimes it just happens, u never really know wats rong, but you still feel like a worthless piece of S***

Weekend was nice. Was an unpaid Chauffer, Had to go to the railway station and the Airport half a dozen times... Things not the same with someone I know, really don;t know wat the Hell is happenin..This world has stopped smilin. Last nite I was standin in the Airport waitin to pick someone and well of the hundred odd ppl standin there, only three ppl were smilin, A little kid, who was happy to have two ice creams in one hand and Nish , who had come to the Airport with me and Urs truly who was bein a complete clown as usual. Grumpy faces, Rude faces, Arrogant woman with her husband...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Guess all the negative energy has been transferred onto me...


The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky:
a man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers
but awakes to a morning with no reason for waking

He's haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
in his youth or a dream, he can't be precise
he's chained forever to a world that's departed
It's not enough, It's not enough

His blood has frozen & curled with fright
his knees have trembled & given way in the night
his hand has weakened at the moment of truth
his step has faltered

One world, one soul
Time pass, the river roll

And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication
and silent replies that swirl invitation
flow dark and troubled to any oily sea
a grim intimation of what is to be

There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night
and there's dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
and silence that speaks so much louder than words
of promises broken

August 06, 2004

Day of SUPRISES!!!

It's really strange when u think bout the happenings in life.. Here I was Totally broke, for the past three weeks( the packet of beedi's that I got for the four rupees that I had, also got over this mornin) and I was just thinkin wat I was goin to do this weekend..
Damn, Murphy's Law is just too creepy @ times.

"When You are Absolutely Broke, Thou Shall Have All The Concerts, Dance Shows and Special Events happenin in the Town, And You are Just a silent observer cursing your stars".....

OK,Moving away from Murphy's Law. Yea I was talkin about suprises..This is wat happened today.
I get this call from the Agency where I work, and they wanted me to come and see them rite away. So I quickly finished my lunch and ran to office..Well We had a client meeting and after the meetin got over, the guys at work tell me that there is lots of work happenin for the next few weeks and I better get ready for it..( I was happy that there is work, but then I wanted some money to just charge my batteries) I guess it showed on my face...SO these guys just called me in and gave me a cheque for 3000Rs, with these words...DUDE....IT'S ABOUT TIME WE PAID YOU...CHEERS>..and SORRY BOUT THE DELAY!!!! I luv these guys..hehehehhe

SO the whole evenin was just fab, I kept gazing at the cheque and was dancing away to glory.Came home and Was havin coffee, when my phone rings again...


Two Penny called...It was a major suprise..Poor guy, he;s really busy HOUSE HUNTING..just wish I can find a nice comfy place for him..spoke for nearly 6 mts and 46 seconds..

There's a dance show happenin morrow, so I guess I would go there...

August 04, 2004

Creativity @ its Peak!!

mouse, originally uploaded by Lean Dude With An Attitude.

I was just readin a few blogs of my friends, when I came upon this pic in candy's Blog..(thanx a bunch candy, sorry am usin it here) well then, I thought I could make a commercial out of this...

OK here goes...
PENTIUM 4 COMPUTER WITH 40GB hard disk - 50,000 Rs
Brown Classy Computer table - 8,000 Rs
Sify Broadband Internet connection- 1500 Rs
A bottle of Vodka - 200 Rs

Totally drunk watchin porn on the Internet, tryin a position of ur own. - PRICELESS!!!!!


August 03, 2004


I have four rupees and 75 paise in my wallet ( not sure why I still bother to carry one). Can anythng be more pathetic in life? I mean...LOOK AT ME? Wat do U see???????

Edited 2 minutes later:
Sincere comments welcome!!

July 31, 2004


After havin a wonderful was time to get a few kicks on my BUtt...well for starters a christian Institution like LOYOLA had a traditional day celebration(wat ever that is) on friday. The dress code for the day was simple...Shirt and Dhothi for guys or anything that is traditional.. I so knew it was goin to be a day where one feels (".") that small. coz it was only for our dept and the others were all givin us the LOOKS...The walk from the Entrance to my class, was officially the Most Embarrasing walk in my whole life...(ok, here I don;t mention the other times when I don;t remember how embarassed I was)heheheh... My long hair didn;t suit the purpose..I was actually called JESUS CHRIST in a DHOTHI,.hahahahah .That was probably the HEIGHTS> Also got a few compliments(FEW) yup am not lying.heheheh...very few..

Supposed to go home(coimbatore) last nite..booked the tickets and all that, but then decided against it due to circumstances @ the last moment...Suddenly not in a mood to go home, JRO concert happenin tonite, but this is the status,,...AM BROKE...and ...AM BROKE....And finally AM BROKE>..If u give me a minute I can come up with a fourth reason too..very valid reasons why I'm actually thinkin whether to go or not..
And I've been hit by a major jolt...DAMN>>>why did NAFISA JOSEPH do this to herself...??? Still can;t believe that she committed suicide..She was a BABE...a real babe..and @ 25 she has achieved sooo much that some ppl can only dream of. feelin a little down on the Spirit level. Hmmmmm...wonder wat could cheer me up? with someone...It always works...Ok now I need to call BIK!!!where's my mobile?

An afterthought:
OK, now why do I get the impression that NAFISA would get all the attention with this post and not me? hehehehhe...Sometimes I wonder..THE PRICE THAT ONE HAS TO PAY FOR BEING FAMOUS>>>

July 28, 2004

Mid week mayhem!!!

 Ahhhhhhh......every single blog that I have been readin from last nite, all has somethin to write bout the match that happened y'day...WOW...Its soooooo true..."It ain't over till the FAT lady sings". Oh my god..wat a match and now its time for Inzy and his team to pack up and leave. I always knew it was goin to be an India V Srilanka affair rite from the start of this tournament.. But I never really thought we would have to sweat it out like this to reach the finals. But watever said and done, now that we are into the finals, AM pretty sure its goin to be a one sided affair in the finals, I feel we are goin to bat first again and we are goin to win the CUP> Any one who thinks otherwise? hmmmmmm
Today has been a rather quite one, spent most part of the day Readin CALVIN & HOBBES that I got from this chamathu last nite. It was so nice of her to get it for me from B'lore(its a superb collection of all time cool ones of calvin).Just came back after havin coffee and my friend and his band are goin to perform @ GEOFFREY'S tonite. So Plannin to just go there spend some time have some beer and end the day on a HIGH ..hehehehe

Edited @ 2 In the mornin:
Whoa...The evenin was FAB..."POWDER  IN THE ASHTRAY",( well thats the name of my friends' band),they rocked. It was soooo good to see them head bangin and enjoyin themselves on stage and well they sure got the place going. The MC was really lousy, sometimes I just wonder on wat basis do these ppl get selected? I mean, they can't talk sense for nuts, they don;t have life in wat they say, They have no clue bout REAL music, and well wat the heck..they don;t even look INTERESTING...hmmmmm.that was probably the only sad thing bout the evening. Came home at around 12. On a real high..lost count of the number of beers I had..heheheh.. well blow me down..CHEERS ALL...hahahha....THE BEST THING TO SAY NOW>.god I have class to attend morrow...

July 25, 2004


Go Sachin....Go Kaifu!!!  Wat a finish to the first half of the match. The way Lucky shoaib malik was playin, I was thinking that pak would score somewhere close to 320.(which is wayyyyyyyyyy toooo much for that team anyways!) Malik was playin a real lousy game, stupid shots were findin the boundary line, and edges were not carryin to fielders and then when it did carry, the catches were not taken. So bottom line the game was not too good.
If it wasn;t for Kaifu and Yuvy, the target for india would be close to 340. Wat terrific fielding by the two of them and Kaif in particular was rocking. Sachin, once again proved wat a classy player he is.. Amazing spell(3/28) . And wat more he's on a hat-trick.  OK am goin to get some coffee....

Screw You SHOUTBOX!!!

Damn...I hate it when this happens ...ANd to make matters worse, its happenin on a sunday mornin..Opened my blog and saw that the Shout box was not workin, was goin thro a few of my other blogheads' world and found that happenin there as well....
wat the hell is the problem?

July 24, 2004

Weekend with MTV

Loads of things happened this past week., Lots of thinking, Loads of Food, Tons of coffee and truck loads of laughter. whoa...This is wat I have been wantin to do for a very long time.
A couple of weeks back I saw the ad for the new MTV ROADIES 2 in the papers and Well I thought THIS IS IT.. I was just beginnin to go nowhere with my life. Was feelin stuck and completely out of energy till then. I saw the ad as my silver lining to just get my batteries recharged. SO I registered and patiently waited for the audition to happen in chennai. (patiently? not quite).
After gettin into the mindset of being a ROADIE..I always thought it was soo cool to just sit on a bike and go around INdia and see all that this beautiful country has to offer and then if it comes with the price of also being on television and a million ppl watchin it, I thought wat the HECK this is how I want my life to be.  But then I don;t know if it was the positive frame of mind that I was in or that My batteries were suddenly recharged, I began to see interestin things.,interestin ppl and well I was back on track. A lot has been happenin in the week that followed and I was a CLOWN IN THE MOON (Dylan thomas anyone?) Also am EXPLORING how someone I know would put it..and it seems to be workin, Been explorin a lot...bout myself...bout ......*******
And THE DAY arrived and I went to the Audition spot, expecting the happenin crowd of chennai all under one roof and also wonderin which MTV VJ was goin to be there. Lots of ppl I did see, And well the VJ who came was SOPHIYA...have u guys noticed how she talks on MTV loveline?( well I firmly believe that the show exists now only coz of Cyrus Broacha...also GOD). Ranvijay, Kriti and from the first MTV ROADIES group were there to pep up the audience, Ranvijay being the chosen roadie to travel with this years, Rodies as well( talk bout luck and LIFE). Kriti was just glowin, a flowery Pink Skirt and a short white top, she was smilin away all day. Much to the amusement to a bunch of jokers who were present at the venue and giving cat calls all day. Bottomline, she was looking pretty.
The show started with The usual MTV tamasha, I really think it would have been a much bigger hit had Broacha been here. A lot of goodies were there for the taking. T-shirts, Roadie JAckets, Mountain dew gift hampers...MAN...these guys have sooo much to give...heheheheh
A few ppl made complete jack asses of themselves on stage. There was a group discussion that followed. I was there too...really enthu bout goin there and havin some fun and showin some attitude. heheheh
I went into the room and saw this Lean guy with shoulder length hair sittin and alongside him was a pretty girl chewin on a bubble gum from the sec we walked in to the second we left...(she never really spoke a word). But then after general introduction to the room, the question posted to us for discussion was..IS IT OK FOR TWO PPL WHO ARE NOT MARRIED TO LIVE TOGETHER? It was a gr8 topic to discuss and Well there were only three ppl in the room who did the talkin. One girl, this guy from delhi and URS TRULY....(me)heheheh...
It was fun and well they told us that the selected ppl from this group discussion would be informed later in the day and the shortlisted names would have a personal Interview...I was hopin that I would get a call...(I still am waiting....)*heheheheh
It was ok..came home and spent the remaing part of the day, with my comp..(haven';t been with her at all lately...she was pissed when I came close to her to give her a hug...) felt bad for her..and when I told her wat had happened...she was really hurt and then she LET ME GET ONLINE.
Anyone else goin for the audition? Chill and have a BLAST>>>>

P:S this year I guess MTV is lookin for losers...hehehehhe( then why would they reject me?)

July 19, 2004


Hey wats rong with the Indian team? As a real cricket fanatic, I was soooooo disappointed to see the match between India and UAE today. I had finished all my work for the day so that I get the time to sit and see Team India kick some butt today. Well was I in for a shocker or wat? Third ball and Viru bhai is out for a duck..and then I Guess sach was more worried bout the 1000$ tag that was on his head when he came in to bat, and then he also followed to the comforts of the cool pavilion. saurav was SAD...well thats not the word, well I guess if there is a word that would mean PATHETIC in the worst possible manner,that would have defined how he played today.VVS played some amazing wristy shots before he just gave a dolly back to the bowler and walked back to the dressing room.
I was just beginning to switch the TV off and then began hastily making plans for the evenin. From the very first ball, JAmmy looked like a man with a mission. How many times has he been India's saviour and well he sure came to India's rescue once again. *stands up and bows before the gr8 WALL*. sometimes I wonder wat it would be like if Dravid was not in the Indian team. DAMN! the thought in itself scares me. We might be a super team, but without a person like jammy, we are in serious soup> Yuvraj made sure the running between the wickets was better than wat it was when saurav and VVs were batting. And then the spinners of the UAE team really got into the skin of Yuvi and he was just a silent spectator on the field. jammy kept goin, as always and he was POETRY to watch. He was in full flow, great form and it's a real pity that there weren't much ppl in the stands to watch the match. I guess there were close to a 100 ppl in the stands- 75 of them being members of the television crew and journalists. :D
And to make matters worse, the transmission sucked real bad. There was some problem or the other every other over. Wish I was in the crew.:D am sure I would have done a decent job!!

JAMMY SCORED A 100... chanceless innings and he just played one sloppy shot and that was the shot that lead to his downfall..but then Kaifu added the icing on the cake with some lusty blows to the fence in the end. Well team India scored 260- not a very extraordinary score considering the fact that we were playin minnows like the UAE> but an ok score nonetheless.

PAthan was deadly as expected and so was the Smilin ASSASSIN Balaji. Zaheer chipped in with two wickets and the ever so consistent (but old) kumble did the final touches for a comfortable Indian victory.

ANd then it happened...We played lanka on sunday and well It would officially have been the best weekend EVER, had india won. Coz till then MY DAY WAS SIMPLY ROCKIN...but frankly though India lost the match, I STILL BELIEVE THIS WAS THE BEST WEEKEND THAT I'VE HAD IN A REALLY LONG TIME...
Good news for fellow tribe men, Am out from the HIBERNATE mode and now am Rockin....*

July 16, 2004

Life on the FAST TRACK

MCLAREN decided to take advantage of India's high unemployment rate and hired unemployed Indian Youths from the Dharavi slums in Mumbai. The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent documentary on how they were able to remove a set of wheels from a car parked in the street in than six seconds without any proper equipment. Mclaren's erstwhile crew took more than eight seconds with the right equipment. This was thought to be an excellent yet bold move by the Mclaren management, and as most races are won and lost in the pits, McLaren would have an advantage over every other team.
However, Mclaren's expectations were exceeded, as during the crew's first practice session, not only were 'da boyz' from mumbai able to change the tyres in under six seconds, but within 12 seconds had resprayed the car, filed off the chassis number and sold the vehicle over to the Ferrari team!!!
So, now I wonder wat my friend AUTO SARAVANAN, meant when he said, he can kick Michael Schumacher's Butt anyday in the race. And when u sit and analyse wat he said, it makes TRUCK LOADS of sense. On an average, auto saravanan drives his auto @ 50kms an hour, shuffling between the busy streets in the disorganised chennai roads and he proudly claims, he still hasn't had an accident. While Michael Schumacher, just goes around in circles in the track with just 20 other cars on the road. But auto sara has to take care of the cars, the deadly MTC buses, the crazy two wheelers, and also the sudden guest appearances of cows, dogs and the odd cyclists and the innumerable pedestrians. head spins while I write this, guess wat he must be going thro..
So on a Mano-e-Mano basis..AUTO he would win PANTS DOWN!!!
(guess wat it would be like to see Schumi with his pants down....hmmmmm...)

July 14, 2004


 This Russian not only scorched the grass at Wimbledon, but also a whole lot more. (OK, I know u guys are gettin ideas here...) Am talking bout MARIA SHARAPOVA here. Six feet tall and blonde, wow..she was the soul of Wimbledon this year. Frankly, I wonder where all these Russian babes were till now. My eyes were sore watchin the annoyin faces(and other physical aspects) of people like serena williams, venus williams, and the like.,.But thanx to the Blonde bombshell called MAria Sharapova, I was seriously watchin this years Wimbledon.(all her matches for sure). And she also proved she was more than just POSTER material unlike ANNA KOURNIKOVA (this doesn't mean I don;t like her anymore...well just wanted the point to be noted) this chick can play..she can hit the BALLS hard, and wat more, she's a complete stunner. AM SMITTEN<>>>>>>>
With cricket coming back into my life now after a break of two months..I need to get over MARIA Sharapova now...sighhhhhh...:(

July 11, 2004

TROY- Summer Blockbuster

workin on an assignment for One of my subjects..MEDIA supposed to select any film and do an entire script breakdown for that film. I really think its a cool thing to do and its a serious project. Selected the film troy and working on that. Came across this piece which defines the film the postin it...check it out.

Three thousand two hundred years ago. Trojan princes Hector (Eric Bana) and Paris (Orlando Bloom) are entertained by Spartan king Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), but on the voyage home Paris informs Hector that he has carried off the king's wife, Helen (Diane Krüger). Menelaus asks his brother, Mycenaean king Agamemnon (Brian Cox), to raise a Greek armada and retrieve Helen. Though despising Agamemnon, famed warrior Achilles (Brad Pitt) joins up, persuaded by his mother Thetis (Julie Christie) that his name will live forever.

Achilles' ship lands first at Troy and he captures a beachhead but, disgusted by Agamemnon's triumphalism, he retires from battle and seduces Briseis (Rose Byrne), a captured vestal virgin. Paris volunteers to settle the dispute through a duel with Menelaus, but he is bested, forcing Hector to kill the Spartan. Agamemnon orders an assault on Troy that is repelled, and Hector leads a counter attack, unwittingly killing Patroclus (Garrett Hedlund), who fought disguised in his cousin Achilles' armour. Enraged, Achilles rides to Troy's gates, challenges and kills Hector, and drags away the corpse. Trojan King Priam (Peter O'Toole) secretly visits Achilles and successfully pleads for his son's body, also taking away Briseis. The Greeks fake a retreat, leaving behind a wooden horse which the Trojans haul through their gates. By nightfall, Greek soldiers emerge from the horse and sack the city. In the mêlée Priam is slain by Agamemnon, Agamemnon by Briseis, and Achilles by Paris.

William Goldman, perhaps Hollywood's closest equivalent to the Delphic oracle, has popularised the notion of screenwriting as an exercise in problem-solving, the task being to pose dramatic questions and answer them within the tautest possible time-frame. Goldman's views are especially germane to adaptation (at which he excels), since the conversion of literary matter into pictorial storytelling is usually a more hidebound business than composing an original script. And – if you will permit a leap across millennia – did not Homer himself face an analogous challenge in selecting which songs to sing of brave Achilles, based on the oral tradition of poets and tall-tale-tellers before him?

Filming the fall of Troy in 2004 carries a lot of baggage, not least because the adapting screenwriter can draw upon a vast array of sources, both archaic and modern. (The Iliad is the sole text cited in Troy's credits, and that, one suspects, is largely for prestige.) In the dying days of the old studio system, William Faulkner or Gore Vidal might be enlisted to spruce up an epic such as Land of the Pharaohs (1955) or Ben-Hur (1959). Troy has been entrusted to 33-year-old David Benioff, whose slight novel about a prison-bound drug-dealer, The 25th Hour, was made only slightly more substantive in Spike Lee's film version.

Benioff crunches the ten-year Trojan War down to around a month and – perhaps figuring, not unreasonably, that we prefer human agency to divine ordinance – he jettisons the Homeric principle of the absolute power of the gods. Instead, he foregrounds Agamemnon's (Brian Cox) material greed for dominion, and the degree to which that design is dependent on Achilles (Brad Pitt), who might let his short-sword rust were it not for the fancy that his prowess might win him eternal fame. (Individualism, and being cool about it, may be the distinctive spirit of our own age that Benioff has transposed on to Achilles'.)

So much for hubris: in respect of more intimate tragedies, we are encouraged to feel for Hector (Eric Bana), killed by a fight unworthy of him, and his father Priam (Peter O'Toole), who must kiss the killer's hand. Such is the authentic smack of The Iliad, but elsewhere Benioff embroiders considerably: in a sop to the Avril Lavigne-listening demographic, concubine Briseis (Rose Byrne) is made a regal Trojan acolyte, and as feisty as she is comely. She even gets to cut Agamemnon's throat, so cancelling The Oresteia, in which this pleasure was reserved for the king's wife.

Brad Pitt, though first among equals in the gorgeous stakes and perfectly proficient at exuding arrogance, is much less good at murderous rage and would have been ideally cast as "beautiful, woman-crazy" Paris. Instead Orlando Bloom makes a painfully callow Trojan prince, and one could be forgiven for cheering at the thorough beating he takes off Brendan Gleeson's Menelaus. As for the obligatory RSC/Rada contingent, Cox plays Agamemnon to order as a heifer in bull's clothing, and O'Toole gives a succinct master-class in the kind of bearing and diction needed for films such as this. Amid a dog's breakfast of accents, Sean Bean's South Yorkshire Odysseus puts one fondly in mind of Tony Harrison, who has adapted Aeschylus and Euripides and could probably have given Benioff some good script notes.

Wolfgang Petersen makes a decent spectacle of both the massed battle scenes and the hand-to-hand combats; the Hector/Achilles clash is especially heavyweight. But dramatic scene after dramatic scene fails to take flight: too many face-to-face quarrels, flatly blocked and bluntly written. The costuming and production design are handsome, yet nothing looks worn or lived in. James Horner's score is entirely by-rote when the meaty action quota – not to mention all the lustrous manes of hair – might have been more rousingly scored by Metallica. Still, for 163 minutes Troy is never quite boring: you watch on, curious to see how they will wrap things up. After all, and whatever one thinks of the teller, this is still perhaps the greatest story ever told.

Ok off to do some serious work..later yo:)