May 27, 2005

Shine On

Dark clouds loomin over my head
Insanity slowly seeps in
Overpowerin , A Storm

Crisp light hoverin someplace
A ray, A spark, A soul
A Life!

Joy has no bounds
Ballads fill my life
Days are oblivion

Droplets fill my space
Lightning gives the finishing touches
A reason beyond a reason

Engulfed in the vast expanse of love
Too deep to peep
Too deep to resurface

Sharp, piercing and deadly
Void of language
A contest, A match , WAR

Can I play with madness?

May 22, 2005

Coffee, Long walks, Coffee shops, Black tops, Colored hair, Gizmos, Bikes, Nose rings, Black underwear, Cigarettes, Laughs, Sun, Sms, Stilettos, Beer, Phone bill, Zero balance, Cartoon Network, American History X, Linkin Park, Floyd, Jammin sessions, Music, Soul stirring, Meaningless conversations, Terrace, M.G. Road, Women, Espresso shots, Vietnamese Vodka, Hugs, Exhibitionists, Barista, Sunset, Harley’s, Monopoly, Filter Kaapi, Initiation, Waistlines, Agony Unc, Parties, Gold Medal, Dosa- Chicken curry, Orange Juice, House hunting, Pool side party, Rain.

The week that was!!

May 18, 2005


I did not expect any voice to answer, yet if a voice had answered me, I would have believed in it. If some voice had spoken to me there, out of the sky or the streets or the trees about me, or if some new strength had come into me there, or if I had felt again as I felt in the days of my innocence, The voice that would strike a perfect chord in the soul, the voice so soothing, that makes you forget, I would have believed in it. Yet I did not expect any voice to talk to me. That is the truth of it.

May 11, 2005


The warm, airless room is empty, waiting.
The wooden benches are free of clutter,
The blue polyester seats are folded, awaiting an audience.

Its 9:30: the show will begin in 15 minutes
Or will it?

The low- key d├ęcor is designed to defuse tension.
An actor is hired not knowing which part he is going to play.

He lurched into the dark room doing his mummys walk towards me
I screamed and screamed and screamed.

The nibbles were repulsive
The scorpion tasted like a toothpick
I chased the tarantula leg down with an eyeball.

Everybodys dying around Me,
There wont be anyone to say nice things about Me.
My funeral is already organized.

I want my body to be carried on a Gondola
I believe in GOD – but I've a feeling that he could have been an alien, from another planet.

May 06, 2005

In Absentia

You came in when life was peaceful
You came in when I had a life
You were my life

You looked when I didn’t want to
You spoke when I smiled
You smiled when I spoke

You were there when there was music
You were there with me throughout
You were music

You thrust that thing deep inside of me
You ripped my heart right out
You stepped on it with so much ease

And when I discovered how much you meant
And when I realized what I was missing
And when life was getting peaceful again

You just had to look at me like that and ignore
You just had to give that glance
You just had to come back and start the pain

Why pretend that there was nothing ever?
Why pretend that it meant nothing?
Why pretend?

It had to happen
It was bout time it did
It was meant to happen?

On a much different thought process

*I suddenly want to be a professional boxer
*I think TRAINS- from Porcupine tree is simply awesome (thanx xarazzin *muah*)
*I miss Raph & Choc more than ever today.
*I had the most amazing day today – 3rd of may
*I hate 3rd of may 2005. Wanna erase that from my life
*I think Americano is mucho cool than cappuccino
*I think my mom makes The BEST filter coffee
*I thought a lot today
*I realized that I hate to think
*Thinking too much scares me
*I miss being Two
*I think my hair really has grown longer than yours Raph
*Did I say I miss You more than EVER, ever and tons more today? Raph & Choc?
*I smoked a lot today
*I don’t really like smoking
*I wanna drive down to the beach, listening to music. But skip JESUS CHRIST super star this time around
*I need another cigarette
*I’m just crazy

May 02, 2005

Idle mind FINALLY at work

Walkin in the destroyed land
A thought more confusin than the world itself
Should I even be thinking?

We seek one another
We seek one to blame
We fuck one another, we just need the pain.

Lost in translation
Lost in my own world
Lost or Am I?

Am back home again. Been traveling a lot and I have no clue as to where I would be when I wake up in the morning. Every part of my body from waist down kinda hurts and I need to tighten all the joints of my body. I slept last nite in my own house and .I make a note here, coz the last few days I have been traveling all over the place and I was in one bus or another. Bangalore on one day, 6 hours of work and then I was off to kodaikanal for a house hunt. Few hours in kodaikanal and a LOT of walkin later I was back on the bus again and came back to coimbatore. Not sure how long I would be here, and when I would be back in B’lore or is another trip down to kodaikanal in the offing?

My brain has been witness to a lot of confusin thoughts and the whole lot of travellin ain’t helping either. An idle mind sure is a complete fuck up. Pink floyd rocks and I am not sure wat I would have done had it not been for Music and the book I’m reading at the moment. “Too Late the Phalarope” is an awesome book and I strongly recommend the book to the FEW ppl who read my blog..

Insights from the hectic travellin

*The Tamil Nadu bus service is pretty decent, their network sure is awesome (good thing)
*Never sit in front of a man who ate Three plates of briyani at 11 in the evening especially in a bus and when ur traveling on a Ghat Road. (Don’t even think bout it)
*Italian men can be err quite interesting, rite from their names, Met a man called ANDREA in the bus to kodaikanal. (saibaba devotee)
*A cross between a Brit and a Portugese is a deadly combination, met this woman who was a doctorate in Ayur Veda in the same bus. (now where is my oil massage)
*NEVER hire a cycle in kodaikanal, thinking you could peddle ur way around the place. The whole freakin place is a rip off.. (the bastards sell them in the plains- drat and double drat) Had to push the cycle uphill for five kms.
*Always understand that there ARE in fact ppl who don’t know the concept of a deodarant.
*Not all saibaba devotees are nice and soft, met a total jerk in the bus when I was coming back home.
*My hair has grown some more and the my finger nails are also long (ok now that is not just AFTER the travel, but just noticed when I was typing this post)
*My brothers’ four year old is the next Da Vinci. His sunset picture is ABSOFREAKINLUTELY brilliant.
*Never I mean NEVER ever in ur lifetime watch this Movie called MUMBAI EXPRESS (the kamal hassan movie) I feel like shoving my hand deep inside my mouth and ripping my intestines and throwing it. Especially when you haven’t been sleepin the last few days.