April 10, 2006

Another memorable year

9 o clock friday evening the 7th of april, the gang is ready and the party started,Ended at 3 in the morning on the 8th,Loads of vodka, and an awesome cake,A slightly weird candle setup on the cake,An unbelievable day on the 8th,Loads of smiles, wishes and gifts,Not to forget loads of beer,Family and Friends were there,Calls and Sms came in all day long,Missed a few special people in the party,Suprise calls, loads more beer and poker, Gokarting and more poker.
Finally the party ended. 2 in the morning on monday.
Thanks all you guys, My Birthday was an 'Absolut' Blast

April 03, 2006

Blue Skies From Pain

Piercin words that leave a scar
Not thought of, or was it really?

The reward for bein sensitive
For lending a heart
For having a soul.

What have I have done to deserve this?
Is bein there such a crime?
Maybe bein there for you, is.

Endless nights, revealing conversations,
Eerie Silence, Scary turn of events
A lump in the heart thinking bout your next move,
hour, second

Why does it hurt so much to let go,
To be a mute spectator
Like people dont even exist?

A million thoughts flood my brain
with a heavy heart, I try to dissect
A postmortem of sorts

Is it really worth all this pain?
Is it really worth all this struggle?
Is this really what your made of?

Been thro this before
Didnt mind going thro it again
Dont think I want to anymore.

It took twenty minutes to get me shattered
It will take forever to mould me back
You still teach me the concept of life

Even after your gone
Even after you want me out
Even after you feel meeting me was a mistake
The worst ever, you say.

Guess you have made your decision
Taken a call and will move on
I will do the same, Better than Ever.

A rebirth is long due
Or WAS .