March 29, 2006


I was there when there was love blossoming
I was there when there was a ray of hope
I was there when everyone thought there was no hope

I was there when it reached rock bottom
I was there when you wanted to go bottoms up
I was there when there was only an endless pit

I was there when you were drained
I was there when you were getting back
I was there when you wanted to start afresh

I was there at your new start
I was there when life was fresh
I was there when you made a choice

I was there when the world was against you
I was there when the stars were not with you
I was there when love was not with you

I was there THEN
I am there NOW
I shall always be there

But now you want me out,
For now
Forever …

March 13, 2006

Lonesome Tonight

A family of five sitting on the floor. A feast spread in front. Its a festival each day. The days happening discussed over sambar and rasam. A dash of potato fry to spice up the conversation. A pinch of sarcasm, bucket full of humor, a lot of client bashing and spirituality for dessert. Gluttony sets in at the end of it all.

Cut to one man sitting alone on a chair. A voice calls out “what would you like to have sir”? “The Usual” comes the reply, without lifting the head. A plate with food is placed under the nose. The plate is empty in a while, the stomach could be full, the heart is always empty….
Sloth sets in Now.

Edit 1 : Australia can now kiss my butt.. What a match. What an unbelievable match. I can die in peace now. I feel like India has won the world Cup.

Edit 2 : I hate the finance minister. They have increased the price of Cigs

March 06, 2006


You are tagged.
And then I start running and this time around not chasing someone but chasing my own dreams. Tags are at it again, and they are even more fierce than the bird flu. Guess turning vegetarian is of no use after all.

There have been quite a lot of people who have tagged me for a number of different things. And though I enjoy reading most of them, its a different ball game altogether when it is me who is on the line of fire. I always have a whole of things to say about others, but when it comes to talking bout me, I always seem to get stuck. Am going to give it a shot this time.

About Arvind aka The Absolut Iyer.

* Im the president of the “Women, you cant live with them and you cant live without them” Club. I have been successfully promoting this club for a while now.

* I love music and I love writing, been searching for a job that pays me for doing that and that pays me a fat sum at the end of each month.

* I have been in love, I know how it feels, I have been hurt real bad and I still feel it sometimes. I think every person has to fall in love at least once in their life time. I think you learn a whole lot of things being in a relationship with someone. (The crush or love with that professor from school and college doesnt count though).

* I call myself a MEDIA SCIENTIST, and I really am proud of that name. I have had a taste of all medium so far and I think I enjoy the pressure and satisfaction that this industry provides me all the freaking time.

* They say behind every man there is a woman, and I believe behind every man there is a butt. Prove me wrong anybody, somebody.

* I love to dance and I love to sing, just that there are no takers. (How bout a sample Saturday night?)

* I curse myself every morning for not picking up the habit of reading.(And no, starting now wont solve the purpose and Mad, Calvin & Hobbes and Google doesnt count)

* I pray everyday and am very spiritually inclined. I thank my family for that.

* Always dream of waking up one day and Googling my name and finding a million hits.

* I think am a peoples person. I love being around people and I dont really enjoy being left alone.

* There are very few people in this world who I hate, George Bush tops the list and a jerk from college is a close second.

* I detest hypocrites, but I also understand that we are all one ourselves. So dont be very obvious with me, and then youve had it.

* I have never peed in my pants. (just had to write that)

* I love writing mails to people and sometimes I also write Snail Mails.

* I have a tattoo on my left arm which I designed three years ago and I think that is my most prized possession. And I want to get some more tattoos done.

* Love English Language the most next to Tamil. Thanks Dad. But next time please dont make corrections on my report card or any application form.

* Im the biggest job switcher in town. It takes a lot for something to get under my skin (not shirt) but when something does, I try and get out of it ASAP.

* Im a total sucker for women with expressive eyes and beautiful hair. If you think you have it, give me a shout.

* My life so far – Family, Music, Coffee, Women, More Music and loads more Coffee.

* I love traveling. I firmly believe that one gets to understand a lot in life through traveling. People, Culture, food and a whole lot more and that is what makes a person.

* The maximum I have had to drink on one day. New Years Eve 2005. 5 Rounds of Absolut, 3 Pints of Beer and losing count after the 10th shot of Tequila. “Sun is shining”!

* It doesnt take much for me to get acquainted with someone. I can strike a conversation with a total stranger and at the end of it all we are no longer strangers. I have made quite a lot of real good friends thanks to this quality of mine.

* I have met a transsexual one evening in a coffee shop and ended up having the most amazing conversation of my entire life for the next six hours. (To the nosy-cozy couple sitting next to me…Bugger off or here are the keys to my apartment)

* I have been threatened at gun point once by a jerk in a coffee shop. (Most of the interesting things in my life have happened in a coffee shop. They say a lot can happen over coffee, Coffee day I think needs to make a movie out of all this)

* I can write abstract poetry at the snap of a finger. (Ok, you can stop now) Heres something that I wrote thinking bout another point.

Silence Speaks Volumes
Twisted, Bent and Disturbed
Strange faces, staring at you

Trying to talk, Converse
Make sense? Make Meaning?
Synonyms in the name of Truth

Truth is Non-Existent
For the Non-Believer
I am …..A Believer.

* I wanted to become a cricketer and play for India. Realized two very important things. One I dont have the whole package and two; my dad is not rich enough.

* Buy me coffee and talk to me about anything under the sun; I will be your friend for life.

* I love photography and I think “A picture speaks a thousand words”, try telling my Editor that.

* Two people I relate to a lot: 1. Joey – From Friends and 2. Saif – From Dil Chahta Hai.

* My mother thinks am a born Entertainer. I think she is always RIGHT.

* 5 things I cant live without: 1. My Hair band 2.A Pen 3. My scribbling pad 4. My crystal 5. My phone. A Deo, wallet, my torn pair of jeans are a given.

* Im really proud of my voice. No wonder I had a decent fan following when I was an RJ. (Yes, modesty is my middle name)

* I love observing people. Ive had the best times sitting in a railway station or an airport or a coffee shop (again) observing people and trying to link the many words and conversations that I happen to hear. The sights and sounds are just too interesting to let go.

* I love Sashi, Sandhya and Thejas to bits. They are everything to me. God bless those three little ones. Too bad kids grow up :(

* My long term dream is to either make a movie and cast Nandita Das or act in a movie with her. She is gorgeous – Period.

Wow. What started out as a small post to kill time has come down to three pages on my laptop. I think this is too much information about me and then they say a blog is a private journal. English is a very funny language.

That’s all folks. You can go home now! Cheers.