December 30, 2004

If only life were this good.......

I'm a Mediterranean kinda guy. I have long black hair, love beer , red wine and cheese and I know more about sports and entertainment than about Indian epics. And I wake up about four hours before the west does. Which can be a bit of a problem when One lives in Bangalore.

A gracious Providence has surrounded me with people who understand: bosses who permit me to start my day a few hours after everyone else; clients who considerately ask only for afternoon or evening meetings;friends for whom my presence is the provider of many witty one liners ( and they think nothing of calling me at 2 a.m because I'm the only one guaranteed to be both awake and alone at that hour.) girlfriends who...come to think of it, there haven't been that many. hmmm...Wonder why?

My awkward biological clock, a pathological dislike of crowds, have, while ensuring that I have a laughable social life, made me something of an expert on getting home in the wee hours, on the cheap.

So, last trains, last buses...they have become my lifeline, ferrying me back from the radio stations, television channels and ad agencies where I have worked over the years, rocketing up the silent length of this stretched out city to my bed. But I write here of buses. And its not because I love trains less, but that I love buses more.

Trains I use when I travel, not when I commute. There is romance in the sound and rythm of a train chugging through the night, long deep whistle blowing, strange stations with different local flavours of sweet tea and terrible coffee..

Trains get me home faster in this city, but when I look out between stations, my eyes pass over the same things they would have seen at more respectable times, only darker. And the stations are lonely enough to break your heart. In a local bus, however, things change in the night.

As you wait for them, you have company. A bus stop is a fraction of the size of the train station, so you are in closer proximity to your travelling companions.
Beside you, mill workers stand silently, tired, second- shift men with blank eyes. Next to them, boy-men in black trousers and white shirts smoke cigarettes, laughing as they dissect the evening happenings of the place they work in. Perched on the railings a pair of college kids self-consciously hold hands, whispering to each other, and you can bet they are not talking about the late show they just didn't watch. Off to the side, two waitresses from a coffee pub(they always travel in pairs) , chatter like exotic tropical birds, ignoring with practised ease the male eyes that strip them of their gaudy plumage. Drooping against the slim metal pillars of the bus stop, a young couple, a sleeping toddler in his arms, hers weighed down with a large bag, balance the temptation of the taxi that waits invitingly a few feet away against the straightjacket of the monthly budget.

And a bus arrives, its engine sound unrecognisable from its peak hour grumbling and muttering of white Maruti 800s.Now it roars impatiently, complaining about the length of time your taking to get in.

The Bus is in motion now, and the engine shrieks and bellows, like a class of adolescent schoolboys, voices breaking, greeting the last bell of the last period of the last day of term. It races joyously through the night, double rings from the conductor pushing it past deserted bus stops, hurdling speed breakers, vaulting potholes, its rattling windows joining the symphony of loose rivets, while a solo horn raises its voice above the din to tell the world to GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW!!!

Don't fall asleep unless you're a regular whom the conductor will wake up. Its your stop now. Move to the back of the bus, and quickly. The bus slows, you're expected to jump off, not impede its progress by waiting for it to come to a complete halt. And as your feet touch the ground, it speeds away, making rude jokes to itself about your lack of atheleticism.

And you wish you had one measly glass slipper to throw at the baying mongrels that serenade your slow trudge home.

And when its really, really, late? Heck, just hang around and keep doing whatever it is thats kept you away from home till now. In just a few hours, the city will wake up again. Way before the su
n comes up, ther'll be the first trains, the first buses..............

My first ever post.... And have put it up again..Life has come a full circle, have done a lot of things, have met a lot of new ppl, just a symbolic way of sayin, this started it all..


December 26, 2004

Chennai ROCKS!!!

Scene 1:
ECU of my uncle lookin flushed, tryin desperately to wake me up..
camera zooms down to Me. Dazed after a loooong nite, slept only at about 4 in the mornin and It is NOT fun to wake up at 6 especially on a sunday.

Scene 2:
There is an earthquake, so step out of the house(VO of my unc)
Earthquake yea rite. (Vo Of moi- so young and so angry)
*rubbin my eys I walk gently up to the living room. Wonder of all wonders......

Scene 3:
Camera pans the whole room. The cd case on the corner of the room is swayin like a pendulum. The Tv is shaking. The key chain is swinging wildly. The floor is shakin under the cam. It really is an earthquake. And NO AM NOT DRUNK!!!!

Scene 4:
Step out of the house(Living on the 7th floor is not much fun at this point of time) Steady cam follows everyone gettin out of the house. Men, women and kids - Bleary eyed on a sunday-various stages of NIGHT CLOTHING. Most of them still wondering if the vodka and beer they had the previous nite had to do something-and if yes..They sure aren't the only one feelin a little .errr...SHAKY!!

Scene 5:
The apartment folks are all down. And No there is no Tea-coffee- samosas happenin. Camera zooms to every single individual. They all share their experience or their VERSION of the earthquake.

Scene 6:
ECU of the Lean dude..ALrite...CHENNAI ROCKS>>>

Edited@12 noon
HOLY MOTHER!! The intensity of the quake has hit me now..The coast line is almost in shatters..The huts near the beach have all been gutted and ppl are on the roads. I went out with a few friends to see wat has happened. Ambulances, cops..Tensed ppl and yea also a few dead bodies too..And well Now I really don't know wat's happened. Nature's fury is somethin that is soooooo powerful. All of us are mere mute spectators. There is water on the road, near the beach. There is chaos happenin on the roads. For the next two days, chennai has a LOT of cleanin up to do..
Edited@9 in the evening
Been watchin all the news channels possible, talkin to most of my friends who are spread out in chennai. Things are looking really really sad. The whole city is feelin dazed from the day's happenings.Went to the beach road tryin to be a part of the relief measures. Was initially kicked out by the cops, rushed home took my coll id and also my office Id and tried to get to the point to see if I could be a part of some help, This time they were polite but still asked me to leave the place. The whole beach area-all roads and paths have been cordoned off. And I hear this would be the case for the next two days. Casualities are increasin and it's already come down to 300 in chennai alone..and more than 3000 in Tamil Nadu. Have been attending phone calls and replyin to mails all day. Feels nice to see soo many ppl around u who care. For all the ppl who have been callin and messagin and commentin on this post..Thanx...You rock my world and not this Earthquake....

RELIEF OPERATIONS...Feel free to help in any way possible.....
Am pretty sure all of you must be readin the papers and other news reports and should be havin a pretty decent idea as to wat needs to be done and wat to do...But well am also givin u some more info on wat one needs to do if they have the heart to help. Any which way possible..There are a LOT of ppl who have the heart to help and the urge to as well. And well With the help of a really amazing person am sendin u a link where you could go and find out more on wat needs to be done.
check that website and get all the info possible..they also have a toll free number

And here's another place where one could go and check out too.
For anyone, who is wondering about what they can do to help.Please Goto

*And though there are a lot of other sources who are comin fwd to help too, the authenticity is not really clear. So I would also advice u to take a note before offerin to help. *

A silent prayer for all the casualities and the ppl who have gone missin.

December 25, 2004

Love In The Asylum....

A stranger has come
To share my room in the house not right in the head,
A girl mad as birds
Bolting the night of the door with her arm her plume.
Strait in the mazed bed
She deludes the heaven-proof house with entering clouds
Yet she deludes with walking the nightmarish room,
At large as the dead,
Or rides the imagined oceans of the male wards.
She has come possessed
Who admits the delusive light through the bouncing wall,
Possessed by the skies
She sleeps in the narrow trough yet she walks the dust
Yet raves at her will
On the madhouse boards worn thin by my walking tears.
And taken by light in her arms at long and dear last
I may without fail
Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars.

December 23, 2004

Ethics...Morals..and Great souls..The debate continues...

Before you actually sit down to read this post, am pretty sure all of u must have read the title.."Don't hit me"..this is not to start another debate.not to get ppl charged up..but just a small note to make ppl understand a few basic concepts in life...namely..Ethics, Morals and values. The past few weeks have seen mind boggling and mind bloggling facts being revealed and STRIPPED>.too many things have been happenin and we are all just mere spectators. And in the past few weeks, MEDIA has had a field day everyday and they sure seem to be in PEAK FORM. Being a media guy myself, sometimes it disgusts me to see all that is happenin in the world in the context of media and in the pretext of providing news.

Papers are full of this crap, Television channels are soo full of this sh*T...Internet is just the medium that the whole thing thrives on.Blogworld is not spared either. But after goin thro all this, I have a staunch feelin that if a few interesting ppl who I know and who I have known over a period time in the blog world enter media, then I guess there could be a revolution that could be initiated that no one could even think of.
And to all those ppl who have taken a moral stand on all the issues happenin recently, and who have made it clear in their respective blogs..well this post is a small dedication and I just have to say that It's good to be a regular reader of ur blogs and well we need more ppl like u. *stands up and raises a toast*
Here are some very interestin and wonderfully written posts bout all the latest happenings that have rocked the world and shocked the nation...

"The argument begins and continues"- by Ramya..great job!!
"My brain has been busy" by Xcentric..worth a debate..kudos dude.

And to the many many others, who have written about it, and who I haven;t read or mentioned here.If there is a post that you would like others to read plss leave the link on the comments section.
To send a msg across to make a difference and not just merely to get their comments section rolling...This post is for u.Cheers and it is with ppl like u, that I could still have my chin up and say...
"Ethics...Morals..and Great souls...Oh yea..they still exist.."

December 19, 2004

Bullah! to me, I am not known

Bulla, what do I know who I am?
I'm not a Hindu,
I'm not a Turkish/dweller of Peshawar,
I'm not a Muslim.
I haven't killed my brother,I didn't drink the blood of an infant,
I never beheaded an animal.
I never saw a God who told meTo do all these things in his name.
Bulla, what do I know who I am?

I have always been a sucker for good music. All genres, all languages(does music really need/have a language?) IT doesn’t happen often in Indian popular non-film music, but whenever you hear a voice that stirs you, you simply go ga-ga.

Rabbi Shergill has one such voice. And I must say "WHAT A VOICE".close ur eyes and listen to the songs and u are just in a completely different world. A world that is tranquil, a world that is peaceful and at the same time a world that is just simply breathtaking.

The songs are in Punjabi, but that shouldn’t deter those who don’t follow the language.Have been listenin to this one particular song for a while now and with each day the song is just more and more amazing. The video for the song sure adds more to the complete feel of the song.The translation of the song that runs throghout the song and the striking visuals. Any young cinematographers and students who want to make a music video..WATCH THIS SONG. WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN...

Bullah! to me, I am not known
Not in the holy Vedas, am I Nor in opium, neither in wine

Not in the drunkard`s craze -Niether awake, nor in a sleeping daze
Bullah! to me, I am not known
In happiness nor in sorrow, am I Neither clean, nor a filthy mire

Not from water, nor from earthNeither fire, nor from air, is my birth
Bullah! to me, I am not known
Not an Arab, nor LahoriNeither Hindi, nor NagauriHindu, Turk (Muslim), nor PeshawariNor do I live in Nadaun
Bullah! to me, I am not known
Secrets of religion, I have not knownFrom Adam and Eve, I am not bornI am not the name I assumeNot in stillness, nor on the move
Bullah! to me, I am not known
I am the first, I am the lastNone other, have I ever knownI am the wisest of them allBullah! do I stand alone?
Bullah! to me, I am not known

December 12, 2004

Fuellin My EGO!!

Things have been rather good lately and life could be slightly better, but no complaints as such. Work has been good too. The post production works are over and the promos have hit the screens. The show as such has got a pretty nice response and I think my promos had a little somethin to do bout that.
My results are out.And Yes....My hard work(yea rite!!) has paid off..I cleared all the papers and wat more, second rank in uni..Not bad!(*Bows before the few kind, sweet souls who are smilin now and applaudin*)
Saw a few brilliant movies recently..sometimes all I want to do is to just sit in my bean bag, nice and comfy, relaxed and watch nice movies. Do that all the time when Am in b'lore. And when u have the rite company to watch the movies with, then nothin like it. Saw IDENTITY,It's awesome.A MUST WATCH.ppl go out to the DVD rental and get it. It is simply superb.
have this show,a very filmy musical extravaganza tonite and the media sponsors are STAR VIjay, I got VVIP passes to go for the show..ALRITEEEE>..

Wat more do I want in one week to fuel my EGO sooo much, I FEEL SO WANTED:P


December 04, 2004

Life on the fast track

36 hours of non stop shooting for my promos, attending a seminar in college, having chai with my best buddies in a road side tea stall and talkin bout peeping tom shower video, laughing my brains out with complete werido's in the coffee shop near my house, and seeing this FAT-UGLY-guy scratching his privates on the middle of the road...whoa..its been a looooong three days.
Finally my shoot is over. I had the most horrid time with the model during the shoot. She was dumb..Oh yea she was..oh god she was...DUMB...dumb....dumbbbbb....Oh yea. I can go on and on. How in the world can someone be soooo dumb? And why did my producer select her in the first place? From 5 in the mornin to 3 the next mornin, it was hard work tryin to tell her wat I wanted her to do when the camera was rolling. She just wouldn't get it!! I guess that pretty much took all my energy. Workin on the post production of the promos now and they will be on tv in a couple of days.*pats myself on the back for a job welldone*

The conversations over the last few days with friends from college and from work have been very limited. It's either bout Jayendra saraswathi swamigal or bout Trisha's shower video that's been doin the rounds all over the internet world. It's so easy to satisfy a lot of ppl in this world. Don't even get me started by asking me how?What is the world upto? Some murder happens someplace and the spiritual head in behind bars.(I really don't want to start a religious discussion here, and never really meant to harm anybody's feelings too.)ppl from all parts of the world want to know the actual details of wat the guru has been upto?Weird tales are being cooked up every other day in the media and most of it being OPEN AND BLATANT CRAP and then some horny hotel guy fixes a cam in the mirror of a bathroom and then BINGO, u have a three minute internet video and the whole world knows. These are things that travels faster than light or a forest fire. Tch tch tch.Gor kalyug is all that I have to say. What could be the reason for this type of behaviour? What is it that is driving ppl into doin all this cheap, dirty tricks- when they know there is someone gettin hurt in the process?
Things like this have become part of life for a lot of ppl these days. In this time of Internet and mobile phones, nothin is real anymore and things that are real have become stuff for everyone to see and get EXCITED...sometimes in the literal sense too. A lot of things are happenin around us. In our neighbourhood, in our society, in schools and colleges and at work places. But not many ppl come out and talk about it. Sometimes talkin bout it in itself is heartening and painful. It's innocent ppl who are caught in between all this and suffering. I read a shockin piece of news sometime back and I bet it's not just the case with that school, but it's been happenin in a lot of other places too and the magnitude has only increased and spread it's ugly tentacles on innocent children. Or are children really innocent? To have a question like that in my mind, makes me stop and think..makes me wonder? Makes me sometimes literally shiver to say the least to imagine wat it would be like ten years from now, when I have a daughter/son. Is the world really that safe? Is technology really a boon? New inventions and innovations, are they really here to make things easier for us? or MAKE LIFE HELL????

December 01, 2004

Another GYAN...

"You know it's winter in chennai, when the icecream in ur hand takes 40 seconds more to turn into it's liquid form...."