November 03, 2004

It's always the best feeling...

"Welcome to Coimbatore station, Coimbatore station mein aapka swagath hai, Coimbatore station ungalai inidhey varaverkiradhu"

Love those's just an awesome feeling, reachin cbe in the mornin with the pleasant breeze and the cold weather welcoming you along with your dad. With a two day stub and very clearly bugged that the train was late and he also had to rush back home to drop my brother in college for his exam..MAN..I really pity this man..For one month he's been living with my brother in the house, since my mom has gone to ireland..And my poor dad doesn't know how to cook..YUP...The trouble starts there!!!

The train journey was lousy to say the least. Went in to my seat and saw a bunch of drunk PArty people travellin with me..Ok am not goin to say which party they belonged to.(but I think green was their fav colour) hehehe...I've had interesting train journeys a number of times, have made nice contacts and met weird, funny and highly intelligent ppl in my travel.But this is goin to be a new experience. They were LOUD..ANnoying and were talkin bout party politics.Not a very appealing topic to say the least. Went to my seat, asked the guy who was literally using my seat as a plate to clean it and move it ( actually wanted to say shove it) but then didn't want to. They moved and the coach was SMELLING of cheap booze..Thank god for small mercy. I had my cd man and a few cd's my nite was made. LINKING PARK, METALLICA and BOB MARLEY were travelling with me in the train and also got a call from my bestest frund. so Awesome over all.
Reached half an hour late in coimbatore. The weather was simply super cool. Gentle drizzle and cool breeze. Went home to find a rather clean house considering the fact that TWO men were living there for the past one month..No food and refrigerator full of old food..Smellin..hehehe..I love my DAD..
Slowly when I was sinking into the whole..ahhhh am on a vacation mode..I got a shock. My net connection at home Ain't workin..booo hooooo...and then my dad is really busy with some work and so his timings in office is from 9 to about 10. My bro has an exam and so he is stayin with his friends and studyin, mom is still in ireland..So actually am here and HOME ALONE:D heheheh

Blogs should wait for a few days..I MISS readin all ur posts, and I miss sittin in front of the comp all day...But then I just need to cool off for a have fun and I shall drop into ur worlds real soon.take care and enjoy..Peace

Planning to go to B'lore sooner than expected. Will be there sometime on the 6th...
**Watch Out*

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Ad astra per aspera said...

Have fun!! Dont know abt train journeys but going back home must be a BLAST!...blogs will wait ... you chill!!