June 26, 2004

Perfect start to the weekend!!!!

Had a terrific time last nite.. Saw TROY. I must say, It was a very well made movie. *stands up and bows to WOLFGANG PETERSEN* I couldn't have asked for more. The whole week was packed with tons of work and I just wanted to take off.Didn't have class on friday and so the whole day was pretty much VETTI(jobless). Went out for lunch to this very nice PUNJABI DHABA. Been there once earlier and I must say the food there is YUMM> But today was not meant to be. Had some chicken(u guys know that I'm a strong IYER rite? heheheheh). we were 5 of us. Two couples and I. Vinay uncle ordered for some Sea food(he a mallu...So.....) and well I have never been a gr8 fan of sea food, but then I was really tempted to taste the Prawn that was on the table..Had a kutty piece and then I was ok with it. So got a second helping and was enjoyin my meal.
Al old hindi song of Raj kapoor was playin in the background and the place had amazing pictures of yester year actors(Wonderful pictures I must add). After some Phenomenal over eating, we decided to get back home. On the way back I was feeling slightly sick...And I couldn't care less what they were talkin to me in the car.. I just wanted to reach home at the earliest, And after an agonizing twenty mts,we reached home and I knew where to head straight away. * The rest Is history*
spent the entire afternoon, takin some rest..hehehhe..And I thought I had only VERBAL DIARRHEA..hahahah.... Hmm from now on I must stick to "SEE FOOD" and not SEA FOOD!!!
Rudra came home that evenin from Hyderabad...he is the next DUDE in town(my uncle's kid..he'll be 2 soon..)Guess he will find someone in life before I do.COMPETITION is tough in the Manian family...wink wink
and TROY happened to give the final touches to the day...If this is not a perfect start to the weekend, then wat is?????Peace

June 24, 2004

It’s getting HOT in here…..

Wow, It’s really hot today, and 39 degrees is HOT.. Feelin really dehydrated, Not sure if it’s due to the Heat or my Wallet. Heheheh
The day was rockin. Had a real good argument in class with Uma Ma’m bout Ethics in Media..wow, luved it..I went totally berserk and a real heated argument followed for a little more than two hours. I love talkin bout issues relating to ETHICS, and MORALS when it comes to media, the fact that it’s become extinct makes it even more interesting to argue about.

Came home for some wonderful food. ‘PULIYODHARAI’(tamarind rice), Coconut Rice and lots of THACHIMAMAM (to be read as Curd rice).I can just about survive on Thachimamam, hmmmm. Am a total IBC…INDIAN BORN CONFUSED freak.. I don’t exactly have an identity crisis, am an Iyer, proud to be one, I must say. Spent the whole afternoon reading the blogs of some cool ppl on the net. Was listenin to loads of country music from 56K. felt really happy to be alone at home and basically was havin a real good time.
Oh yea BTW, after havin lunch, my uncle left for his office and he forgot to take his glasses, called me up and asked me to get it for him. I stepped out of the house and I was Melting.(everything around me was) so that was actually the only annoyin thing for the day. But then this is the same everyday, when one lives in Madras ( I like to call It Madras and Not Chennai).
Went to a Rotary function in the evening,, Yea, I had the same reaction when I heard that in the first place. Went there, a family friend was takin charge as the President of the Club and another Major Saab was to become the Secretary. Two ex-Indian army officers continuing to do wonderful things. (* stands up and salutes the two*) ..
The function was borin though. Couldn’t understand why everyone kept clapping, and I saw this really cute girl..( ok ok, before ur imagination runs wild…She must be about 3 or 4 yrs) she was dressed in this cute flowery pink skirt and she thought that clappin was the only thing she was allowed to do that evening by her Rotarian father and Ann Mother..hahahah…the terms they use to address each other is simply hilarious..And I should also tell bout this other girl, who was equally pretty with a real cute smile and her “Prima Foci” was to convert me into a Rotarian too…Guess she really doesn’t know me. Laughter, happy faces, cute babies, a crying baby, beautiful women and their even more beautiful daughters that was wat I was seein all evening.


June 23, 2004


Hmmmmmm......GOD...Am soooooo full can't move a muscle.(must be wondering how I'm typin now)have this person sittin next to me doin the typin...Anyways...Just had this HUGEEEEEEEE helpin of PASTA>>my aunt makes some YUMMMMMMMM pasta.. It's Nisha's B'day today..haven't spoken to her yet. Guess I would call her just before midnite, get this cheap thrill by being the first and the last person to wish someone on their b'day. Oh by the way...She's goin to ITALY soon and well this dinner on her b'day is just apt. hehehe. CHEERS NISH...CONGRATS ON UR ADMISSION AND HOPE U KICK SOME ITALIANO BUTTO...:D

Feelin super thrilled and happy. Got a feast of good news from all kinds of ppl from mornin. B'day...results...And this real sweet girl whom I've been in touch with of late, a while back I was just thinkin that my social life doesn't exist 'nymore..and from being a social circle it was gettin to be more like a social DOT.. Now its ok. Actually been meetin some very interestin ppl of late.
Went out for coffee with my cousin to COFFEE DAY.,..( I don't fancy that place much) everytime someone asks for a coffee...I don't understand why the cream in the coffee should be a HEART sign.. It's the same with guys and girls...hmm next time I need to watch out. After three cups of cappucino, I saw the back of a girl and I told my cousin...I RECOGNISE that back..I slowly went towards the person, My cousin meanwhile was gettin all ready to tell the crowd that He doesn't know me anymore..It so happened that the BACK was of my friends..heheheheh...It was a good friend of mine from college,..ended up talkin to her over two more cups of coffee..

June 16, 2004

Back to Classrooms and Borin lectures....

Four more hours to go for college to start. First day of my final year....The past two months have been really productive for me. Met a lot of interesting people and well hopefully I could also get more work from them. My social life has been HIT real bad.....hahahah....can only look back at life and laugh now. Ok now i'm beginnin to sound like someone I know(whom I completely detest).
Just findin in some time to pen down a few words. Be back soon...cheers all.

June 13, 2004

Tryin to get sumthin goin!!

It sure feels ok today. The past few days were just so hot to handle. WOrk on one side and the weather on the other. Feels good to have a dry T-shirt on.(Grossing out a lot of ppl already). This is the 'N'th time (lost count after the 987th time) that I'm sittin down to understand the intricacies of blogging. And I still don;t have a clue about a LOT of things, which is so typical of me.
Sunday is one day, that I use to the fullest to learn new things. Today is no different. I suddenly realised that I need someone who's pretty competent in the Blogging World with me rite now, to just help me get the tricks of this trade.
Will be starting work on my Music video soon.It was funny when I got the news from a friend, whom I'm working with. The conversation that followed on the phone is this:

(tune of a typical Nokia phone)...I saw the name on the phone and I picked up..
Arvind: Yo! V, How u doin? Long time now news..so when did u get back from Bombay( I like to call it bombay and not MUMBAI)
Virag: Hey My man..am good..so guess wat, there's more work.
A: (thrilled as I was).oh gr8. so tell me wats it about...
V: ( In his Oh, so typical Rambling....) we are goin to shoot a music video. seven track album and the first song starts in the next two weeks in chennai. Not sure bout the rest..(all this intro in like close to 37 and a half seconds)...
A: (givin him some time to catch a breath..) wow..thats cool. so wat language is it goin to be in?
V: I have no clue man...
A: Ok. so wats it goin to be like? where are we shootin?
V: I have no clue man...
A: Well wat else do u know?
V: Oh yea...lots of babes...chicks from bombay and b'lore...its goin to be fun..I'll call u later...bye...

(He disconnects the line).....I have my half empty cup of coffee in my hand and was tryin to recollect wat he said....

And all I could recall was...music video..first song in chennai...in the next two weeks...and babes....
So thats the deal. Bored out of my wits...bankrupt and pretty much uncertain bout wat i would do once college gets over in the next one year..(and my mom thinks, I need to be sure atleast now, the whole deal being am in my masters now)anyways...still uncertain.

June 07, 2004

Wow...Its been a really long time since I actually sat in front of my comp to get some writing done...Been workin real hard and when I say hard, I mean it..Just finished directing my first Corporate film For Wall Street Journal New York. Super thrilled with that. Just didn;t expect that I would get a chance to do that. Work at the agency is also cool. But still I'm certain that there is something that's empty. hmmm I know its my wallet.Am broke.totally totally broke. too much work, but no one seems to be payin me. Just got another call from a friend, asking me to assist him in cinematography for a Music Video that he's planning to shoot.( I Hope he pays me atleast).
My life is not bad at all. Sittin in the balcony of my house, givin my butt some rest, that reminds me the Bean Bag needs more beans..and not the guy next door,guess he eats only beans. Life is gr8. Listenin to some super dooper music from KFOGFM,(they are good). My glass of ***** just got over, and I need a refill. ANyways, in a few more days, its going to be the routine work, college, boring people and classroom.
My weekend just got over visiting relatives. SOmething that I didn't wanna do, atleast this weekend. But since I couldn;t afford to go out and chill out, thought I might as well go out and be POLITICALLY CORRECT with a few relatives( still tryin to figure out, how they are related to me).