July 14, 2008

The Act

Ext. Busy Street. Evening.
Shot of a busy market. Lots of activity. A fruitseller (male) calling out to his customers. Fresh fruits in his cart. He seems over excited. A little girl holding her mother's hand and her stuffed toy, tightly. The mother is busy bargaining with another vendor.
A cyclist carrying a huge load cycles past people on the street. The camera follows the cyclist as he goes past the people and follows him till he turns around the corner of the market.

The camera pans across the street capturing everything. One shop to another. One cart to another. Expressions of people. The sun shining bright above their heads.

Cut to

Ext. Coffee shop. Evening.
A writer sitting in a table in the corner. Quietly looking at the street overlooking the coffee shop. A lit cigarette on the ashtray. A coffee going cold on his table. He writes in a tissue paper. A few photographs are scattered across the table.

A young couple in the next seat. Looking suspiciously at the other tables. Stealing an occasional kiss. A special moment.

Cut to shot of the writer, chuckling to himself as he takes a deep drag from his cigarette. The smoke fills the screen.

Cut to

Int. Hospital. Evening.

An anxious father waiting outside the operation theater. His hands clasped across his cheeks. Head buried behind his long locks. A nurse walks past him. She is in a hurry. Her hands holding a saline bottle. Her forehead drenched in sweat.

Cut to
Ext. Dark alley. Dusk.

The sun setting slowly behind a tall sky scraper. A black man dressed in a blue sweatshirt with a hood and a pair of jeans waiting impatiently.
Foot steps. The puddle of water from the rain that had just stopped is disturbed by another pair of legs. A lean man looking flushed enters the scene. His hands inside his trousers. He is carrying a bag. He looks at the black man and signals him to come towards him.
The black man moves slowly. Looking around to check for any company. Any movement.
They exchange a parcel. They walk away in the same direction from which they came.

Cut to

Int. Restaurant. Night.

A man is sitting with his fiance. She looks radiant with a red sleeveless dress. Her long neck, her pearl necklace. She smiles at him. The man takes a small box from his coat. A diamond ring. And gently pushes the open box towards her.

ECU of the woman. She is overwhelmed.
CU of the man. Smiling.
Cut to

Ext. Graveyard. Night.

A small boy standing next to a pyre. The flames reach high into the sky. The silence is unbearable. His eyes are moist. They are red from all the crying. His body shivering. It's cold. There is chillness in the air. He kneels down before the fire. He takes the sand from the ground and applies it on his face. He begins to wail. He is bawling. Uncontrollably.

Quick flashes of the crowded street. The coffee shop. The Hospital. The dark alley. The restaurant.
The shots come over and over and over again.

Cut to
Int.Edit Studio. Midnight.

A man (editor) gets up from his chair. Stretches his arms and legs and walks out of the studio.
He lights a cigarette and looks at the sky. A lone star shining bright.
The smoke from the cig covers the star. The star disappears.

ECU of the man. He looks blank. Expressionless into the camera.

He doesn't blink. Long, excruciatingly long ECU shot of the man staring into nothingness.
Cut to

Ext. Road. Day.

A man standing in the middle of the highway. Cars and motorists and trucks whizzing past him.

Cut to
Ext. Coffee Shop. Day.

Shot of the writer giving the final touches to a sketch.
Sketch of a boy kneeling down in front of a fire with words written on the page.

" I see life as scenes, I see people as actors, I hear voices as well-rehearsed lines...


Animated Junk said...

as i read ur words, u can actually see images
amazing write up,
"I see life as scenes, I see people as actors, I hear voices as well-rehearsed lines... "
sounds highly deeply philosophical/

arvindiyer said...

To Animated Junk..
Glad that you could see those images. Isn't it true? The people that you see, the words that you hear and the things that happen around you, they are all deeply philosophical indeed. All we need to do is stop and observe:)

Animated Junk said...

ya in a way everything seems to revolve around a philosophical sphere. but sumhow wen i stop n observe the sheer reality strikes in me a cynical sense n it jus makes me pessimistic at times

arvindiyer said...

To Animated Junk...

It is bound to happen. That is the purpose. But it is what you grasp out of these situations and people that make a difference. Optimism helps here!!!

Rainbow said...

Its cool...a kalediscope of moments in life connected by a writer and an editor (metaphysical leanings?)

The last quote is most awesome.

arvindiyer said...

To Rainbow..
Hey welcome back and thanks a lot. Metaphysical leanings, hmmm you could say that:) The last quote is the truth. That's how I see life.

Why can't I access your blog?

Pixilicious said...

in a jist, life :)

Pixilicious said...

and thanks for reading :)

arvindiyer said...

TO Pixilicious...
Oh yes, Life it is:)
My Pleasure:)

Zeph Keyes said...

i see the world as a bunch of pixelated images, varying in shape and colour depending on where im standing.. And from where im standing at the moment, i really like your writing.. the last line rocks!

arvindiyer said...

TO Zeph Keyes..

I hope you continue to stand where you're standing at the moment. If the things are as interesting as you make them sound:) Thanks again for the lovely comment.

Heptanesian Blue said...

Claps....very nice, graphic piece of writing.....

arvindiyer said...

To Heptanesian Blue...

*Bows* Thank you. Thank you. Welcoem to my world!!!

Mabel said...

People should read this.