November 06, 2007


We all need a reason to start over. And most times before we realize, the reason is gone. A reason to share, to care, to love, to change, to leave, to move, to let go, to forgive, to forget. Reasons are everything. Coming to think of it, we reason the very thought of reasoning. I don’t have a concrete reason as to why am writing this piece right now. And am pretty certain you don’t have one either as to why you are reading it. I now need a reason to start over.

A painter and her works

Black lines of magic
Bristles for eye lashes
A little brown diamond sparkling
Light that can blind a thousand stars
House on the house
A gentle rhythm with the pen
A world on her paper
Excitement with every stroke
It’s all surreal
Right in front of my eyes
The best seat in the house
A dream.