June 19, 2006

Silent Zone

The mind is abuzz with loads of things
A lone man stands tall
Braving distractions, or he thinks

Time plays havoc, plays games
A game not very enjoyable
Helpless, he looks around

Only to have cold faces around
A chill down the spine, he sure has one
What ever happened, he wonders

Puzzled, perplexed and pissed
Yea, whatever, I write what I feel
If am pissed, I am PISSED

Puzzled, Perplexed and Pissed
He enters the dark depths of the silent zone
Nothing really happens here on the surface

Everything happens beneath layers
Beneath layers of Trust, Integrity
Beneath layers of Love and Friendship

Its been a week now
Since I entered the Zone
My feeling – I want to break free.

P.S When am screwed in the head, I feel like writing.