October 16, 2006


After a really late (read wild) Saturday night. You slowly open your eyes due to the harsh ray's of the sun piercing through the little window in your house. Your hands search for something. Its your phone, you open one eye and check to see if anyone had missed you. There are quite a few ppl. Most of them asking you if you had reached home safe that evening. You see it after nearly 13 hours. Prompt, I must say.

You laze around in bed for a while. The smoke that you lit fills your lungs and the room. You smile and tell yourself, the Joy of Mist in the middle of your room. The music then fills the room and the mist is getting heavier. You feel a rumble in your stomach. You decide its time to grab a quick bite. You make plans to meet up with a few people. A quick shower to get that hair soft and shining again. A three day stubble, you don't want to mess around with. You take the helmet and step out. MAYA has a flat tyre.

Monday morning, you wake up dazed, sleepy and tired. Sunday night was no different. Your body needs sleep and your boss needs work. There is a huge event likely to unfold in a week and you don't want to be left out of the whole buzz. A buzz even higher than the 9 pitchers you had the previous night. You have an excuse of a shower. Take the first decent looking shirt that you find hanging in the room. Stuff yourself into it and start a quick mist to start your day. You take the helmet and step out. MAYA is out of fuel.

You clutch your fists and curse. Push MAYA till the gas station. A good 2 km away from home. And then you understand the powerful meaning of the line.

'Not today honey. I have a headache'.


EDIT : Man. Just when crazy things happen in life and a close friend lose their dad and you feel drained and down, you have a person write something for you which gives you a lot of energy and gets you back on track. Thanks so much Shubha.