November 18, 2004

Battery Full charge..Nemma Bangalooroo ki Jai !!

20 days into my so called BREAK from things, and well Am already completely recharged and feeling over the moon. It’s amazing to see the difference that one faces when left alone and when one is happy. I had been working my Butt off for almost two months and I was beginning to lose it. That’s when I decided TO HELL WITH IT, am going. I didn’t care where or when or for how long. I just had to take off and this time not to take anything with me other than my few presentable T-shirts and my very loyal but stressed out pair of jeans.(I love you). And then I went home to coimbatore. Was greeted with amazing weather and familiar faces, but then I was beginning to feel claustrophobic in my own house for the first time. So I said to myself, “this can’t be happening? Am here to have fun and I shall have it no matter wat” and that’s when B’lore happened. I love this place. Laid back and so chilled out. It’s the best place to come and charge the soul and drown in some serious spirits. And I did just that. I literally forgot my mail password and Blogging also took a back seat, and I hate to admit it, I really missed the blogging more than my e-mails.
From the second I walked into this lovely city, I was smiling. I was really happy and it’s about time I came here. B’lore has always been my second home though I’ve lived longer in Chennai. Most of my close family and friends are here. They are happy here and It’s always good to see happy faces and like I always say, Ppl have actually lost the art of smiling and it’s become extinct. But I don’t know wat is it that makes ppl so happy ot be here? Gorgeous women? YUP that is a BIG BONUS for all..but is that all? What makes this place so special to me? Am still tryin to figure that one out!! Though I was in B’lore to attend my uncle’s wedding, oh yea. It was absolutely brilliant. Most of my family were here and it was fun throughout. And I love my little cousins. They would walk up to me every morning and I woke up to the sounds of “ABINDH” wat u doin? And that was it, my day was made before it even began. And I think am getting older cause my back just gave up after all the lifting of these little ones in the past two weeks. Would have been happier if I could have got that perfect 10 abs like the one I saw in ZERO G. I have been soooo high on SPIRITS literally that it’s not funny. And this one night was just absofreaking wonderful. My first ever ROYAL PUB HOPPING. We started in Zero G( Ankush, god bless u) he’s the owner of the place and well he happens to be family(not really, but chalega) and he has saved many a cover charge for us lesser mortals. Yea, so in Zero G at 8 and the drinking started, we were 15 of us. All family. I LOVE MY FAMILY! And we went wild on the dance floor. A woman on the opposite table was giving me the looks all evening and finally she managed some courage to walk up to me and offer me a TEQUILA. Two shots later, she introduces her husband to me and THEN tells me, she loves my hair and I was brilliant on the dance floor. Thank you, AND THEN..she says “You can call me. And then gives me her number” whoa!! What is the world upto? I was the topic of discussion for the next three days including that nite in my family. Then at 1:30 we had another Tequila-this time it was one for the road and then headed off to INSOMNIA another pub. It was cool and by the end of it all, I had a sprained neck and I was so tired that I slept most of that day. I LOVE THIS PLACE. Oh! I said that already? Ok cool whatever.
In between all the partying and chillin out. I also met up with a lot of my friends from my undergrad days and I have to say. Am blessed with wonderful friends and I think they all have a huge part in my life as to WHO I AM RITE NOW AND WHAT I AM. Cheers guys!! Met a couple of wonderful bloggers too. And well they are exactly what they are in their blogs. Funny, weird, smart and Great fun to be with.
Hey! You two have made my trip much more wonderful. Thanks and it was a pleasure to meet u.
And it would be really bad on my part if I don’t mention the other person who was in touch with me thro SMS when I was here in b’lore and well, it would have been cool if I could have met u too.
And well I was supposed to be in Chennai by now. But am not. Am still here in this special place. Looking at all the gorgeous women, at all the happy faces and all the happening places and I just have one thing in my mind. It’s winter already and the holiday season has just begun.

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