November 28, 2004

Strange are thy ways of life...

Four days, and literally 45 hours into my new job, I think, it's too early to actually conclude that this is what I would be doing as a career later in life. I have been fascinated by communication. Am passionate about media, I always have been. I love to experiment and I have been doing just that for the past four years. Have been in all medium. Radio, yea been there, blabbered and made money. Advertising You may ask, yea! Worked in two different ad agencies in B'lore and chennai and had truck loads of fun. Worked with a cameraman and also ended up making a couple of corporate films, ad films and also a music video. Life has always been interesting ever since I took up my communication studies. Everyday when I get up, I see a challenge ahead and if I don't end up facing one at the end of the day, I begin to feel agitated. begin to question myself. Challenges in terms of my love life, in terms of family, in terms of the ppl I face and in terms of school, college and work and just about anything and everything. Would be finishing my masters in the next three months and I still am not sure what is it that I really want to do in life? I love this situation that I'm in now..totally open for new options and totally game for anything in life, But on an average you meet so many ppl everyday and if you keep giving them the same answer, they begin to question you ability. They begin to wonder, what's this kid upto? and some very annoyin- Kids these days remarks...Not that I care bout all that or they put me off..Since when did I ever care what others want out of me? I would do anything in this world for ppl I care about, but for ordinary jerks and losers,I don't care a flying frog as to what they want..PERIOD.

Well,am Asst.Producer(trainee) promos in Star Vijay rite now, watever that means. will be here workin for them for another two months, and then when I finish my masters I would just move to b'lore or bombay. Was really looking fwd for my stint with channel V in bombay. But unfortunately It didn't really work out as planned. But then I still have an offer from them to come as soon as I finish this course.

Blogging has become an interesting part of my life now and I'm really addicted to it, I must say. Love this community and have been doing my share of BLOG EVANGELISING to a lot of ppl and hooking ppl on to it.For all the regulars who come here and for the new comers..Thanx for droppin in and being a part of my world.I don't get time to sit and update my blog every day like a few SOFTWARE GUYS I KNOW..heheheh..I would love to. But then I love the interaction that happens in my comments box more than my post. It's what you feel bout the post and it's wat u guys say to me that matters, coz what I write is what I know. So excuse me if I get into hybernate mode every now and then and then come out with stupid posts like this one.

WATCH OUT FOR PROMOS FOR A SHOW CALLED "AZHAGI" in star Vijay next week...The concepts are mine...heheheh.Free publicity!!!!!!

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