February 01, 2005

Am startin on a brand new day!!!

"There are Ideas and there are Ideas. Whats the difference you ask?
When you unearth a real Idea - You'll know it".
A real Idea burns. It consumes you. There’s no other way to describe it. It roars and rips and tears and scalds till all you want to do is get it out of your system. And once it’s out, you can only stand back and admire its smouldering beauty.
It rained today (still is, drizzling) and it feels nice, to smell the air when the first few drops fall on the sand, the fresh look the whole place gets. It is breathtaking to see the drops still hanging from the leaves and the blades of grass. The whole world looks calm, composed and tranquil. My mind is racing against time, against deadlines, against pressures and still there is a sense of joy in my heart. The dark clouds that were looming over me a few days back were ofcourse the rain clouds. Now am glad that it rained.
I decided to walk to work this mornin, felt the cold drizzle on my face, on my hair. Felt the water running down from my long hair and on my shoulders and on my back. The chill I felt in my spine with the drops gently tracing its way down was an experience in itself. That brought a smile on my face. The smiling faces in the streets and on the busy roads. A small section standin outside a tea stall havin their doze of a cigarette and tea, sharing the light gossip, a woman selling flowers, the sudden and totally unexpected showers gave more beauty to the flowers. The kids on the pavement playin in the puddle of water looked so thrilled.
I just wanted to continue walkin, as far as my legs and heart could take me!!!!
Am startin on a brand new day

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