March 30, 2005

Time and Time Again

Ahhhhhhhhhh....15 days of no bloggin, not much blog hoppin, tons and tons of work, a suprise blog meet, shooting for ads, music video and a docu later,The Lean Dude is back into the blog world and it feels sooooo good to be back.
In just another week I shall be free from all the things that's been tyin me up all these days..I shall be out in this world, takin off for a couple of months and then plannin to just go ahead and see wat life has to offer. Too much work kept me up the last couple of weeks, haven't had a proper nite's sleep in like AGES. But now to sit at home and see the work that I had done the past coupla weeks, I sure have the biggest grin on my face.
The music video and the ad I shot and directed have really come out well, They are goin to be screened in the coll campus on the second of april and am sooo excited for that. I just got an sms from my mom that she might try and come here for the weekend to see the screenin of my work, so now THAT made my day. ANd in the next week am goin to b'lore- a battery recharge is in the offing and well it sure is goin to be one WILD Budday for me when I go there. (note bloggers, MY BUDDAY IS COMIN UP...MAKE A NOTE...NOWWWWWW) heheheh
ANd the last week has been a revelation of sorts. I'm now the Band Manager for Powder In The Ashtray and am absofreakinlutely thrilled and over the moon to be the manager for a rock band. Where are the chicks? WHo needs the passes for our shows? Ok!! ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!!!
There are just soooo many things that have happened the last couple of weeks. ANd there is so much of catchin up to do in the blog is ready, the comp seems to be workin fine..Where are all the women...I mean where are all the blogs...
And I also want to tell u that Bhadinda is now safe and the cows are ok now, Crime fighting was never this fun and Well the world is safe now...

P:S MISSED ME? *Evil Grin*

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