May 22, 2005

Coffee, Long walks, Coffee shops, Black tops, Colored hair, Gizmos, Bikes, Nose rings, Black underwear, Cigarettes, Laughs, Sun, Sms, Stilettos, Beer, Phone bill, Zero balance, Cartoon Network, American History X, Linkin Park, Floyd, Jammin sessions, Music, Soul stirring, Meaningless conversations, Terrace, M.G. Road, Women, Espresso shots, Vietnamese Vodka, Hugs, Exhibitionists, Barista, Sunset, Harley’s, Monopoly, Filter Kaapi, Initiation, Waistlines, Agony Unc, Parties, Gold Medal, Dosa- Chicken curry, Orange Juice, House hunting, Pool side party, Rain.

The week that was!!

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