May 06, 2005

In Absentia

You came in when life was peaceful
You came in when I had a life
You were my life

You looked when I didn’t want to
You spoke when I smiled
You smiled when I spoke

You were there when there was music
You were there with me throughout
You were music

You thrust that thing deep inside of me
You ripped my heart right out
You stepped on it with so much ease

And when I discovered how much you meant
And when I realized what I was missing
And when life was getting peaceful again

You just had to look at me like that and ignore
You just had to give that glance
You just had to come back and start the pain

Why pretend that there was nothing ever?
Why pretend that it meant nothing?
Why pretend?

It had to happen
It was bout time it did
It was meant to happen?

On a much different thought process

*I suddenly want to be a professional boxer
*I think TRAINS- from Porcupine tree is simply awesome (thanx xarazzin *muah*)
*I miss Raph & Choc more than ever today.
*I had the most amazing day today – 3rd of may
*I hate 3rd of may 2005. Wanna erase that from my life
*I think Americano is mucho cool than cappuccino
*I think my mom makes The BEST filter coffee
*I thought a lot today
*I realized that I hate to think
*Thinking too much scares me
*I miss being Two
*I think my hair really has grown longer than yours Raph
*Did I say I miss You more than EVER, ever and tons more today? Raph & Choc?
*I smoked a lot today
*I don’t really like smoking
*I wanna drive down to the beach, listening to music. But skip JESUS CHRIST super star this time around
*I need another cigarette
*I’m just crazy

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