June 11, 2005

The world needs an update

Wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.*clears throat* OK, all good things need to be back in this world. That includes my blog too. Life has been sooo ful of action, I just dont think it would be possible for me to sit and update my blog at the moment. But for all the lovely ppl who come in here and dont see a change, well here goes. something to keep u occupied. I have been attacked by a taggie virus too. The taggie virus has just taken over blogworld. A nice trick to help lazy ppl like me update their blog and not think too much when we write.
Here is something that I was tagged with this morning.

The Worst Book Award:
Ahhh there are so many in this list..let me see, My maths, physics and chemistry books from school...Oh that doesn't count is it? Then I guess It must be The good home guide, that I read in the train while coming to hyderabad. Still don't have a clue as to what that book is about.

The Grossest Character Award:
Do family members come in the picture here? *If looks could kill I would have been dead 3987 times already.

The Largest Collection of Books belongs to:
My unc and aunt in chennai. They have quite a collection. Would love to have all of them in my house (when I buy one for my own) but don't think I would read them.

Five Lifechanging Books are:
1. Ishamael: A book with so much depth and meaning. Simple but so full of energy.
2. God Father. Must have read the book so many times that I actually lost count after the 78th time. The movie was brilliant too. One book that put the lines.. "Don't judge a book by it's movie" to shame
3. Am a great fan of the vedas, the bhaghavadgita. They have been in my blood from the second I was born. The chants, the rhythm, takes me to a different world every time.The spiritual travel that I embark on everytime I listen to them or read them can never be explained in words. It's a feeling.
4. Kill two birds and get stoned. Hehehe...read the book and u would know *wicked grin*
5. Poems of Dylan thomas (thanx raph for introducing it to me) and a lot of other poems that really makes u wanna explore Life.

The Hyped Beyond Belief Award:
Ahhhh finally I have a chance to vent some frustration. Da Vinci Code, according to me is one book that can with this award pants down. LITERALLY!!!

What Am I Reading Now?
More poetry and lots of fairy tales for my little cousin.

Last Book that I bought:
The bumper collection of MAD

The One Book I Couldn't Finish Reading:
Memoirs of a geisha.. I have an E-book and it is really frustrating to watch a computer screen for a long time. Need - to - Compleeeteeeeee

Three ppl I would recommend this taggie..
Wogay, I need to be honest with u guys on this one. I have been witness to this taggie sessions all over blogworld. Someone needs to put a fullstop. Let it be me. So If anyone wants to get tagged, leave me a message and I shall tag u. Kapisch!

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