October 17, 2005

Selfish Need

Ok here goes, for the first time in the last two years of my blogging life, am using this world for some marketing. I need some work done and well I need ppl. So ppl who are here.. (yea, You..am talkin to u) Listen up real careful.

We Need ppl for the place am workin for now. We need marketing ppl. *Drum roll*
Basic requirement: someone with truck loads of common sense and ability to use HEAD (to think)
Men & Women welcome (though I would like women..my boss needs somebody...yanybody)

*shakes head* I still can't believe am doing this and she talked me into this. Ok. Experience is not a criteria at all. If u need a job and if u are in the look out for a job, drop me a line.

Oh yea..who we are...we are into EVENTS.. We are an event management firm!!!

Interested? Drop me a line...

Ok now...what do I post..Regulars in my world...sorry. Suffering from writers block. Shall post somethin decent real soon.

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