March 13, 2006

Lonesome Tonight

A family of five sitting on the floor. A feast spread in front. Its a festival each day. The days happening discussed over sambar and rasam. A dash of potato fry to spice up the conversation. A pinch of sarcasm, bucket full of humor, a lot of client bashing and spirituality for dessert. Gluttony sets in at the end of it all.

Cut to one man sitting alone on a chair. A voice calls out “what would you like to have sir”? “The Usual” comes the reply, without lifting the head. A plate with food is placed under the nose. The plate is empty in a while, the stomach could be full, the heart is always empty….
Sloth sets in Now.

Edit 1 : Australia can now kiss my butt.. What a match. What an unbelievable match. I can die in peace now. I feel like India has won the world Cup.

Edit 2 : I hate the finance minister. They have increased the price of Cigs

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