August 03, 2006

Iyer is back

This is an ode to a gorgeous woman who has been in my thoughts the last few days. An ode to the mystery woman who keeps showing up in my dreams. I think I take my job way too seriously. Been working on this concept for a write up for a campaign, about a woman, a woman of substance, a woman who everyone wants to fall in love with, a woman who is there to make you happy, to make you smile and to smile with you and fill your senses and along with it, your life.

For me, she is no woman. she is just a beautiful thought. A thought that can come in your mind before you say Czechoslovakia. A thought that lingers over your system for a really long time. She is full of life, she is full of zest for life. She is life.

Ive got friends and family who read the crap I churn out from time to time. Friends, who message me or call me and ask me why I have been silent for a while, Friends who dont think twice before calling me at two in the morning and ask me,what color is my creative juice. Yes, I do have strange friends. But it feels nice, it feels great to have people like them in my life. I strongly believe that it is people like them, who help me come out of crazy screw ups I end up in, and holes that I dig myself. I dont generally feel upset bout things in life, but there sure have been instances where I had to go through a lot. Thats history now and there is a really cool and amazing future to look forward to.

My career is on an all time high, and with each passing day, am only being happy. Doing new things, learning tricks of the trade, meeting interesting people and not to forget being sold to three women for 50 rupees one night in a pub.

On the one hand everything seems to be happening, but on the other, I see that I have begun to stray away from friends. I havent been spending too much time with a few people and it feels sad when I know they mean a lot to me. A trip to Mumbai has been on the cards for a really long time and I just dont seem to be able to do that. Looks straight In the eye, I shall be there soon, real soon.

I need to go to goa. I sure do. And I have already got the design for the second tattoo that I want to get. The sun, the sand and the beaches, not to forget the liquid diet that I would be surviving on, once I get there. There is magic in the air when I just take the name of Goa. Am pretty certain thats the same with a lot of you guys who are reading this post this very moment. I also do sometimes feel that the place is highly over rated, but who the fuck cares, I need to go there and I need to go there fast. So who ever wants to come with moi can please send me a line and after the initial rounds are cleared there shall be an interview in a coffee shop or a pub and based on your taste of music and coffee and the capacity to which you can drink, I shall sign the papers and take you on board. Entry open. Drop in your lines.

P:S She is Black, She is Sexy, She is Gorgeous, and She is Maya!!

Ladies and Worms, I introduce Maya to all of you!! My only possession. My new BIKE.

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