November 28, 2006

The Big O after a Wild S

Alrite, before all you pervs get any wild ideas and have your imagination run amock, I just meant the Big October after a Wild September. Frankly the reason for this update was coz I got really bored of seeing ANACIN on my page every time I logged in. And another reason being, I just didn’t have the inclination to sit and write in this space. Been doing a LOT of writing at work too (and at least there I get paid unlike receive e-props and comments, but I complain and I fight there, while I enjoy my solitude in this.)

Been working like a rabid dog. Wow. Now that is one imagery that am sure all of you would like to see. Iyer fuming and frothing from his mouth. Ok, on second thoughts I don’t quite like the idea of that. Work has been crazy. Loads of things, clients, deadlines and new campaigns. A simple but really productive shoot for a campaign. Boss is happy, client is thrilled and am on a high ever since I saw the hoardings up in the city. Ah!! The sheer bliss of standing under the hoarding and smoking a beedi. Never knew the great OKTOBER FEST could be so cool and its not just coz of the endless amount of beer I guzzled but also coz I managed to find my model for the shoot sitting there drinking beer. This is why I love my job. Where else can you just walk upto some girl and introduce yourself and ask them if they would like to be a model for a shoot? But the job also comes with its share of screw-ups and deadline pressures. Its been a while since I had a social life, lets just say its been a while since I had a fun evening with friends.

Two hectic months, a cool campaign that was written about in the papers and a couple of wonderful corporate films. Over all content with the way things have fallen into place. November saw Iyer move into a bigger apartment. From a meager one room with an attached bath, which I stylishly used to call my studio apartment (just coz I had my tripod in one corner of that room), now I have moved to an awesome shack. Have a pretty chilled out roommate, my retard Cousin who also blogs.

Its been close to a week since I started writing this post. I start writing and then something comes up and I continue the post when I get the time. And writing something for one week an something that is just a rant is no fun. But I guess, this space needed an update, my life needed an update. I need to take some time off work for better and more important things. Its strange. I don’t quite enjoy typing my posts directly on to the computer. No computer at home has made this easier for me. I sit at home or a coffee shop and write things on my scribble pad or a tissue and I type that onto a computer and then post it. In some strange cases I sit in a meeting and when my client makes me wait, while he collates some info for some profile brochure that am doing for him. I sit on the table right opposite to him, sipping coffee on a lazy Saturday afternoon and complete this update.

There are gazillion thoughts on my mind right now. And all I wanna do is just keep writing, pen down my thoughts and not stop. Thinking about how much someone wanted an update on this space. Thinking about how much certain people mean to me. Thinking about all the crap back in school and college. Thinking about music, about love, about traveling, about friends, about family, about ex-girl friends and their getting married, about best friend who is about to get married, about what to wear for her wedding, about a special someone who is about to come to Bangalore, about the one person who I was so attached to and the changes in our lives now, it can go on..

And on a final note. After trying my hand in journalism, Radio, Television, Cinematography, Events, Waiter in a coffee shop, Promotions, Advertising and a whole load of freelance bullshit, I have my BIG (small) break finally. Iyer would be acting in a Tamil movie shortly. A 20-mt cameo, the shoot for which would start in January 2007. Wish me luck.

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