February 21, 2007


Been at home for nearly three weeks now and well have all the time in the world to do stuff like this. You don't have to have time to read all this. But if you do have the time, then what the heck, go on and read what I have here.

Name: Arvind Iyer (If you didn’t know that, then what in the world are you doing here?
Nickname(s): Iyer, Iyer Man, Leanie
Single or Taken? Hmmmmm. People often get confused on this one and am confused almost all the time. But well I am SINGLE.
Sex: Male
Birthday: 8th April
Blood group: A+
Sign: Aries
Siblings: Elder brother & Younger brother.
Hair color: Black (and pretty long)
Eye color: Dark Brown
Shoe size: 9 (I think)
What are you wearing right now? T-shirt that says (absolute Bangalore) and Tracks. Where do you live? Bangalore, at the moment. From coimbatore (that’s Home)

Have You Ever:-
given anyone a bath? Yup
bungee jumped? No (almost did once and it started to rain)
broken the law? Yes. A few times.
made yourself throw-up? Hmmmmm (wicked grin)
gone skinny dipping? No (but been with a bunch of people who did)
been in the opposite sex's bathroom? Yes. (The perks that my profession gives me at times)
eaten a dog biscuit? Yea. They taste much better than some of the regular biscuits that we eat.
put your tongue on a frozen pole? Naah. From where I come there is no question of me being close to any of that. (does the road side ice cream that looks like one count?)
broken a bone? Yes. A few times. Am an outdoor person, you see.
played truth or dare? Yes. It was always Dare for me
been in a physical fight? Yes. And got badly beaten a few times too and also broken a really hefty man’s nose!!
been in a police car? Yes. Was picked up by the cops when I doing a video shoot without permission.
been on a plane? Yes.
been in a hot tub? Yes
swam in the ocean? Yes.
fallen asleep in college? Oh yea. Who wouldn’t!!!.
cried when someone died? Yes
flashed someone? NO.
lied? Well, we all have to at times. I have too. But not lied that it has hurt someone.
laughed so hard you fell off your chair? Oh yes.
sat by the phone all night waiting for a call? Yes. (those were the days)
saved e-mails? Yes. (a whole lot of them and sent it to a friend on her b’day)
wished you were someone else? No
wished you were a member of the opposite sex? No
been rejected? Hmmmmmm *Scratches Head*
used someone? No. Don’t think I would ever want to do that too.
been cheated on? YUP
done something you regret? Hmmmm. Maybe a couple of things.

First Thing That Comes to Mind:-
Yellow: The song
Blue: The sea
Happy: My family
Autumn: What’s that?
Cow: HOLY?

Have you ever had:-
chicken pox? Yes
sore throat? Yes
cold? Yea
Stitches? Oh yea. Rite on the jaw. Comes with playing serious cricket I guess.
bloody nose? Yes
sex? Hmmmmm (baseball comes to mind) *evil grin*

Do you:-
believe in love at first sight? Hmmmmm
enjoy parks? Yea, I do. But don’t see many these days. Or see a reason to go to one.
like picnics? Yes..
like school? School was always not for me. Don’t like doing something that everyone blindly follows and does.
hate anyone? Yes. A few and I really do. (I know they are not worth it. But yes I DO HATE THEM)

is the last person that called you? My mom. Wanted me to come down and take my coffee. (You didn’t mean the phone did you?)
Makes you laugh the most? A few friends (they know who they are)
can make you feel better no matter what? Am the agony unc. So its my job to make everyone feel better.
was the last person you touched? Been in bed rest for the last three weeks. So nothing to write home about. Bleh.
you hugged? Refer previous koshtin.
you yelled at? A client who kept calling me and asking me for his payment.
told you they loved you? Hmmmm. They told me. Why would I tell you?

Do You/Are You:-
like yourself? I think am cool and I love it.
dye your hair? NO
have piercings below the waist? No. (don’t think I would too)
stolen anything over $50? Someone’s heart. That’s worth a lot more. *this is where all the girls who read my blog go, awwwwwwwwww*
like ice cream? At times.
Which is your favourite flavour? Black current.
like cold coffee? NO. Coffee is supposed to be sipped real hot.
smoke? Yes
have beer? So tempted to say All the time. But yes.
obsessive? Bout wat?
compulsive? Bout wat?
depressed? Never
suicidal? Get out of here!!

Prized possession: Maya. My bike. My only possession, literally.
Last thing you said? Talk to you in a bit. I need a smoke.
What is beside you? An mp3 player churning out loud metallica, my cellphone, a book on physiotherapy, my cd collection, a mug of hot coffee, mint and a pack of cigarettes.
Last thing you ate? A really awesome south indian lunch.
Are you right handed or lefty? Right(ly) handed.
Favourite song: There are quite a lot. All time favorite is Yellow – Cold play.
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: A broken back (as of now)
Time started: When I was really bored.
Time finished: When am even more bored.


Anonymous said...

Impressive autobiographical sketch!

and btw: you ought to look before you leap.
Doctor, Marriage councellor (did I spell that rite?), English professor.

arvindiyer said...

To Anonymous(who is not really anonymous)
Ahhhh too confused with the american and the british spelling!!

Anonymous said...

the comment had nothing to do with ur spelling....perhaps u missed the credits to the post..

arvindiyer said...

To Anonymous..
Thank you:)

Mehak said...

Interesting !!!

Loved your witty phunny answers :)

ladyparadox said...

daiiii!!!! :P i also missed you many ya! **hug**

arvindiyer said...

To Mehak...
Ahhhh glad you did:) How u doin? Would be comin there (again) sometime real soon!!!

arvindiyer said...

TO Ladyparadox...
Awwwwwwww!! You be the bestest..get your busy behind here soon wokay?

Mehak said...

Am doing good...to Chennai..when?? let me know.

arvindiyer said...

To Mehak...
Maybe in the next couple of weeks, I guess..wil surely let u know!!!

Divya said...

stolen anything over $50? Someone’s heart. That’s worth a lot more. *this is where all the girls who read my blog go, awwwwwwwwww*

Eeeewwwwww was more like it! :P

Icie said...

yellow:)!! i jus listened to yellow!! yayy. ugh. i have zoology dayafter. bye. sniff. now u make me wanna smoke. ill go buy ciggy. sob. and study. ach. too many fullstops. yeah. ok. now bye. tada!

gayatri said...

ah broken back. works okay for a break from the big bad world ainnit? although, get well soon. and i figure all the hmmms are yes-es?

Ranjitha said...

to the comments section, read the comments there and comment something like, Hey nice blog, great read and I totally agree with you.. well i have two words for you, THANK YOU!!!!

arvindiyer said...

To Ranjitha....
Well ok..is there a hidden msg there someplace?
Thank you!!!

Grafxgurl said...


ok, well. im nothing like you.. but then again it was a nice list.
nice to know youre not suicidal!!

i personally like James Blunt.aaaaaaaaaand a whole lot of songs that i cant remember off the bat. but anyways.

chee. get off the chimney will you?!!!

* runs away before LD can smack her*

Zeph Keyes said...

AWESOME! u ought to get bored more often! good reading, glad I stumbled this way