May 15, 2009

Pay Attention. I say!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

(a) To be murdered along with millions of goats and cows.
(b) To rid the world off masala dosa, sambhar idli and koththamalli chutney.
(c) To establish a non-vegetarian, totalitarian empire ruled by the evil incarnate.
(d) All of the above.

Who can stop this inhuman (obviously) hen-o-cide? Which charismatic cowboy can cull this cackling carnivore? Is there no salvation for the cows and goats from the salivating non-vegetarians?

Deep in the south of India, a hero is born.

Quick Gun Murugun is also born deep in the south of India.

Quick Gun Murugun – the outlaw without a mother-in-law; the lover romancing with a locket; the gun-slinger in white boots. Quick Gun Murugun – the Vegetarian Cowboy™

Watch him dodge bullets. Watch him cheat death.

Sambhar Western meets Tollywood , meets The Matrix, meets Austin Powers.

Ladies & Gentlemen. The One & Only.


Quick Gun Murugun – riding soon to a cinema hall near you. Failing that, at least one just half hour away.


Imp said...


arvindiyer said...

To Imp

What's that supposed to be?:)

Ekta said...

joined the grp on FB.

arvindiyer said...

TO Ekta


Pixilicious said...

profound. i might name a son after quick gun.

arvindiyer said...

To Pixilicious

It is people like you, who make all of us really happy:) Welcome back.

ywake said...

u being a aspiring film maker, i see tht flames coming thru u..!! best wishes...[:)]