June 03, 2009

The Larry Story

There once lived a man named Larry
People thought he was very Hairy
He wobbled around with a jacket in May
That was because he was happy and Gay.

The more he talked people would Stare
And everyone called him a grizzly Bear
Over and over, More and More
When he sleeps, he sure does Snore.

You could see him wear a Cap
He always drank beer from a Tap
They say he had a heart of Gold
But poor guy was just getting Old.

His house was next to the Clock Tower
The old fox sure had a lot of Power
This is the story of a man named Larry
What do you know, he nailed a Fairy.


ywake said...

la...la..lala....la...la...la....:) well drafted one...:) and i loved rhymings a lot..

Pepper said...

reminded of those rhymes in kg.. :D.. cute!

Zeph Keyes said...

Wat's with the random capitalization? loved the concept tho...

Giddyja said...

May be you should change his name to Lucky Larry,
Whoever gets to nail a fairy?!

arvindiyer said...

@ Ywake... So you're awake:) Good morning.

@ Pepper...Wow. If only they taught me rhymes like this in KG, I would have been a much better person!

@ Zeph Keyes...It is the randomness of the post (along with the capitalization) that is the concept. Glad you like it.

@ Giddyja...Lucky Larry, hmmm not a bad name really. Whoever gets to nail a fairy? Why, Larry of course:)

Anonymous said...

You are saying he is a happy gay, but nails a fairy??? You need some tea!

arvindiyer said...

@ Anonymous

Happy and Gay needn't be taken as a homosexual. It could also mean happy and with joy (don't ask me if joy is a name)

Anonymous said...

you should stick to writing ... don't be TR my friend

arvindiyer said...

@ Anonymous

TR... the one and only T Rajender? I didn't think i was being anyone else here. But thanks for the advice!