August 05, 2009

Exploring possibilities

the music was blaring
it made him deaf
over and over
and over

movement, motion, kinetic
potential, position, promise
sacrifice, sanctity, salvation
over and over
and over

the hurdles in the prose
were making it difficult
but he was not going to
stop this rush that was
more than a suburban train

relax hold


understanding this ain’t
going to be easy as i
thought it would be
considering the fact that
i don’t know this at all


P:S Thanks so much for the inspiration Ranj. And I give full credit to you and you only for the italics idea.


A poet? said...

credit for that italics kudukale na i am coming for paati.

*rubs hands in glee*

A poet? said...

appdi podu...aana unfaartunately, i am still coming for your paati.

arvindiyer said...

@ A poet:

*Bows down* You are the guru and I be the disciple (always). Thanks for the help and the feedback. I owe you filter kaapi when you come here next:)

My paati is your paati. Your paati who is my paati is also my paati. (nayagan shtyle dialogue):)

A poet? said...

kaapi na sollitu nice aa don't escape. vadai, payasam oda meals expect pannaren.

arvindiyer said...

@ A Poet:

Pliss to be coming yanytime. Filter kaapi along with all the other things in the menu (and more) will be ready to be served:)

The Not So Talkative Man said...

Awesome! I don't know what it means but I like it.

arvindiyer said...

@ The Not so Talkative Man:

Thank you bherry much boss:)
And the poem, it means a lot and it doesn't mean anything:)

Nivedita said...

Firstly, sorry, doesnt change things, but sorry, I can't seem to keep away from this place.
Secondly, this poem was too much a reflection of the constant state of my mind to refrain from commenting.
Thirdly, I wanted to casually observe that you've improved so very much as a writer and a self express-er.
Sorry again.

arvindiyer said...

@ Nivedita:

You don't have to apologise. Glad to see you here again and Thank you for the comment, for casually observing and commenting on my writing. Appreciate it.

Welcome back! You were missed.

kaalicharan said...

Lovely read! Thankfully, Poetry is not dead..yet! :)

arvindiyer said...

@ Kaalicharan

Poetry can never die. In fact it has the power to bring back the dead. Thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog!

Zeph Keyes said...

do i also get filter kaapi with vadai-payasam??? simbly for being, i mean.. and i promise i'll leave u ur paati... for now :)

arvindiyer said...

@ Zeph Keyes

Of course. You know the place. Just come off and yes, pliss to be staying away from my paati :)