August 13, 2010

Flower Girl

As she cut the heart-shaped cake placed on the table, their eyes lit up. The youngest of the lot, also the most shy, turned her tiny little face to glance at the cake and the towering grownups who had decided to pay her and her friends a visit.

They didn’t have visitors often. They had a routine. Wake up- school- common lunch- continue with school- come back- study-pray and then sleep. It was the flower girl’s visit they craved for. They would have loved to have the flower girl come there often. She came once a year, smiling and glowing with such elegance that it was hard to forget her. She’s the one who’d make heads turn, wherever she went. Am sure she was the brand ambassador of Iodex (or at least the soul responsible for their sales) what with all the crick in the necks she has been responsible for over the years.

The flower girl was a thinner, more beautiful version of Santa Claus. And what more, she didn’t keep them waiting till December. It was August, the time she blossoms. And the fragrance lingered for a whole year. The cookies tasted lovely, the savories had an extra crunch, the juice overflowed and to top it all, her love was everlasting.

She came with her entourage of reindeer, who were more than just happy to share her magic. “Am just being selfish”, she’d say. But we all knew she was just being way too modest.

It takes a lot of heart to do what she does. Though she’s not the only one in the phase of this planet to do what she does. But it still is a wonderful gesture. Its things like this, which makes her a wonderful person, a nice human being.

This is for the flower girl. A friend, a warm person and an amazing soul.

Happy Blossoming.


aparna said...

AWESOME! :) Beautifully written as usual

A Peripatetic Mind said...

Awwwww.....You have a way with words and you can make almost anything sound lovely! Keep writing!

arvindiyer said...

@ Aparna:

Thanks a lot:) When you have a strong inspiration, I guess my job gets real easy :)

arvindiyer said...

@ Peripatetic Mind:

With people like you around and reading the posts, I would surely try hard and keep writing. Thanks a lot for everything :)

Rajan said...

I am almost tempted to ask the point of the blog. But then, its so well written, there need not be a point.

Awesome writing bro.

arvindiyer said...

@ Rajan:

hahahaha. Thanks a lot machi. The point (yes. There is one) was, there was a wonderful inspiration, there was a surreal setting and there stemmed the whole idea :)