April 30, 2004


Accordin to the dictionary, NOSTALGIA.- is an acute disease where the patient bleeds from his nose...oh whatever...Sometimes when u are really bored u just feel like u are completely out of your head.
And u just wanna do something that would keep u occupied. I did just that. I was just going through some stuff in my computer when I came across this old article that Iwrote for my school paper( which got rejected @ first. coz they thought it was too graphic for school kids) but later after a lot of struggle I did get it published and I got a lot of reviews..NOT EVEN ONE WAS NICE btw!!!
I thought it would be a good idea to just post it here, so that atleast now I get some decent reviews. Atleast sitting infront of my computer is helping my nose a great deal. here is a bit of NOSTALGIA!!!

Freaks day out

Sitting in that small cabin with 10 other people was an experience in itself. The cabin had absolutely no chance of sunlight entering inside and the room also smelt strange. You know the smell u would normally associate with when u are in a hospital and gives a funny feeling in ur tummy when u enter in at first? Well, ok moving on from the smell.. There was a very feeble dull light coming from the zero watt bulb in the room. With the green curtains hanging on the window sills, I knew then and there that the man had absolutely no taste when it comes to interior decorations. I should have probably introduced to him a couple of my colleagues who were pretty good at decorating things right from school days.
The people in the room were all in their early or some even in their late teens. Eyes wide open looking at the pictures that were hung and pasted in the dimly lit room, Pictures of half naked women and guys with wacky tattoos literally all over their bodies. I could even see a couple of guys not taking their eyes off them for even a second. Conversations started with the **ck word every second. There was this guy who would stand up look at all the other people in the room and give a real made up smile and walk the entire breadth of the room and then get back to his magazine. And when I peeped in the magazine cover, it was an old magazine that was almost in a powdery state.

The rusty clock in the room struck 11:00 and only then did I know that I have been waiting in that room for over 2 hours now. The queue of people seemed that it has come to a stand still and I was thinking to myself if I was doing the right thing. Finally there was some Music in the room..wait a minute I’m sorry there was noise in the room. I always considered Boy Bands - noise. But then this cute girl with a very sweet smile got up and went into one of the chambers and came out with an even bigger grin. Only then did I understand what she was upto. She had gone in and requested the guy to play a different kind of music, and no marks for guessing what type of music played next, LINKIN PARK.

Suddenly a guy and a girl came out of the room that we were all gazing at for the past two hours. The girl looked as though she was in real pain and she had her handkerchief in a real mess, by holding it so tight between her fingers. The guy looked as though he is finally THE MAN. A sense of achievement could be seen in his face and he was all smiles. They walked out of the room hand in hand and went in the bike that they had come in. A thin silhoutte of a guy then appeared. He leaned a little more and I could see the face of a guy with long black hair tied in a pony and a goatie. He had what I thought was a nose that looked like nothing on earth. He had a lit cigarette in his hand and had a T-Shirt that read “I’M THE GUY UR MOMMA WARNED U ABOUT”. It was a black T-shirt with a bizarre image of something that I still can’t figure out. So with his hoarse voice he called out, “who’s next”? That’s when the others looked at me and said go on and good luck. I had a huge lump in my throat and suddenly I felt really heavy and just could not get up from my seat. With great difficulty I got up and faking a smile looked at the guy and put out my hand as a friendly gesture. And only after I saw the reaction on his face, did I understand that he was not one bit interested in a friendly chat with me and he meant business. I went inside the room with him. The room was small not large enough to fit more than three grown up men and there was a mirror and a small table. There was also one adjustable push back cushion chair. He asked me to sit on the chair and then with a stern look on his face asked me what I had come there for? Whether I wanted a tattoo done or pierce some part of my body? I wanted to tell him that I had come there to pierce my eyebrows, but suddenly I was overcome with this feeling of not belonging there and wanted to get up and run out of that place as fast as I could. He then took a small gun like thing and asked me where I wanted the hole done? It was NOW or NEVER for me. I thought never was a safer and a wiser bet and so I excused myself and with one swift motion got up from the chair and made my way out of the room. When I came out the others looked at me like I was some alien from outer space or something. I felt like I was “(.)” that small. But it did not matter to me. I wanted freedom and I wanted it fast. With a real quick motion I took a few steps and then dashed out of that place thinking to myself never to come back again.
What was I thinking? How could I just get up one morning and decide to have my eyebrows pierced? I knew I was a freak, I knew I was weird and I knew I was crazy. But this was just too much. It was “Freakishness personified”, I was totally being myself.

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