June 07, 2004

Wow...Its been a really long time since I actually sat in front of my comp to get some writing done...Been workin real hard and when I say hard, I mean it..Just finished directing my first Corporate film For Wall Street Journal New York. Super thrilled with that. Just didn;t expect that I would get a chance to do that. Work at the agency is also cool. But still I'm certain that there is something that's empty. hmmm I know its my wallet.Am broke.totally totally broke. too much work, but no one seems to be payin me. Just got another call from a friend, asking me to assist him in cinematography for a Music Video that he's planning to shoot.( I Hope he pays me atleast).
My life is not bad at all. Sittin in the balcony of my house, givin my butt some rest, that reminds me the Bean Bag needs more beans..and not the guy next door,guess he eats only beans. Life is gr8. Listenin to some super dooper music from KFOGFM,(they are good). My glass of ***** just got over, and I need a refill. ANyways, in a few more days, its going to be the routine work, college, boring people and classroom.
My weekend just got over visiting relatives. SOmething that I didn't wanna do, atleast this weekend. But since I couldn;t afford to go out and chill out, thought I might as well go out and be POLITICALLY CORRECT with a few relatives( still tryin to figure out, how they are related to me).

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