June 23, 2004


Hmmmmmm......GOD...Am soooooo full can't move a muscle.(must be wondering how I'm typin now)have this person sittin next to me doin the typin...Anyways...Just had this HUGEEEEEEEE helpin of PASTA>>my aunt makes some YUMMMMMMMM pasta.. It's Nisha's B'day today..haven't spoken to her yet. Guess I would call her just before midnite, get this cheap thrill by being the first and the last person to wish someone on their b'day. Oh by the way...She's goin to ITALY soon and well this dinner on her b'day is just apt. hehehe. CHEERS NISH...CONGRATS ON UR ADMISSION AND HOPE U KICK SOME ITALIANO BUTTO...:D

Feelin super thrilled and happy. Got a feast of good news from all kinds of ppl from mornin. B'day...results...And this real sweet girl whom I've been in touch with of late, a while back I was just thinkin that my social life doesn't exist 'nymore..and from being a social circle it was gettin to be more like a social DOT.. Now its ok. Actually been meetin some very interestin ppl of late.
Went out for coffee with my cousin to COFFEE DAY.,..( I don't fancy that place much) everytime someone asks for a coffee...I don't understand why the cream in the coffee should be a HEART sign.. It's the same with guys and girls...hmm next time I need to watch out. After three cups of cappucino, I saw the back of a girl and I told my cousin...I RECOGNISE that back..I slowly went towards the person, My cousin meanwhile was gettin all ready to tell the crowd that He doesn't know me anymore..It so happened that the BACK was of my friends..heheheheh...It was a good friend of mine from college,..ended up talkin to her over two more cups of coffee..

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