June 24, 2004

It’s getting HOT in here…..

Wow, It’s really hot today, and 39 degrees is HOT.. Feelin really dehydrated, Not sure if it’s due to the Heat or my Wallet. Heheheh
The day was rockin. Had a real good argument in class with Uma Ma’m bout Ethics in Media..wow, luved it..I went totally berserk and a real heated argument followed for a little more than two hours. I love talkin bout issues relating to ETHICS, and MORALS when it comes to media, the fact that it’s become extinct makes it even more interesting to argue about.

Came home for some wonderful food. ‘PULIYODHARAI’(tamarind rice), Coconut Rice and lots of THACHIMAMAM (to be read as Curd rice).I can just about survive on Thachimamam, hmmmm. Am a total IBC…INDIAN BORN CONFUSED freak.. I don’t exactly have an identity crisis, am an Iyer, proud to be one, I must say. Spent the whole afternoon reading the blogs of some cool ppl on the net. Was listenin to loads of country music from 56K. felt really happy to be alone at home and basically was havin a real good time.
Oh yea BTW, after havin lunch, my uncle left for his office and he forgot to take his glasses, called me up and asked me to get it for him. I stepped out of the house and I was Melting.(everything around me was) so that was actually the only annoyin thing for the day. But then this is the same everyday, when one lives in Madras ( I like to call It Madras and Not Chennai).
Went to a Rotary function in the evening,, Yea, I had the same reaction when I heard that in the first place. Went there, a family friend was takin charge as the President of the Club and another Major Saab was to become the Secretary. Two ex-Indian army officers continuing to do wonderful things. (* stands up and salutes the two*) ..
The function was borin though. Couldn’t understand why everyone kept clapping, and I saw this really cute girl..( ok ok, before ur imagination runs wild…She must be about 3 or 4 yrs) she was dressed in this cute flowery pink skirt and she thought that clappin was the only thing she was allowed to do that evening by her Rotarian father and Ann Mother..hahahah…the terms they use to address each other is simply hilarious..And I should also tell bout this other girl, who was equally pretty with a real cute smile and her “Prima Foci” was to convert me into a Rotarian too…Guess she really doesn’t know me. Laughter, happy faces, cute babies, a crying baby, beautiful women and their even more beautiful daughters that was wat I was seein all evening.


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